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Poems On / About HEAVEN  12/1/2015 9:19:45 PM
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My Heaven

My heaven does not exist amongst the clouds,
and is not the realm of god,
not that fabled place of everlasting life,

For my heaven is much greater than that,
and is much more beautiful.

my heaven is the look in your eyes as we meet,
my heaven is the grace of your touch as we share our love,
my heaven is the dimples on your cheeks as u smile that amazing smile,
my heaven is the music that plays as you move those beautiful lips of yours,
my heaven is you my darling,
my true love.
sam johnson

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Your Kisses Like Honey

Honey, Honey, Honey
Oh I love it
Love it, Love it, Love it
I feel ascending to heaven
Heaven, Heaven, Heaven
How many kisses are enough?
Many, Many, Many
I love your kisses
Honey, Honey, Honey
Heaven, Heaven, Heaven
Many, Many, Many
sherif monem

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I Wonder Where My Lions Are?

I wonder where my lions are?
I wonder where my lions are?
I wonder where my lions are?
They are safe running in heaven in that beautiful park that God own in Heaven together with the other animals
Also in heaven they are protected by God
Because God doesn't allow any hunters in heaven
Like here on the earth
But there is no animal cruelty in heaven
But the place that have animal cruelty is on the earth
The people that lives in heaven are more educated than on the earth
The people in heaven respect the animals in heaven
The people on earth don't respect the animals on the earth
The people in heaven have a lot of love for the animals
The people on the earth don't seem to have any love for the animals
Even when I sleep I dream of heaven and I see the lions and other Animals
Living free in the park
And I must say that the park in heaven that God made is beautiful
But at the same time I thank God for giving the animals a beautiful Home
Aldo Kraas

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To Francis Ledwidge

Do you work with pen in Heaven Francis ledwidwge Poet of Slane
And do your heart rejoice at bird song in God's kingdom free of pain
And are you a dean of lyric in God's paradise above
And do you thrill the hearts of Heaven with your songs of joy and love?

Do the angels of God read and laud the poems that you have wrote
And proclaim you as I do an outstanding lyric poet,
Do you stir the hearts of Heaven master of the bardic pen
You who gave so much enjoyment to so many Earthly men?

Are you happy up in Heaven, is life in Heaven blissful life
And is Heaven Land a paradise free of sorrow and of strife
A Land unstained by hatred or lust or jealousy
Where people love each other and live in harmony?

And is Heaven an Eden like place where roses all year bloom
And where every day is a Summer's day like sunny day in June
A paradise of beauty where flowers never die
And where songbirds pipe the whole year round sweet notes of heaven's joy?

If you could answer me from Heaven I am sure that you would say
That Heaven is a paradise where there's sun shine every day
And that you still write poems in heaven famous Bard from County Meath
You who left sweet Earthly memories with poems you did bequeath.
Francis Duggan

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