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Poems On / About HEAVEN  9/17/2014 6:29:24 AM
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Always Think Of Heaven

When Family loves you, you can tell
Always think of Heaven; never Hell
When Family photos are taken, they exude all
Always think of Heaven; Peter and Paul
When Family is together, there is a word 'kiss'
Always think of Heaven; Genesis
When Family creates, the best feeling around
Always think of Heaven; actually solid ground
When Family reunions, are the years' events
Always think of Heaven; you are Heaven sent
When Family members, are graduating school
Always think of Heaven; actually really cool
When Family takes a fall, then just has to rest
Always think of Heaven; it will be the best
When Family has turmoil, agony and pain
Always think of Heaven; it actually helps again
When Family needs a break, in life's' game
Always think of Heaven; that's where the Lord remains
Dwayne Banks

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where was heaven?
when my father died,
with tears in my eyes i cried,

where was heaven?
when i was in jail,
when i was broke and couldn't post bail,

where was heaven?
when i smoked crack,
when my grandfather died from a hart attack,

where was heaven?
when i was broke?
when people looked at me funny and thought i was a joke,

where was heaven?
when i asked god for forgiveness,
when my cousin got murdered and there was no witness,

where was heaven?
when i asked for one more try,
when i had thoughts of suicide,

where was heaven?
when we wanted to end the war,
when america said no more,

where was heaven?
where was heaven on september eleven,
ask yourself where was heaven?

Copyright 2009 Jose Murguia

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I saw heaven

I saw a heaven of grass and trees
From the top fall red leaves
I saw a heaven with waterfall
Falling from the artic stall
I saw a heaven with opera like rocks
There lived dog like fox
I saw a heaven covered with ice
Jumping from the bottom a plenty of mice
I saw a heaven with no dead end
Messages never reached were they were send
So in short I saw a heaven
But I don't exactly remember when

-By little poet

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Heaven they say!

Heaven they say is the place to be
Up in the skies all I can see
are abstract clouds of glorious seas

Heaven they say is a promised dream
An unseen paradise to me it seems
Which we see only in our dreams

Heaven they say is home
Every inch of it I wish to roam

Heaven they say is the promised land
For the righteous if you understand

Heaven they say is forever
It is forever and after and not never

But I say!
Heaven is the ultimate reward
From the Almighty Lord

Copyright 2005 - Sylvia Chidi
Sylvia Chidi

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