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Those Who Lived

Heroes those gone in history
Those born here in this great world
Fought for freedom justice, and equality
There names are carved in golden letters
Heroes, those who lived as common man
The life style they followed in moderate ways
There ways were to be followed by the followers
The roll models of every day of life here
Heroes they are made by the opportunities
The creation of circumstances, the greatness we gave
Here in this earth heroes, born, lived, passed
Their service to the humanity ever highlighted.
Gangadharan nair Pulingat..

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Your Great Grand-Dad

I know your great grand-dad was a brave man as a hero he lived and he died
In battle under the flag of the Nation his fame it is known far and wide
But i beg to differ when you tell me that in cause of peace he traveled far
And under gunfire died in battle fighting in another man's war
Most young men go to war for adventure and a sense of excitement with peace the last thing they have in mind
In a war zone in the heat of battle men of peace you will not find
Men of peace do not shoot at others for to harm maim and kill
Your great grand- dad went to war to kill others and went there of his own will
He may have died as a war hero as heroes die under fire
But it doesn't mean your hero is one that i should admire
The majority of people would agree with what you say
But i am one who begs to differ i don't see things in your way
Your great grand-dad was a brave man of him that cannot be denied
And that he died in a gun battle to you is a sense of pride.
Francis Duggan

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The Winners Are Always The Heroes

The winners are always the heroes in life it is always this way
The losers are quickly forgotten though a fine and sporting
game they did play
'Tis only a sport it may well seem where people chase after a ball
But many take football quite seriously though 'tis only a game after all,
The winners are always the heroes and that's how it always will be
The fans of the winners are singing rejoicing in their victory
Life and sports are akin in many ways though some may say 'tis only a game
The winners get all of the applause and the winners can bask in their fame,
The winners are always the heroes and the winners get all of the praise
And always only to the winners the toasters their toasting glasses raise
The losers are quickly forgotten though some must lose for some to win
Yet some look on losing as shameful to them there is no greater sin,
In life as in sport the poor losers are the people the masses ignore
And in football the really big hero is the one who kicks the winning score.
Francis Duggan

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A hero is when someone cares about you,
They will always be there for you,
no matter where life takes ya,
and no matter what situation your in.

When your in trouble
the person will be there.
Sometimes he will be there other times he won't.

A hero isn't always about being perfect,
isn't about flying,
or even being so mature.

This is when the hero, makes your day.
and starts your day.

A hero can be any
sex, race, species,
not always humans.

People will like
dogs' as there hero's,
or even jumping monkeys.

They don't half to be
always half to be good at everything
you expected to.

A teacher is a good hero,
they help you through your school years,
and help you get smarter now and
with your futures.

A firefighter is a good one,
they save lives.
Even your parents
there number one,
because they helped you grow up
and be what you want to be.

Everyone always has a hero,
when the hero always has you.

Thank God for these hero's
that we found, and helped us through the years.
Rununah S...

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