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Best Poems About / On HERO
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I Hope You Live Forever

My heroes are farmers without names,
Nuns and monks without possessions;
Laborers and ordinary individuals,
That endure life’s sufferings and fates.

My heroes are recovered addicts and alcoholics,
Disabled people who face daily their living limits;
Those who laugh and cry, move emotionally
Without harm to others.

My heroes have changed from super strength
Cartoons to ever enduring, subtle souls,
Artists who survived their dare with the arrows of life.

Because they exist, and ride this planet side by side,
For the length of their short life, are all marvelous,
Heroes of my mind.
Bullion Grey

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Retracing Our Steps

My fingers won't stop dancing on the keyboard until we get things right
We‘ve come this far to waste all we've labored for
May the labor of our heroes past never be in vain
How wasteful we've been with the resources our heroes labored for
How heartless we've been, for how are we going to continue on this path?

We've done nothing but to increase the pain and ache of our heroes' heart
Creating an atmosphere of inconvenience in the so called place of rest
Let's repent from our inhuman ways and embrace sanity
It's time to show humanity some respect, which she truly deserves.

Standing on the shoulders of our heroes past
Making them proud of us and wiping away their tears
Wiping away the long rolling tears
Replacing their hurts with elation
While making their labor a happy occupant of their memories.
Bamisaye Adeniran

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dreams of a prefect peaceful world where everyone gets along and there is no war.

fantasy's where you are the shining star, the famous actor/actress, or a king or queen of your own kingdom.

creator of your own world where instead of hearing your parents fighting, the ones who are suppose to love you but they abandon you and they hurt you leaving marks and trips to the hospital, or because your different from everyone else and they tease you for it.

so you try to create a place to escape from the truth and reality that hurts you.

but it's so hard to stay in the safe place you have made cause in the end the truth is you have to come back to reality,

in those safe places you have made there is a person you've added from reality, but treansformed into your hero that protects you and rescues you from the bad things; the one person you really trust to be there for no matter what.

so this time when you go back and leave your safe place you have made and reality strikes back. you realize that it's time to do something and call on your hero for help and support.

yes fear is still somewhat frozen you in place but with the help of your friend, your hero is by your side you can do anything and feel safe.

you go to someone to get help to take you away from the abuse, someone to help your parents to stop fighting all the time, and make those who make fun of you. you maybe different on the outside or different on the inside maybe a little slower than those your age.

but the truth is if they truly could stop the harassment and sit down and get to know you they'd realize that your just like them, but just have something different but that just makes you unique, and special in your own way and that makes you, you.

reality it maybe hard to take and understand sometimes but when you got an great/true friend who's there for you all the time no matter what, or that one hero you've made in fantasy who comes to reality and protects and keeps you safe the best they can from the harassment, abuse, or help you cope with your parents problems.

that sometimes when you wanna escape it's better if you take the hand of that one person you trust and go find help to help solve these problems to make it easier for you to stand reality and feel safe at the same time to.

reality, truth...
Tasha Young

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You are the hero in my life
You've saved me so many times
You are always there for me
My life is so different because of you
You changed me for the better
I can feel it
I know you dont feel like you have
But you really did and I love it
Im am strong because of you
I love you so much
Life would be impossible without you
Everytime im down, you pick me right back up
You are my hero, my favorite hero
I need you to always be there
I promise I need you to be my hero
Forever and always
Teasia Ruffin

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