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Coming Home

As I set back home
for my motherland-
that nurtured my childhood,
memories flooding into my mind
of the happy home where I once stood

Long seen home-land still afresh
with the fragrance of dust and mud,
the sight of cattle salvaging the greenery
the wailing of babies tender as a flower bud

Coming home to the beckon of love
-the mystic abode bedecked with ornate glory,
of the roses and lilies in full bloom-
strewn on the path-leading to my home

Alas- expectant eyes that long awaited
Envisioning the homecoming of a son,
I realise are but part of a far-blurred vision
straining for a glimpse from above- far away from humandom
Sumeet Mahanti

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Home, sweet home of mine
I have missed for twenty-years
And mum is getting no younger
I should be home by now
But do I return home
When I have not achieved height?
What do I say to old friends
Who will say to me:
What have you brought for old
Friends you left behind.
Twenty years is a long time
To be away from home
And yet not not achieve height.
Efe Benjamin

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Mommy, Take Me Home

Metal Beds, Crowded Spaces, feeling the emotion of emptiness
Mom please take me home
Im still at this foster home
Mommy, Where Are you
As I Lingure for freedom
In this Cold Foster Home
You Promised me
I'd never go back
To that foster home
But I'se still there
Crying to myself
Wondering when mommy will take me home
Armani Marie

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