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The Stairs To The House Of Respect.

When there stairs for one see the door that will open for one who wish for the touch of respect for every stairs is the stairs to the angels house for when one wish for the touch of respect for a door will open for who will fill the heart that wish for the touch of respect the more stairs one see the more stars will touch once heart with the touch of respect and yet the stairs to the house of respect.

For every knock for one will feel the touch of respect thus for the door that on knock is the door of the angel with sparkle in the eyes of the angel thus for every knock thus a angel will twinkle in once eyes for every twinkle is the twinkle of respect for who's eyes will be touch with the twinkle and yet the stairs to the house of respect.

Thus for every door that one see is the door to the angels of the night but one will feel the touch of respect just to be touch of respect for once heart will feel the light of life but yet when the sun raise for one will feel a warm smile that shine like the morning sun for it's the angel that fill the sun with respect where there a heart that been touch with respect and yet the stairs to the house of respect.

For every min that the moon shine for some where there a heart that wish for respect yet one feel the light of life touching once heart thus where there a smile for one been touch with the light of life but when one see a star for one see the angel of respect but to the family form it's the family hat been touching once with with the light of life but for one who wish for respect been fill with respect and yet the stairs to the house of respect.
Raymond Sawyer

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A Winter Fire (Story)

It was a cold winter night in January; we were on our way home. My mother and I had just come from a long day at the salon where she bought my late but awesome Christmas gift. I wanted teal streaks in my hair. My hair looked great I was happy and we then went on to sonic to get some food. We soon left there and began our way home. My mother lives out in the woods and on nights like this it is very dark. We came upon her road all u see is pitch black darkness n glimpse of the dirt road through the headlights, We drive slow in case deer jumps out. Once we reach the drive way I'm totally excited to jump out of the car to straighten my hair since salon lady didn't and I wanted to see the completely finished look.

Now this may not seem so scary to some due the fact was not as bad as it could have been, but to someone whom never been in a situation like the one I'm about to tell you its life changing. We entered the drive way and soon as we turn the car off we hear it the sound that started it all. We heard smoke alarms going off but we didn't get to alarm least she didn't I guess it happened before n stove went out and made house a little smoky. She told me to stay in the car with bobby joe her dog while she went and opened the door. She now knows this was a stupid thing to do if there was a fire that could have made things a whole lot worse.

She goes and opens the door all you see is her turning away and dropping to the ground and black smoke rolling out of the house, at that moment she yells call 911. I was in a daze I couldn't find my phone when I did it was dead I felt my body go numb as I told her it's dead she grabs hers n calls I was doing fine tell she mentioned to the fire dept that there were 6 cats trapped in the house. At that moment I jumped out of the car and ran to the door n yelled the cat's names nothing happened these cats were all rescue cats each have there own story all I could think was the cats trapped and house on fire. I kept calling there names screaming as loud as I could with tears rolling down my eyes, my mom pulling me back away from the house trying to get me in the car. I soon I got in I plugged in my phone called my grandpa told him or at least tried I couldn't talk right.

I eventually hung up and was told to call randy my moms boyfriend and tell him to get home, by then we were out of the driveway in by the road waiting for the fire dept all we could do was sit and watch the smoke n pray that the cats are ok. I just knew they had to be dead they always came when called. Before you know it fire truck after fire truck came into the drive way. There must been about 20 vehicles from the dept there, flashing lights everywhere lit up the night. Neighbors from houses way down the road even came flocked around us most hugging my mom because she finally had lost it seeing the trucks was surreal. I just stood there alone were most be freezing I wasn't I was shaking profusely teeth chattering knees every bone my body was shacking m face was wet with tears and in all I kept blaming myself. If I hadn't wanted to do my hair wed been home to put it out before it got bad like this.

I don't know how long it was but seemed like forever all of a sudden here comes one of the firemen holding a skinny fragile little cat. I ran for her knowing it was Miss Abby the oldest cat we have nothing but bones she is but still going strong. I grabbed her wrapped her up best I could holding her crying again thinking at least ones ok. Nobody had told us anything yet bout the status of the house so were still freaking out we didn't really care the house burnt down we just wanted our babies out. By this time randy my moms boyfriend had made it home finally just in time to miss pretty much all the action. Next came another firemen holding a big orange kitty whom we weren't sure what one it was since was one the twins we found out it was Billy who don't like to be touched him n his sister Mary are still skiddish of people so shocked to see he got caught.

We now had two cats out 6 whom we shoved into the warm car eventually so they wouldn't get sick. The firemen then said he couldn't find anymore which made our hearts drop to the ground. The neighbor then had me n my mom sit in her golf cart were we sat for the remainder of the time till the firemen came out and told us that house was ok stove had been pulled out and taken out back away from the house. What had happen was the flames had backed up into the stove and went up into the hoper witch started smoldering the pellets there if we didn't arrive home when we did like I said could have been worse. Soon enough firemen slowly cleared out after using this hose n big fan to suck up some smoke out of the house. Then moment came were we had to go in.

We entered the house everyone calmed down but me I was still on edge. I immediately dropped my bag and food and ran around looking for the cats. Between me n my mom's boyfriend we managed to find them all safe and sound. I then sat down and I thought calmed down ate my food and watched TV like nothing ever happened. It didn't seem to bother me maybe because I was not thinking about it, I'm not entirely sure but at that moment I was happy.

We had looked around the house and signs of the almost fire were everywhere she has a 2 and a half story home n ceilings from top to bottom where soot covered black shadow spots every where. And the smell was not so bad I guess was very strong smelled like camp fire. At this point was getting late and everyone had went to bed so I did too as I walked down the stairs and I looked right at the spot were the stove once had been I stopped and took a deep breath n walked on past I then went the bedroom where smoke and stink hand not got to I guess since the door was closed. So I went in shut the door and lay in bed. I laid there for a moment before getting up n changing into my pajamas.

I was all ready and climbed into bed got all comfy n tried to sleep but I couldn't all I could seem to see when I shut my eyes was the smoke coming out the house visions of the cats scarred and hiding knowing it all started just outside the room I was in that if it happened again I probably wouldn't make it out because the back door was inches away from where the stove was. If the stove was inflames again my only choice would be to climb out my bedroom window probably. My mind was racing with thoughts these along with images of the stove n the evil flames inside flickering as if they were taunting me.

By this time I was shaking again worse then when I was outside it was so bad I couldn't even move. I then realized that what was happening was a panic attack. I managed to pull myself out of the bed and started climbing up the stairs the smile made me sick now I made it to the living room witch was the main floor and I sat on the couch looking up at the loft area upstairs which contained my mom's room and her bathroom.
Since my moms a bit of a grump when you wake her up, I was on edge wondering if I should wake her or if I should just deal with this. I just quit thinking and went on up the stairs I got to the door n then stopped and sat on the stairs wondering again if I should and started crying right there. I got up opened the door n way her small room is you don't have to walk in much to touch the foot of her bed. I felt around for her toes n started tapping her leg whispering mom hoping shed wake up but nothing happened so I left room n sat on the stairs again. Crying just wanting this feeling to go away I looked over at her dog who was in the cage next to me petting her. I decided to get up and try again and went in and did same thing as before. This time she woke up, and asked what was wrong and I told her I think I need one her zanaix.

I walked out and she came out too and turned the light on and her face looking at me was shocking I guess I was worse then I thought I was she raced down the stairs n had me sit on the couch while she went got 2 of her pills and told me to take them before long I felt myself calm down a bit she asked me what I was thinking I told her n she hugged me and told me it was ok the stove wasn't in the house anymore. I knew that it wasn't but the thought was freaked me out. We sat there for awhile before I told her I wanted to sleep on the couch I didn't wanna sleep downstairs anymore I hated just being down there.

My mom ended up staying up with me till the pills fully hit me n I was too stoned to care and soon passed out. Next day I wake up feeling a lot better but the smell being worse I don't remember much of this day though I know a man came out from a company called Servpro a company who detail cleans your house furniture after water or smoke damage. He explained the firemen told him to come out and told us what his company does and gave us a card and said call I'm if u want there help. I know we ended up calling them back after her boyfriend had come home. The rest of that day is a blur I know the next day I believe is when the guy came out again with a diff dude talking about the cleaning plan saying it be a week process there clean everything. They had already called the dry cleaners and they were to be calling about when to set up a day to come get stuff.

It was now day 3 since the almost fire the 6th of January and the following day was when everything was supposed to go down but today all we had plan was to go to the laundry matt and wash all of our stinky cloths. We stunk so bad it was un real, had a cashier lady at Wal-Mart say I smell something burning. We then told her it was us and then lady felt sorry for us after we told her what had happened. After what my mom thought would be a all day thing at the laundry matt, We were home by late noon. My mom and I had planned to go to the emergency room that night since I was still freaking out and afraid of the house. Just coming home and seeing the house from the drive way made me shiver.

So round like 9 or 10 after dinner we went to the hospital was there for awhile they ended up giving me bunch of zanaix said I was traumatized, like I didn't figure that out already.
We went home and I popped a pill and sat watched tv with my mom till I was so freeking stoned that the white wall became interesting. I guess its sad that I have to drug myself in order to be able to not be afraid.

The next day rolls around and we are up early to greet the servpro guys and the dry cleaner lady. The lady came got our curtains and quilts and coats n things like that. While the servpro guys came out early with the insurance adjuster to take measurements. My mom was talking to the insurance guy and he was nice enough to put us up in a hotel while the house was cleaned that week. So we found ourselves packing up for a weeks vacation to a hotel I was happy to get away from the house finally was a great feeling.

That whole week I was happy though at night still had to take a pill was still scared. I had racing thoughts of what if the hotel caught on fire would we make it out from the top floor I stared up at the ceiling as the pill kicked in looking at the smoke detector n the sprinkler. One of the days that week I don't remember what one we went to the stove place so that my mom n her bf could look at a new one I walked in hands clinched scared to death of the whole room. There were fireplaces everywhere some running some not. Everything was fire, fire, fire. My mind started racing again and I was struggling to keep my cool I didn't have my pills with me and I didn't want to freak out. So I sat in the corner away from everyone waiting for the moment to be over so we could just get out of there.

It was like the stoves were all monsters n the ones running were the leaders. They were after me, after my soul. I could see the flames dancing around in 3 different stoves taunting me driving me crazy. Finally randy was done talking and we were leaving and going back to the hotel where I felt the safest at. After our week there we eventually returned home me still feeling Erie about the house. The house was like a monster just like the ones at the fire place store. There all in my mind in it to get me.

We enter the house again and im last one in of course hands clenched scared to death of something I'm not even sure of. I get in house is clean smells fruity, walls are whiter but you can still seen soot stains on the walls. I breathe a sigh of relief knowing everything ok again as it seems. Later that day the carpet guy comes out n finishes up the last of the cleaning. Whatever cleaner they used it smelled like gummy bears. That night I slept once again on the couch still not wanting to go downstairs.

Today is January 26th 2013 it has been 23 days since the day of the incident I'm still here at my moms fulfilling my whole purpose of being here witch was to help her through her total knee replacement surgery witch she had on the 15th. I'm still sleeping on the couch for 2 reasons now, one because of the fact the downstairs sleeping downstairs is like sleeping with the devil. The other reason is because my grandpa is here now helping too and is sleeping down there. The house looks good now the downstairs smells a bit but I guess there's nothing we can do about that. I guess there going to repaint the whole house in the summer insurance will pay for that.

Last night was first night in 23 days that I had not took a pill to sleep. I wanted to prove to myself I could sleep without it and I did. One other reason was because yesterday we went back to the fireplace store to buy a new stove though I did not go in. I have a few pills left before I'm going to need to go home to see my doctor about getting more to have on hand. Hope it won't be so bad once I'm home so that wont need them but wont hurt to have on hand just incase. I still have the shakes all the time like right now I'm shaking just the nerves I guess. My grandfather was a fireman I was raised up around knowing about fires n knowing what they can do but you never think that one will happen to you until it does. This was a life changing thing still haunts me the same as it did when it happened I sit here n look out the window and see the stove outside and all I can see is that night.

Earlier this week we had a power outage due to a big snow storm, my moms bf lit a candle and placed one on the table in front of me I seen the flam and I instantly started shaking and it was that night all over again so I had to run n pop a pill again I barley slept that night knowing fire was lit inches away from me. My mind went on with thoughts like what if the cats knock it over, what if the flame somehow jumps out n catches house on fire. All I had was a bunch of what ifs.

I don't know if this will ever get better but I hope it does the key is to live day by day I guess. Now my readers will probably feel sorry for me and that I simply don't want because in a way my mind is so over reacting. There's worse things out there and I just cant live every day afraid of things like I am now. So all I ask is to comment and enjoy I guess I just wanted to get this all off my chest.
Evey Vendetta

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Haunted House

During a long for me awaited family reunion, back to our original home my cousin and I came together: we ten apart in years and separated, both visiting our grandparents in the south.

Happy greeting among members of seeing each other and pleasurable warming done, we after two days finally time together in a renewal taking: we began strolling in a walk to the store.

Our walk capturing gone moments filled with past memories we had shared, our gradual pace tour a renewal of our past friendship: while in its approaching, a house along side of the road.

Both of us a different remembrance of the structure, both with a different history of the property, aged lone wooded structure was greatly decaying, house decomposing by years of neglect.

My thoughts came fully active running as if events were yesterday fresh within my mind, I fell into a past time flashback which sent me back then: both my cousin and I stood in a momentary pause.

My recall of the property different from my cousin the place memory to me of a couple, he recalled the former owners I did not know: my thoughts of the place solely this family having three kids.

I had forgotten about this family, seeing the house my thoughts exploding, fun times for me in its accounting with their three daughters at play:
my mind displaying me and those kids laughing.

I before my cousin couldn't stop my lips from flapping about them, he knew their older sister as I continued pointing out to my cousin items: both cross sharing views of the place.

My mind in an active of me kidnapping, past love taking me back into its reality, funneling I in my concentration being absorbed with memories: live action pictures rushing vigorously in my mind.

A time portal with trap so pleasing to me, causing deep meditations and my fall into its grasp, as I remember those times back then: my mind's movie playing joy-ed events of me in house as a child.

Mind's sight of event tiny specs fast burst in their running, flashes of us up and down those stairs going, taste of those times back to moisten my mouth: us screaming wild all being loud.

My mind playing back this reality in a full coloured movie, I could see myself clearly face to face in its account: meanings behind mysteries thought-provoking joys capturing past events as we ran.

Current structure decomposing to me funny in overall appearance from then, seeing myself in the movie at bottom of stairs under my stance house big to me standing in it: structure seemingly, enormous.

I could see that gleam within my eyes so young was I: youth in its prime ripping I was not even five, my thoughts recalling a fierce titan: house itself being dark at night never had electric light.

I recall at night talking to the girl's father in that room, movie playing those events, I see things in change and acts stopped: recall all of us about a lamp sitting, family using smoky kerosene.

We, my cousin and I, continued among ourselves talking about other aspects beyond house, pass by seeing all rooms in house filled: windows each room were fully blocked by large obstacles.

We see the small house in its state condition, understanding someone having stored bails of hay feet in depth stacked in it: packed throughout those rooms not much space to move about.

Cousin and I once paused in our separate memories, me picturing activities back then coming to a final concluding: last clips of film viewing me actively with those kids at play.

Disclosure enchantments of faces, I was deeply smiling inside in a response of a reply to this lost treasured thought: both, me and my cousin, happy as we continued slow walk to the store.

Hours pass at the store filled with antics among old acquaintances, time coming to a return for us to go back home, our walk into night us again strolling: talking us in darkness now deep grip.

We were fifteen minutes into nightfall walking still in a renewing, store light had long gone not to be seen not even us between us: both of us seeing darkness before us nearing house cloaked.

Both abyss covering us completely, laughing about things encountered while we were visiting among past friends separate in our given happiness about: house sudden abruptly is there and it was altered.

House popped out of nowhere, we were standing feet from house corner porch, attracting our full attention the house up and down floors had changed: having light which was beyond electric.

Windows were bright and extra in their shining, within house were from them glaring, out going beams from all of them: house inner state also pounding music loud as if a crowded party.

Our footsteps halted quickly from our stroll by this sudden occurrence, ears not hearing gravel I in thinking paused in shock: once viewed blocked windows bright as if sun was in the house.

Confounded in my view about the house in our bypass, knowing we saw house completely within with bundles of straw filled: I befallen in a pause wondered about that certainty of it as fact now.

Cousin quick thinking in an instance react took immediate charge of the matter, he imposing an reaction upon this occurrence grabbing up a pebble from the road picked: he hurled it up.

Pebble soaring quietly in the darkness after his release going into silence, pebble responded target struck house tin roof top in a clanging: connecting noise of its strike sounding loud out into the night.

All events stopped.
Alexander Coppedge

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A Man's Best Friend(Not A Poem, But A Story)

Peter’s father didn’t love Peter at all, or that is what Peter thought. His father, now in his 50s was always with his dog, Scotty. Scotty was not even a pure breed, but a common stray dog. His father had found him outside the gate of their house, whimpering and had adopted him. The dog had a fever, so medicines worth lots of money had to be brought, but his father didn’t seem to mind. And now that the dog was well, he was his father’s constant companion. Be it on a hunting trip or going to the market, the dog always followed Peter’s father. Peter hated the dog as he thought that he should be getting his father's love, but was deprived of it, because of the dog. But the dog loved Peter and often went to lick him, but Peter just pushed it aside.

After a few years, the dog died of cancer. Peter’s father didn’t allow anything to be done to the body, he burnt it himself and put the ashes in the box and kept it near him. Peter couldn’t stand this anymore. One night, when everyone was asleep, he took the box, and jumping over the fence, hid it deep in a nearby forest. In the morning, when his father learnt about this, he made Peter dig every tree he could see in the forest, but as it had been night time when Peter buried the box, he couldn’t remember where exactly he had buried it. After the tries went in vain, the hatred between Peter and his father grew to an extreme level.

Peter was growing up and had to be sent to the city for education. He left his house with the blessings of his mother. After a few years, he learnt that both his mother and father had died in an unfortunate accident. As there was no electricity in the house, Peter lit all the candles he could find and went into his old room. He poured out some soft drinks which he had brought from the city and began to drink. Suddenly, he heard a scratching noise against the door. Peter began to feel scared when he heard the dook creaking open. He gathered courage and peeked at the main door and saw an unbelievable sight. For, there at the door, was standing Scotty. Scotty made no move to attack him, but just gave a small growl as if to say to follow him. Peter, not knowing what to do, followed him till the dog stopped at a place and began to dig furiously. Peter remembered that was where he had buried Scotty’s box years ago! Peter backed off in fright, but suddenly he saw that there was no dog. Was this a dream? He rubbed his eyes but still he saw he was in the middle of the forest. He turned and went back towards his house.

As he neared it, he saw it was on fire. The fire department was called and the fire was put out but the house was absolutely burnt. Official investigators said that most probably a candle fell on the floor, and as the whole house was made of wood, it took no time for the fire to spread. They also added that Peter had been real lucky not to have been in the house. By then Peter had realized his folly. The very next night, he went back to the place where Scotty’s box was buried. He dug until he found the box and put it at the end of his father’s grave. That night as he lay sleeping, he had a dream where his father was with his dog cuddling and loving him, but this time Peter did not feel envious, he felt happy and grateful.

Author: Baidurya Mukherjee(alias Babua, Chom Chom)
Chom Chom

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