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You are moving with

You are moving with your house, my dear
Your house is your body, keep it with you
So long as you are here.

In your house you remained
Like one dull deaf and dumb
And stay free from the influence
Of the worldly atmosphere.

Be careful you may fall down
At any moment here
O my dear, just remain silent
Despite all mistreatment.

Come out from your house, O my dear
When your Master calls you in your house
He is there in the heart to rescue.
gajanan mishra

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house of cards

a house of cards
complex, but weak
folding under me
slandering under me
i built this
this house of cards

you ask me to wait inside
but will you come and save me
i cant last much longer

because this roof will not hold
this roof will crumble
from the lies that are raining
the lies that brake my house
the one i built for us

i am stuck here in this house with the key
the key to brake free
but i am scared to walk to ground
the ground, dank with fables
dark and astray
from the vision i had
a vision of are life

absolute and refined
our house of cards awaits the day you come
the day life sound, a perfect life
with you
Thai Hood

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My House

This is my house, my home
it smells not too pretty
and doesnt look too clean either
but its my house, my life

without my house
i'd be on the streets
and without warmth
but thats not me

i have all my achievements here
my ribbons, my trophies
but nothing compares to
the many firsts i have had here

you will never forget the memories
in your house, your home
so dont mistreat it
treat ur house like a home
Make A Wish

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The Haunted House

That house is so lonesome, no one cares,
Filled with dust and webs,
It's alive, with its windows it stares,
Vexedly to which my joy ebbs.
It has got something evil and mystic,
I wanna know what's behind the doors!
Someone in the haunted house roars.
As if he wants something from past,
May be the felicity which he lost at last,
To which I feel myself so aghast,
Hoping all to be right that dark night,
I closed my window ignoring that house,
Because that house is a haunted house.
Manish Panda

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