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Tomorrow Will Be Better

I imagine a pretty world Without ugly wars, I imagine a pretty love Without ugly hatred, I imagine a pretty house Without an ugly tent, I imagine a pretty smile On the poor's face, I imagine pretty words On the passing clouds, I imagine good rains Instead of bad tempests, I imagine a pretty image Of the world around us, I imagine the pretty childhood Plays with the parents, I imagine the good homeless Getting a pretty house, I imagine the hungry Getting love and food, I imagine the coming dawn Beautiful and pretty, I imagine the whole pretty Family reunited again, I imagine the ruined houses Rebuilt again, I imagine a new picture of The pretty birds in a garden, and I imagine all the sufferings and The pains of the world around us Be abolished tomorrow because the New tomorrow will carry all love and And a new dawn to everyone on earth.

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It's Not Your Choice To Be A Refugee

O great man! O great woman! O great soul! O great human being! Please die honorably in your own Country and under your ruined house And never be a refugee by any way Because the whole world will look at Disdainfully and shamefully anytime, Life is greatly cruel when someone Humiliates you and insults you anywhere, Never ever be a refugee even if they Let you in a great palace in a cruel World, but die greatly in your homeland, I saw regretfully a lot of shameful Sufferings and pains of a refugee in our World and how the refugee was treated, Believe me, o great citizens! To die Honorably in your burnt house is better A million of times rather than standing In front of a relief office or in front of Humiliation and insult anytime and anywhere, Never ever choose to be a refugee because You will lose everything including your dignity, and Be in your ruined housed and not under the Tents of shame and humiliation anytime and anywhere.

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When Will I Come Back To My Pretty House?

I don't have a house, but I do have a tent, I don't have a fixed address, but I am in no man's land, I don't have money, but I live on others' support, I don't have anything, but I do have a complete misery, I have tears on my face, but No one sheds tears for me, I have a lot of sufferings, but Nobody cares for me, I have the snakes and scorpions near me, but No friends or relatives near me, I have headaches and stomachs all the time, but No cure or medicine for me, and I am not carefree, but I am always With a lot of care and stress. I want to come back to my pretty house, but When will I come back to my pretty house! ?

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Once Upon A Night (A Poem By Poet Yaser Nadeem Sari)

I came by the loved ones' house, One night, Before cock's cuckoo urged by love and I called upon the house's owners asking Their amicability, then They kept silent like tombs and they never Answered, I said to the house's door: ' Do you hear? I will break the lock if I'm misunderstood.' The closed door said cynically: ' Hold on, You arrogant, you got bad luck, And you got cheated by the heart's lovers', so What's the door's fault if the loved ones Rejected you? ! _____________________________________________ This poem is by the great poet of his time YASER NADEEM SARI and this poem is called 'ONCE UPON A NIGHT '.I translated it into English, so many can read it. _____________________________________________

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