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Princesses Puppies And Ponies

Once upon a time, there was a lovely kingdom called lovelyville. Everything in lovelyville was lovely. The people are lovely, the animals and everything else. Once, one of the lovely puppies had an idea, 'lets go to all the houses in lovelyville and give the lovely people big lovely kisses! ' Said the lovely puppy, 'yes, ' said the pony, 'lets go! ' So all the lovely animals went to all the houses and gave them big kisses until they got to the last house, which belonged to mr white. All the lovely animals remembered that mr white was the only non lovely person in lovely ville. He snatched up all of the animals and shoved them in his new pulverizing and mashing machine. After all the lovely kittens and bunny rabbits were squashed the whole town was flooded with blood and guts and everyone drowned and those who didn't were sucked into the pulverising and mashing machine. The city had to be renamed bloody ville because the smell was so bad anyone who smelt it immediately died.
Rex Cuba

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Mosley Manor

Everyone agreed that the small, ivy-entwined cottage was haunted. This was because everyone who went in either failed to return or came out possessed. I too went in but before I am possessed I want to write down the secret of Mosley Manor with the hope someone finds this among the rubble. This house, animated by dark magic, consumed the souls of the unfortunates who entered. The bodies were left to rot or be repossessed by the malicious sprits residing within the house. I'm destroying the house now, praying it will stop these horrors. I hope I succeed. Love Faith.
marriam anderson

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Tomorrow Will Be Better

I imagine a pretty world Without ugly wars, I imagine a pretty love Without ugly hatred, I imagine a pretty house Without an ugly tent, I imagine a pretty smile On the poor's face, I imagine pretty words On the passing clouds, I imagine good rains Instead of bad tempests, I imagine a pretty image Of the world around us, I imagine the pretty childhood Plays with the parents, I imagine the good homeless Getting a pretty house, I imagine the hungry Getting love and food, I imagine the coming dawn Beautiful and pretty, I imagine the whole pretty Family reunited again, I imagine the ruined houses Rebuilt again, I imagine a new picture of The pretty birds in a garden, and I imagine all the sufferings and The pains of the world around us Be abolished tomorrow because the New tomorrow will carry all love and And a new dawn to everyone on earth.

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It's Not Your Choice To Be A Refugee

O great man! O great woman! O great soul! O great human being! Please die honorably in your own Country and under your ruined house And never be a refugee by any way Because the whole world will look at Disdainfully and shamefully anytime, Life is greatly cruel when someone Humiliates you and insults you anywhere, Never ever be a refugee even if they Let you in a great palace in a cruel World, but die greatly in your homeland, I saw regretfully a lot of shameful Sufferings and pains of a refugee in our World and how the refugee was treated, Believe me, o great citizens! To die Honorably in your burnt house is better A million of times rather than standing In front of a relief office or in front of Humiliation and insult anytime and anywhere, Never ever choose to be a refugee because You will lose everything including your dignity, and Be in your ruined housed and not under the Tents of shame and humiliation anytime and anywhere.

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