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Poems On / About HOUSE  8/27/2014 6:11:27 PM
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My house is my temple

My house is my temple
My children are my Gods.
With all purity I live here
And here I get peace.
Here my children are being
Taught about life and how to live.
Here in my house I find love
And I find life-truth.
Here in this house I get everything
And this house lacks nothing.
gajanan mishra

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The House With The Woman And Without

A house when it is with
Is a house,
When not,
Is not a house.

A house with a woman
And without a woman,
The difference is as such!
Bijay Kant Dubey

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My parents are greatly my dad and My mom, All other people are merely neighbors, A mother, as they say, is a school by herself, A house without a mom is like a building Without foundation stones, A great formula is consisting of a pretty dad And a pretty mom anytime, Without a mom, It means there is no warmth, A mom is the true and the pure love in any house Simply because she knows how to deal with everyone Wonderfully and greatly, then A house is where the mom or There is no house at all.

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Me in your house

(dedicated to those women who are victims of dowry)

In every house
We members talk too much

So much talk in your house, too

But the talk
This time was about me

It was so excessive
The house had confused about everything

But remarkably
It remembers only me.
Abdul Wahab

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