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A Waltz Of Blue Smiles

Please read it on a waltz rhythm: One! two, three...

She's losing her house
She's losing her house
And what what what what
She does?

A poem she writes
Paints both of her eyes
And feet in dark blue
then she cries:

I'm loosing my house
I'm loosing my house
There's nothing to do
Oh mine!

I'm loosing my house
I'm loosing my house
Blue eyes and blue feet
Oh, sweet!

Why are you so sweet
Why are you so sweet
Blue eyes blue face
and blue feet?

Her handkerchief fly
Slow searching the sky
blue rivers of tears
got dry.

On a smile smiley
colours pass through
With tears and fears
Of blue.

She's losing her house
That's sad very sad
But we know she'll survive
And smile.

Blue cute sign became
In a book of one poem
blue fears, blue tears in
origami folded again.. Insane? ! ..
Elena Sandu

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I have my own dreams
i keep them in my house
and no one sees them

every night i look at all
these dreams of mine
my treasure, my gold
they do not glitter anymore

i have my own rusty dreams
and i keep them inside my house
there they all turn to powder
to dust, to nothing

one night i am tired of all these dreams
put them all inside a box
and throw them all to the sea
and then the sea has all my dreams

now i have my house without dreams
it is an empty house
proud with nothing but myself alone
i am the dream of this house
it's only dream

soon the house shall be gone
soon i shall be too gone

someone shall build another house
another dream......

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Song for a Little House

I'M glad our house is a little house,
Not too tall nor too wide:
I'm glad the hovering butterflies
Feel free to come inside.

Our little house is a friendly house.
It is not shy or vain;
It gossips with the talking trees,
And makes friends with the rain.

And quick leaves cast a shimmer of green
Against our whited walls,
And in the phlox, the dutious bees
Are paying duty calls.
Christopher Morley

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The Woman With a Hundred Cats

The woman with a hundred cats
had her house invaded one morning
by a hundred rats
The cats chased the rats
And the rats then chased the cats
And they all dirtied up
a hundred door mats
At night the house was invaded
by a hundred bats
Who scared the hundred cats
and the hundred rats
The hundred bats also dirtied up
a hundred door mats
The next morning the house was invaded
by a hundred gnats
Who scared the hundred cats, the hundred rats,
and the hundred bats
Who ran from the house leaving the woman
with a hundred door mats
A hundred pair of shoes sat
on the hundred door mats
The woman cleaned the shoes
To use in search for another hundred cats
Glen Eker

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