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Best Poems About / On HOUSE
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Wallace Stevens

The sea was the house and the world was the nave
You were the sea and you were the nave

The nave was stormy, the sea was calm
While the house was waiting for the world

To come in by the navy of the sea
The sea was a nave, the world was a house

You were the nave in the sea—
The house and the world

The world was the navy in the sea
And the sea was the house
Dejan Stojanovic

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Travel Haiku - The White House Easter Egg Roll

White House Easter Egg Roll
a bushy saddam
on one egg

White House Easter Egg Roll
in a bird's nest
a painted egg

White House Easter Egg Roll
one mama tells child
not to paint Bush

The White House Easter Egg Roll takes place the Monday after Easter (this year, March 24th) and continues a tradition President Rutherford B. Hayes began in 1878. Children of all ages hunt for Easter eggs on the White House lawn and enjoy storytelling by authors of popular children's books, athletes, Cabinet members, and other senior administration officials; egg coloring; face painting; music; costumed Easter-themed characters; and magicians.
john tiong chunghoo

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The bus left the man at the entry to the walk way he powered his chair to the lift He was more robot than man his house opened the door to the gayraahge and the lift shot out of the wall the entire house is a robot. He entered his lieberry and turned on the computer he insists on signing in even though it would do it auto. He had a nose to pick he would not let the robot do that and so they were arguing about it even while the email was being marked and sorted and read. “It's still MY nose”, the man said. “Eye don't want a waldoe in my nose.” NO the robot oiled the word NO. Eye have a real finger and a thumb. “When”? The man began to say, “WHEN did you do that? ” “Eye do not NOT want you poking on me with a fake finger? ” It's okay the robot was crying. Why don't you trust me you human. Never mind. Mabe you will change your mind someday and want me to do things to you with my finger. “NO the man was adamant NO” “the finger has to go.” The Robot quailed the whole house began to quiver and to shake. You will not take my finger and thumb and he began to run away from the man the thumb working like a crutch to oppose the finger like a gimpy little man scooting across the floor. The man the human blanched. He turned to his secret door the robot did not have an electronic key the secret was the wooden handle only a man could open it. Eye live in the real world people get quarantined for sickness when there is only fear of sickness most people suffer some from allergies. The man returned to the living room computer wearing the flame thrower the canisters double on his back. The computer was throwing walls of flame up on the screen and laughing at the man you cannot use that in the house. “Just watch me” he screamed and saw the thumb and finger running in an obscene resemblance of a creature. He twisted the controls and fired a string of napalm all over the front room. The finger died the thumb kept trying to drag them both it was sickening. He put the flame thrower back in the secret closet and he dove into the pool in the basement floor and he sat there until the house was gone.
The moral of the CharlaXFabel do not let technology get the upper hand er finger.
Charles Hice

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Shattered Windows, Colors Of White

Across the street is a new house with a room painted red, with no holes of white.
Next to me, a house purple, with its color pealing off, with holes of black and white
At the end of the street, an old house once yellow, what now remains white.
The sound of a hammer building a house, entering a place with a color unknown.

On the street,
Windows covered with ice
Some shine with light.
Some broken
Some fixed
Some lost, out of sight.

A house, two blocks from here.
Shines with lights of yellow, red, and green everywhere.
A wall keeping the wind from blowing anywhere.
The house next door, at the dawn of the day.
Paints its room black, and peals the color away.

The wall crumbles.
The wind blows across the colors of yellow, red and green
Breaks all the windows.
Turns the yellow to blue, red to black, and green to white.

The house two blocks away.
Adds a line of yellow red and green everyday.
To allow the house of blue, black and white to shine for us some day.
Linda ErikssonBique

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