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There's Been A Horror In The Opposite House

There's Been A Horror in The Opposite House

There's been a horror in the opposite house,
In roughly one late afternoon,
My mother told me
My father heard some screams and shouts from the opposite house,
And saw some broken window glasses!

He called some villagers to get help,
Together with parang knives, wooden sticks and metal rods,
Wonder if burglars might have entered the house,
To their surprise there were no burglars inside the house,
They saw all the family members were not in their normal state!

Some children were crying and hiding,
Some were running here and there,
Some were confused and terrified,
and some saw inverted symbols of Allah
and weird Arabic writings on the glass window,
so they broke the window
My father said they were possessed by some sort of evil spirits,
The villagers believed maybe from the work of ilmu hitam

The police, medical staffs and ustaz came to the house,
They checked the family from head to toe,
To rule out substance misuse, psychosis or acute intoxication
Luckily there were no one was injured.
They checked the house from rooms to rooms, doors and windows
And including the surrounding environment
They believed that someone with wicked heart had sent the evil spirits
And caused all the chaos

The ustaz and the villagers recite Yassin from the Holy Quran
for 7 days non-stop,
with some prayers, azan and zikir, and Islamic exorcism rituals.
The tall creepy trees around the house were cut down,
And the clogged drain behind the house was cleaned,
The ustaz believed that unhygienic, gloom and shady places
might be the factors enhancing the works of the evil spirit

Weeks have passed and the opposite house were in a new look!
They painted the house in green, cleared and beautify the surrounding
With beautiful flowers
However my mom still worried whether the evil spirits
might chased out from the opposite house and fly over into our house!
She, too, whenever there is azan session from the television,
She will turn in loud, scaring the spirits away
My father hang booklets of Yassiin on the door and window
He afraid that the spirits might climb into our house through those windows!
And asked by brothers and sisters to mengaji
-to recite the verses from the Quran and pray consistently
Day to day they inspect the house, for any supernatural abnormalities

Sometimes my family heard
Strange voices in the house, footsteps on the rooftop,
And sometimes saw a glance of whitish figure through the window.
I told her, maybe some of the spirits had landed in our house,
So it is better for us to clean the drain behind our house
and cut down the gloomy trees.
I asked by brothers and sisters to continue mengaji and pray,
As it is the only way to scare them away
Me too, pray to Allah,
"O Allah, protect my beloved family from harm, danger, disease, wicked heart, evil spirits, act of sorcery and work of witchcraft"
I don't want my family to be the next victim,
In this modern world,
from the dark creatures and the unseen.
Ismim Putera

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Food For Thought

Fools! They continue to trample the words of God with the feet of ignorance; they turn the house of lord to the house of social activities, they continually water the Tree of prosperity, but never care about the dying Tree of salvation; they continue throwing morality into the wind, but continuously ventilating their hearts with self-centeredness; they make wickedness their daily under-wear; yet they are praying for the hasty return of Christ.
Jamiu Olanrewaju

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As A Poet

I own only my poems Without a title deed indeed Because I need only myself to Own my pretty words that my poem Consists of anytime and anywhere, My poem is sometimes my safe haven, but Not all the time because I live in a glass house amid this world, There are a lot of stones dispersed and Scattered on my poem's ways and roads, My whole poems carry greatly a big love To all people anywhere and to everything too, so A hard stone will not scare me if thrown From here or there because I will rebuild My glass house to be or not be for ever and ever.

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Every letter has its own address ??????? ????? ?? ??????

Everyone knows himself very well Simply because there is a house And there is his address anytime, But if somebody does not have A pretty house and its address, then This is something else anytime... _____________________________________________________________________

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