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The Wolf At The Door

“I will build my house with sticks, ”
“I will build my house with straw, ”
“I will build my house with bricks, ”
“And I will come and huff and puff by law,
And blow your houses all into foreclosure.
Because you signed the mortgage and disclosure.”

(C) 2013 Copyright Elena Plotkin
Elena Plotkin

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Time's Haunted House As My Dwelling Taken On A Lease From

Time's Haunted House is the house of mine
I am dwelling in
Temporarily, for the time being
In Time's Haunted House mansion
Which will but delapidate it someday
My patriarchal house
After my departure.
Bijay Kant Dubey

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The House

The House of all prayers,
is the room of all keepers.

The House of all people,
is the place where you see all.

The House of all Standings,
is the stage of all sharings.

The House of all Love,
is the sky of all dove.
Raphael Soriano

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Not Now

I wanted to jump. I did. I coulnt bear the humiliation of going back to him. That man, that horrible, selfish man. He didnt even care about anyone else. Not even me. Only that horrible smelly cursed liquid. Thats what was one his mind. He used to care. He used to care about everyone untill she died than that cursed drink got the best of him, and he became an uncivilized,43 year old monstor from hell. The jump from the lower roof of the two story tan house was only a hundred thousand feet down. It seemed. It was more probable to say that the long jump was more likley to be only 20 feet down. I could jump this relatively, small jump from the lower roof of the house, onto that aful, rust greenish, colored Buick Les abre. I could do this. After all that buick was my friend. Weve gone on so many long boring road trips together. It seemed realistic to think this car was my friend, but this frined I seemed to have would be the loast friend of the family I would ever see again after this deadly jump off the roof of the tan house onto the hood of the buick, then to the lack top driveway. I could piture myself landing on the hood of the car safe and sound. Then energetically and sneakily jump off the hood of the car, onto the balck top and then full speed run.. No. I coulnt do it. I couldnt bring myself to jump. I just realized it was raining, and I was soaked and freezing. Even, if I succeded in this mission of running away from that thing. Where would I go? I was soaked and freezing. I would freeze to death. Looking down at the disgusting rusting, greenish, colored Buick just gave me the reeps. The monster inside, could probably hear my heart ponding right now, and so could the rest of the world. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and looked back at the window, the lonely, small window that I came from. One of the dark lairs of the monsters house, which was evidently into my room from this wet, black, slippery, roof. I looked back down at the Buick and took atnother deeo breath. I had decided. I looked ath the lonely dark room window and started to crawl my soaked, wet, adn shivering, body back to my room. I kept crawling to the windw, not looking back. Defeat. Defeat had overpowered me. I crawled into the window, into my room and I was going to sit on the quuen size bed exausted. But for some awkward reason, I looked back, back at the lonely opend windo. I could see the ran poring down onto the roof, splashing the roof with water. Then I thought two words, to very simple words, words that would change my life forever. The two simple words I formed came out of my lis into a whisper and simply said. 'Not now, Not now' and then I went to my bed, I went to go lay on my queen size bed to rest, to rest for the rest of my life, and never get back up, untill the monstor awoke me.
Stefan Prins

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