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Sitting In An Empty House

Sitting in an emtpy house
Waiting for the phone to ring
Sitting in an empty house
Wanting someone to call about anything
Sitting in an house
Just a cat for company
Sitting in an empty house
Will someone please take time for me?
Sitting in an empty house
No one knows I'm so alone
Sitting in an empty house
The pain I feel remains unknown

Mary Ryan

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Every House

Every house has a sun and moon,
And a little porcelain cup,
And a little silver spoon;
Every house has laughter and pain,
And feels the kiss of a needed rain.

Every house has a pet or two,
A cat in the tree,
A dove that coo;
Every house has a little mouse,
Lives in a hole he never comes out.

Every house has a window or two,
And some grass and trees,
And a sky that's blue;
Every house has a child that dreams,
As he plucks at raw reality's seams.
Patti Masterman

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A Man's Best Friend Part-Ii (A Story)

It was Friday morning.I was going in the little village of Arowali. My vacation had just began.My parents thought it would be a good idea to visit the village after a hectic exam.The trian slowly chugged into the station.We had to go another 3 miles by cartwheel pulled by ox.My grandparents once lived in that village.After they were over sixty they moved with us into the city.Our house was looked after by a chowkidar(a kind of secretary) .We slowly advanced towards the house.The fields were lush green and was so long i couldn't see the end, it disappeared into the horizon.

After 15 minutes, we reached our house.It was a little broken down and looked shabby but i was not dismayed about it, it gave me a feeling of adventure.People often spoke of ghosts and spirits.Although i cannot say whether it was a superstition, but to say the truth the nights were very creepy.It was all silent with the occasional buzz of insects and snakes.

One day as everyone was out i felt of having a walk around, i took my shirt and went towards the fields, slowly evening approached i turned back to go home but when i looked around i saw i was in the middle of an endless field.Words can't describe how i felt at that time.My head began to stop working and i felt dizzy.

Suddenly, i heard a low growl.I turned and saw a dog.It had small white spots on its brown body.It was a common mongrel.I tried to remember where i had seen him before......yes he was a dog who always lingered near our house.We gave him leftovers.He made a sign as if he wanted me to follow him.I had no other choice.I sighed and began walking.Atlast i saw our house i was overjoyed and hugged him.He had a bad odour but i did not care for it.I told my parents of the happenings and they agreed that the dog should be given a treat, we called him but he did not come.Next day i again went and he followed me.My parents was not very sure but i pleaded them so much that they could not refuse.All was well...

The next day he again sat beside our house, he was slowly gaining confidence and ate the food which i gave him.Slowly the days passed.It was a Saturday.Our school started the next week.We had to get back...slowly we took our luggage and advanced towards the station.The dog was surprised and came running beside our cart.At the station it looked at me with long loving eyes as if he wanted to say'Take me away from this place, i will always be by your side'

I told my parents but they wouldn't hear of it.They said that he was a good dog but taking him home was impossible.I had no other choice but to bade him good bye.The train came in.We all took our luggage and moved towards it and to me surpirise the dog took a bad from my hand and began to follow me with that in his mouth.He was sweating and was tired but his eyes were full of determination.I boarded the train.He tried to get in too but was shooed of by the Station master.I threw a biscuit at him.He sniffed it but did not touch it, then he looked at me as the train began running.His eyes were wet.He tried to run but he was exhausted.Slowly i watched as the dog began to dissappear in the cloud of mist.

A week had passed, I was sitting on my chair reading a Sherlock Holmes. The postman came and rang the bell.Both my parents had gone to work so i received the letter.It was from our chowkidar.I sat on my chair and pulled it open.......

It said that a robbery had taken place at our home.The robbers took all the money we kept aside in our home.As they were about to leave a dog jumped on them.There were two robbers.The dog nabbed one but the other drove a knife through his heart.Afterwards both were caught by the police.The dog's dead body has been thrown in the river.The dog had white spots on brown fur.There were some more words but i didn't care to read them. I kept the letter aside and leaned back on my chair.I closed my eyes.Tears rolled down my cheeks........

Written by: Baidurya Mukherjee(Chom Chom)
Chom Chom

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At Home In Stephen Harpers House

Stephen Harpers Wife: “Stephen the garbage is full it’s your turn to take it out tonight”

Stephen Harper: There is no proof whatsoever to support that notion that it is “my turn” to take out “My Garbage”. Where is the evidence that supports the theory that this garbage of what you speak is mine, the garbage is not mine, it is somebodies else’s, I never once made garbage and I will not pick it up. The facts are clear I never knew anything about any garbage, perhaps the garbage was created by the garbage man, and he’s the one that filled the garbage can in the house when I wasn’t looking, therefor it should be the garbage man who carries out the garbage that he created. I cannot be held accountable for the garbage that is full. I did not appoint this garbage man to the job; I will not apologize for cleaning up garbage. Therefor I will no longer discuss this issue with you

Stephen Harper’s Wife: Stephan you left the milk carton out again it’s all gone sour.
Stephen Harper: Laureen the milk is not sour, it is simply taken time to recover and ferment and it is only temporary, I have always been fiscally responsible for milk, I will be happy to put you in touch with milk experts I know who will say that the milk is experiencing a temporary decrease of productivity, but it will recover. You have to think of the outside factors that affect milks taste, like temperature and airborne particles and accumulates, air is a very instable elements which effects Milk. I have an excellent plan to make the milk good again, analysis are predicting milk will be good as long as we are on track. You can’t trust liberals with milk.

You clearly have no understanding of how milk works

Stephen Harpers Wife: Stephen I found proof that the climate in our house is going up, what do you have to say?

Stephen Harper; “I’ll say this Laureen, that I have trusted experts from Westerberg gasoline corps, that say that the temperature is not going up but is in fact going down, its simply your ageing body that is thinking that it is going up, besides you’re not taken into consideration that as a whole this house has more room in square feet then your given credit to,
Stephan Harpers Wife; HA HA! I have proof! , if you look right here on the thermostat it says the temperature is going up, you can’t ignore the facts of that.

Stephen Harper: That is one thermostat in one room, if you look at the thermostat in the basement and upstairs you will see each one has a different description, I won’t bore you with the details of climatology other than to say that I have experts who I pay to tell me that what I say is right, besides I know for a fact that the climate in this house is better than ever, and my admissions never pass especially when I am passing gas. I’m too busy to discuss this matter further; I have a country to destroy.

It was at this time that Stephen Harpers wife, went upstairs, dressed in her finest dress, went to the shed, got a gallon of gasoline drowned the entire house leaving a trail to the front, stood by lit a cigarette and threw the match into the trail, that blazed across the manicured lawn then engulfed the house into a raging inferno that completely obliterated all her troubles. Later panties belonging to Nigel Wright were found in Mr. Harpers Closet, Stephen Harper made no comment.
Kevin Patrick

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