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In this house of pain

In this house of pain
We’re nothing but slaves
Giving into such desires
Will it bring us any pleasure?
Weeping for a lover lost
She’ll cast her own spell
Deprived by all
Depleting the life of everyone that has betrayed her
Hidden in the shadows is where she will feel alive

In this house
Is nothing but sinners?
In this house
Is nothing but broken promises?
In this house
Is where you left me for dead?

Walking through the fogged trees
Blind to all
The songs of old
Are here for the comfort of all.
Beneath the garden of secrets
Hides a lonely heart
Calling to her lover
From which she had to part.

I am alone again.
Alone with my thoughts
That I am left to ponder upon
I am alone again.

This sadness is overwhelming
And all I can do is give in
Does my heart still beat the same?
Or does it die along with you
These thoughts seem to keep me sane
Yet I’m still waiting for more
These memories seem to play a game
And in the end
I’m here to give in

In this house
Is nothing but heartache?
In this house
Is nothing but tears?
In this house
Is where you left me broken?

The feelings seem to fade
The laughter was lost long ago
But I would give everything up
Just to have it all back

In this house
Was when I first fell in love with you?
In this house is were I gave my heart to you
In this house was where i was lost to you.

This will be our doing
This will be our destruction
Swept up in such blissful dreams
Scarcely unaware
This is the house
Were we will rot forever?
Teigan Klippel

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Lighthouse a witness of time.

Light houses, the light houses
Light signals for ships its duty
The place and way the sign it gives
Lights houses so pretty in night.

The light, distance it travels
The ships in perfect routes
Ascertaining their correctness
Light house a trusted friend to ships

Light houses, world wide in sea sides
Decades or centuries of services
Dedication to the ships always
Safety ways it shows to ships in care.

Light houses a great witness of time
The changes of ships and their journey
The changing models and lights of ships
The modern signal systems, ever a witness.

Remembering the services of watchmen
Who ever kept the lights and lanterns
Witness of changes and times they are
The sea in distance beautifully they enjoyed.
Gangadharan nair Pulingat..

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No Place Like Home

There is no place like home
that's what people always say
well, what if you don't have a home?
only a house
and a house is not a home
a home is
a place of love and safety
a house is
a place full of pain but always empty
its always at war
For I live in a house, not a home
I run to the front door and try to open it
but its lock
I' m locked into this war
I sit in front of the only window
looking out
I see all these places at peace
in safety
while I sit here in the middle of a bloody war
I always wonder why can't I have a home
everyone around me has a home
but I’m locked into this house
my house
my bloody war
Scarlet .....

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a house is not a home

a house is just a place where you come to and lay your head. but a home is a place where memeries of you are unreplaced. a house is just a place to go to get out of the rain but a home is the place where her spirt still lays. a house is just a place that you really dont undestand but home is where your heart really lives. and i really wish that i was there. because this is not a home but just a house instead. house.... home there is a differences in the two because at home was where i was with you and now all i have is house so old and cold this can not and will never be home.
destiny tatum

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