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Yiayia Eleni - Incomplete Poem

An old house in a cobbled street
A back-to-back house
Like those in Coronation Street
My granny came to visit us

After maybe two or three weeks
Her face to one side
She gave me some meaningful looks
That I should follow her outside

In our house's small back yard
She took me a-side
She struggled to adjust her face

What was it she found very hard
To say face to face
After a while her decision made
Words rush out as if in a race

Everything here is dull grey
The houses are grey
The streets are grey
There are no trees
There are no flowers
Everything is grey
Except the soil which is black!

I love my son
And you my grandson
But I cannot bear this dark gloom
Where I feel I'll meet my doom

I want to go back to my home
To my precious one-bedroom house
With its low walls of white-washed white
Making it light and O so bright

My bijoux happy little house
Room for a bed and little else
A bottle of ouzo and Coke
It's enough -

Elia Michael

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House of Houses

Come my sweetheart
Let’s collect the bricks of
Love, faith, understanding,
And erect
A three dimensional building
Colour this house
With our feelings
Full of colourful dreams
And an eternal spring
Light our courtyard
With the glare of truthfulness
This house will have
The smell
Of our flowery breath
In all the corners
We will plant
The flowers of our joy
The rhythm of our hearts
Will fill the vicinity
With the music of eternity
This house will be blessed
With the tributes of infinity
Let us fill this house
With so pious a scent
That it may become
A heavenly monument
And the true lovers
Will seek the treasures
Loving boon
They will find here
A contending solitude
The hearts of all true lovers
Reside in it
With an unseen peace
We will name it
‘The house of Houses’
V P Mahur

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A House Divided

a house
nothing is added
nothing multiplies,
nothing ever grows:
when Chaos
is invited to lounge
on your couch,
and sleep
in your bed.

'Bad News' refuses
to shower:
the toilet isn't flushed
and hands
are never washed;
because of attitudes that stink.

In a house
where Eviction gives notice:
Jealousy chooses Hate
to be stronger than Love,
as Anger and Hostility
about Nobody payin'
the rent.

In a house
Slander is served in the kitchen,
keeping family members sick:
because the Cook
is the Poison.

In a divided house:
Paranoia & Suspicion is…,
the welcome mat,
that Frustration steps on:
the Housekeeper
is a fool.

is never ever home,
and calls 'Collect':
he never pays his way
long distant.

In a house
Gossip, Rumors and Lies,
are three
ugly-hearted sisters
living in it,
a divided house:
where the dishes are dirty
and trash overflows,
'cause Gossip needs scandal
Rumor never drinks her stories straight,
while Lies...
keeps everyone divided:
when she won't speak the truth.
ronald stroman

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Two Houses

Yesterday's house,
where I used to live
was warm
with brick, and mellow wood.

Sounds bounced
back and forth,
to blend with living words.

Yesterday's house
does not remember me.

Today's house
is cold and bleak
with steel,
and pitted stone.

Sounds clash,
as havoc reigns...
with reason
lost to madness.

Yesterday's house
is masked by time,
and clockwork hands
that can't turn back.

My body lives in today's house -
my eyes weep today's tears -
but my heart
is safe in yesterday's house
where the mortgage
is always paid.
Robert Reldan

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