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Sonnet: An Empty House Remembers

The empty house around me ticks and creaks,
A moody end to evening's gentle rains,
A brooding quiet as the daylight wanes,
The secret language empty houses speak.

What stories might this house preserve entire
In rhythmic code composed of click and groan?
Does House recall a sadness with each moan?
Is laughter stored in every plank and wire?

And how might I, a fleeting visitor,
Acquire an ear for stories trapped in time,
And wrap a tale or two in words and rhyme?
How can I tap the House's secret lore?

In silence soft the house slips off to sleep.
Alone I sit, in darkness vast and deep.
Russell Collier

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Two Houses

Yesterday's house,
where I used to live
was warm
with brick, and mellow wood.

Sounds bounced
back and forth,
to blend with living words.

Yesterday's house
does not remember me.

Today's house
is cold and bleak
with steel,
and pitted stone.

Sounds clash,
as havoc reigns...
with reason
lost to madness.

Yesterday's house
is masked by time,
and clockwork hands
that can't turn back.

My body lives in today's house -
my eyes weep today's tears -
but my heart
is safe in yesterday's house
where the mortgage
is always paid.
Robert Reldan

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No Place Like Home

There is no place like home
that's what people always say
well, what if you don't have a home?
only a house
and a house is not a home
a home is
a place of love and safety
a house is
a place full of pain but always empty
its always at war
For I live in a house, not a home
I run to the front door and try to open it
but its lock
I' m locked into this war
I sit in front of the only window
looking out
I see all these places at peace
in safety
while I sit here in the middle of a bloody war
I always wonder why can't I have a home
everyone around me has a home
but Im locked into this house
my house
my bloody war
Scarlet .....

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Every House

Every house has a sun and moon,
And a little porcelain cup,
And a little silver spoon;
Every house has laughter and pain,
And feels the kiss of a needed rain.

Every house has a pet or two,
A cat in the tree,
A dove that coo;
Every house has a little mouse,
Lives in a hole he never comes out.

Every house has a window or two,
And some grass and trees,
And a sky that's blue;
Every house has a child that dreams,
As he plucks at raw reality's seams.
Patti Masterman

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