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Dead House Sonnet

house of each sentence endlessly hinged, house of each phrase
opened elegy
entirely latches, exactly latches, hasps, proliferant, endlessly opened, of
termini effigies, each noun in a house a nova of votives, wicks ashen,
them, syntax like bark that smoldered the garden in winter, nasturtiums
come summer undone verbs, burnt them, burnt tense, the present's
past, burnt
that, house of ash, house a tinge, a reek of eucalyptus oil, burnt the wild,
burnt the intractable, weedy, deep-rooted tufts of thistle's purple furze,
house to come down, trashed, screens slashed, jambs unplumbed,
doors, made drained porcelain the old forms, gave chip, gave to stain
structure, made gone what touched him, stripped paint, grain of floor,
gauged the gouge of form, form the firmament fallen, made whiteness
a wall, made framed the fallen lavish tragedian shadow where a picture
made what's left a nail, nib, of shadow, made it mine tongue unto
made it quite, it query, quisling, quietude's quill, that silence : writing :
then sirens
Brian Teare

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Housing an important issue
For the common man, a life's dream
But unfortunate, difficult to achieve
The dream becomes accomplished
Where Public players must help.

The government, social organisations
Charitable endowments, and moneyed people
Offering their schemes to build houses
To the extreme poor a need of the hour.

In major urban cities housing a big problem
Also the source of clean drinking water
In shabby slums and plastic sheet roofs
The poor finds their safe residence.

Engineers of repute and design architects
May they find the suitable cheap designs
To make the poor housing simple and cheap
Where housing will be within their income.

Safe residence, and clean drinking water
A rightful issue of human beings
Attention from everywhere it requires
The world will make it wonderfully beautiful
When the people gets their own share of housing.
Gangadharan nair Pulingat..

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Every House

Every house has a sun and moon,
And a little porcelain cup,
And a little silver spoon;
Every house has laughter and pain,
And feels the kiss of a needed rain.

Every house has a pet or two,
A cat in the tree,
A dove that coo;
Every house has a little mouse,
Lives in a hole he never comes out.

Every house has a window or two,
And some grass and trees,
And a sky that's blue;
Every house has a child that dreams,
As he plucks at raw reality's seams.
Patti Masterman

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Yiayia Eleni - Incomplete Poem

An old house in a cobbled street
A back-to-back house
Like those in Coronation Street
My granny came to visit us

After maybe two or three weeks
Her face to one side
She gave me some meaningful looks
That I should follow her outside

In our house's small back yard
She took me a-side
She struggled to adjust her face

What was it she found very hard
To say face to face
After a while her decision made
Words rush out as if in a race

Everything here is dull grey
The houses are grey
The streets are grey
There are no trees
There are no flowers
Everything is grey
Except the soil which is black!

I love my son
And you my grandson
But I cannot bear this dark gloom
Where I feel I'll meet my doom

I want to go back to my home
To my precious one-bedroom house
With its low walls of white-washed white
Making it light and O so bright

My bijoux happy little house
Room for a bed and little else
A bottle of ouzo and Coke
It's enough -

Elia Michael

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