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Old House

Old house
The house looked old from the weather for years.
It bring tears to my eyes.
The windows are dirty from the dusty roads.
The mailbox was rusty from the rain it held.
The porch was falling in the boards are rotten.
The door was stuck it had to be forced open.
A chair covered with a sheet had cat feet prints in the dust.
The old house had so much mistrust.
No paints on the wall in the hall.At this old house.
It brings old times to your heart.
This old house.
Harold R Hunt Sr

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This House

This old house has seen the sunshine
of many different years.
This old house has seen some happiness
This old house has seen some tears. This old house now seems so
Since you left with last
The smiles and talk, the
happy laughs
Echo above the lonely sighs Whether leaves are green in springtime
snow leaves lightly on the ground
This old house will hold the
Of all the old families sounds.
Edna Howard White

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My House

This is my house, my home
it smells not too pretty
and doesnt look too clean either
but its my house, my life

without my house
i'd be on the streets
and without warmth
but thats not me

i have all my achievements here
my ribbons, my trophies
but nothing compares to
the many firsts i have had here

you will never forget the memories
in your house, your home
so dont mistreat it
treat ur house like a home
Make A Wish

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Ruby Red Slippers

Ruby Red Slippers

Ruby Red Slippers

Thoughts of the Yellow Brick Road


the house was spinning spinning like a whirling house

it looked like a farm house with old wooden slats painted whitewash

it fell from the sky the tornado let it go and it fell and it fell from the sky onto the yellow brick roadside

it landed on the bad witch not the bad witch it was her cousin from the emerald city it was the bad witches cousin and she wore those Red Ruby Slippers

Dorothy woke up

she saw the slippers those read ruby slippers she saw them disappear off the witches feet and then she looked down at her feet and there there there were the ruby slippers on her feet on Dorothy's feet

and then the Good Witch Glenna or Glenda? came from the sky on her Fairy Wings and she asked Dorothy where had she come from and she said from the Sky. Then she said Kansas where is Aunt Em and then she pointed at the house and the witch under the house and her feet pulled up funny sort of curling up and then she just disappeared. The witch not Dorothy. ANd the Good Witch warned her about the Bad Witch would send those Stupid flying monkeys oh my god. ANd the Scare Crow Man oh no oh my god. And when she grew up and stopped smoking Mary Jane Cigarettes she wept. ANd when she Wept eye cried. And TOTO oh my god TOTO and the Happy ending did eye forget the Wizard of Oz? and now you see it now you see the whole story in my eye perspectively. </>
Charles Hice

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