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O, Son of God!

“Make not my Father’s house
An house of merchandise”…
John- 2: 16

O Son of God!
Ever since thou left us,
We have made this world,
Thy Father’s house,
A house of merchandise!

To appease our weapon interests
We created belligerence
Built distrust fought wars
Sold hatred in exchange
Of doves of peace

When dost thou come down?
Once again amongst us
To demolish this temple this body
Where greed presides,
Just as thou destroyed
Thy body on cross
Along with all our sins!

When dost thou come down?
To rebuild a house of no hate
Just as thou proved thy words that
Thou wilt raise it up in three days
And just as thou resurrected
As thou promised!

18th December 2009
Kesav Venkat Easwaran

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Whose house is this?

whose house is this?

silence crawls on night slowly like bugs
I stretch my limbs under warm woolen rugs,
a shrill cry of the moth and whistle of house cricket
dueling under my bed to have their accounts set,
The sound of feasting ants from a slit of wall
half sleepy I hear lover flea's invitation call,
two pigeons making love near ventilation hole
my existence feels affiliation with nature's whole,
a spark of the firefly in the black night
reminds a fall of star once shining bright,
a mosquito murmurs a secret in my ears
an expansion of universe my eager heart hears,
a house within the house within the house I live
mine is not mine this foolish mind can't believe
Mukesh Raval

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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence! Domestic violence till when
Get down together and sort out the blame
Why go physical setting your own house on flame
A negative reputation of own blame

Hey men let’s stop the hitting
We be cool and always chilling
Forever the house will be smiling
Just try these if you think am kidding

Ladies lets control the words
Imagine of the days you were pals
The sweet sayings that were traps
Revisit these and he will be ups

Why not take head-on the responsibility
Because we both have the ability
If not lets seek the holy trinity
And our house will be that of divinity

It is of no need to be together
Yet in all realities we are asunder
Take charge and provide as a father
I play my role and nurture as a mother

Domestic violence deprives and kills
Emaciated and disturbed become the kids
For years and years the family remains still
Having stress and voids which have no fill

If drinking alcohol is the cause
In the house sit and take meat as the pause
If both parties in the house wanna be boss
Sit together delegate and cut the clause
linus gerald

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An Overcast Day in June

Speeding along the highway
There's suddenly a bright
Explosion; unruly color
That calls to you from the passing blur:
The unexpected purple house
It's almost gone before you see it-
As if a river of lavender
Once flowed down that street
Left it's mark only on certain
Vulnerable things
One house coated on all sides
The house next to it seeming to sport
Only a single lavender door
I'm certain that if I could follow it closely
Look for the tell-tale lavender shoe tracks
I would note the lavender trace
Gradually wear thinner, house by house
Dwindle to a trellis or a shutter
Until it was just a slight stain
On a solitary front porch-
As if a child had spilled
His single pot of lavender
And had to finish his painting by number
With some garish dark purple
All the while wishing he could pour out
Collect, all that lavender, there preening itself
Under the trees, under the back lit clouds
As if it had been placed there precognitively
Years before, only to meet his need of a moment
On an overcast day in June.
Patti Masterman

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