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An Overcast Day in June

Speeding along the highway
There's suddenly a bright
Explosion; unruly color
That calls to you from the passing blur:
The unexpected purple house
It's almost gone before you see it-
As if a river of lavender
Once flowed down that street
Left it's mark only on certain
Vulnerable things
One house coated on all sides
The house next to it seeming to sport
Only a single lavender door
I'm certain that if I could follow it closely
Look for the tell-tale lavender shoe tracks
I would note the lavender trace
Gradually wear thinner, house by house
Dwindle to a trellis or a shutter
Until it was just a slight stain
On a solitary front porch-
As if a child had spilled
His single pot of lavender
And had to finish his painting by number
With some garish dark purple
All the while wishing he could pour out
Collect, all that lavender, there preening itself
Under the trees, under the back lit clouds
As if it had been placed there precognitively
Years before, only to meet his need of a moment
On an overcast day in June.
Patti Masterman

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The man looked up to the sky and shouted
He walked, he ran, he babbled, he cried
The city looked in astonishment at the man’s insane cries for the unknown
He would go home, and turn all the lights out
The city would hear saws, they would hear screams and cries
They believed them to be his own, so no one payed attention
One day, he did not go home, he did not go helplessly to his house
He simply stood and babbled, the name, the name of a man
His voice bore the pain of a fallen angel, they believed him to be possessed
No one payed attention, they simply watched as his actions would change
Instead of working inside his house, the man would tear his house apart.
The next day, when all the walls were gone, and the house retained no security
The city reaped its carelesness
Inside the house, the man kept, bodies
Not only human bodies, but animals.
He would sneak in the deep of the night, and rob graves.
Daniel Schwarz

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Stuck In A House (old poem revisited)

Stuck in a house thinking of a girl... my house
Wondering if one day she'd be my spouse
No matter what I do I can't douse
This fire in me, it burns for you
I hope you share it too

O my dear
I wish you were here
This time I have no fear
Not this time
Not this time I'm one who's fine
But I; 'm stuck behind this wall
It's like I'm not here at all

But this prison away from you... my prison
It's just a house right?
Then why isn't there comfort on this cold night...
Sure it's my house, but then why is it so lonely
Sure it's just a house but it's my prison and I'm waiting for you only
David Knox

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The Village

One evening,
There was a village,
Village of many lights,
Stars and Milky Way,
And, a visit up the village,
Up in the stars,
Cold and darkness around,
Small streets,
Many houses, one after another,
Some houses, one above
A milky way,
A house, strange faces
Some beautiful girls
Small boys,
And there I sat,
On the roof of a house,
Water and cold water
A youth,
Someone’s looking!
The “stranger” in the village
The city,
A cup full of stars….
Lies beneath me_
Left my heart there!
And the small lights,
Dark streets,
A door opens, some colors,
Magic deepens,
I see all houses, I lived there,
My heart beats with every
The nature, some old
Trees around.
Give it back its name
“The village”
An alien poem in the Garden,
Who speak for the people?
What binds them?
Love, thy name is beauty,
Love, thy bond is stronger
I left my heart,
In the village,
What’s real and what’s imagination
Let’s not bother it,
The moment’s gone,
A smile,
The old man understands…
Some sweet donuts,
I was tired,
The “garments perfumed”
And the colors,
“Pairahan” and books,
Love thy name is great
Sadiqullah Khan

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