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Poems On / About IDENTITY  11/30/2015 6:15:33 PM
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Official Existence

'Join each other and group yourselves,
But for Heaven's sake do not name yourselves;
Do anything and everything: cultural political and social,
But be sure to remain strictly unofficial'.
How can one be without a name or identity?
Can he unofficially exist in a well-known city?
Identity denied, existence denied;
Leaders can no longer upon be relied.
So let us join together and defend our identity,
Because our very existence depends on it.
Shushan Artinian

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I asked myself who iam.
I was looking for identity.
I felt the silent of my soul.
No answer.
I looked at the stars one by one.
They asked for identity too.
Constantinos Grigoriadis

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Who Am I

Who am I?
I is my name.
My name is my identity.
An identity distinguishes one individual from other people.
An identity sometimes also shows us communities an individual belongs to.

It is a very simple question.
But it needs a long process of life for me to fully understand what it is.
I used to answer it automatically as how I was raised and educated.
I mention my ethnicity, my country and my religion as my community identity.
But day by day I felt things were not so right with that such an answer.

I needed a very deep contemplation to have the right answer for me.
I was glad, I was relieved and I felt happy that at last I found the right answer for me.

I am 'I, an individual who prefers not to emphasize community identity.
My identity is: a human being, God's creature.
I view every other person as a human being.
No religion border, no ethnic border, no nation border, and even no universe border.
I view every human being the same as me.
No higher or no lower than me.
I respect and honor other people with the 'respect each other' basis.
I love other people as they are human beings, God's creatures, just like me
I also believe that all land, waters, the sky, animals and plants each has a 'soul', has a 'spirit'.
They must have their own right to be respected.
They need to be loved by human beings so they will only be used wisely.
And that is how it is.
Nur Meiyati

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What Is That Identity

What is that identity
And who is competent to
Issue identity card
In whose favor
And for what purpose
All the things we have to know
From here, from our
Day to day activities.

Let me say all the identity cards
Are bogus cards as they are
Not based on Truth
And Truth needs no identity card
Like the the sun and the moon
Like the air and the sky
Like the earth and the water,
We are here to see how the clouds
Are going away from the sky
We are to see the light
Only by its grace.

Here, the question is about identity.
Identify first who is who and
What is what if you are able, my dear.
gajanan mishra

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