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Poems On / About IDENTITY  3/4/2015 2:31:56 AM
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Identity, fragile image of broken mirrors
The start of hope and banished fears
Razor time cuts into the innocence

Fallen gardens of an empires deluge
Travel the stars in moonlit sin
Identity is a strange foreign land

Reflections of solitude beneath the mask
Rainy night pounds with thunder
Identity is an endless hunger
Joseph Narusiewicz

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I took birth as daughter,
My identity was of a daughter,
Then i became beloved and wife,
I framed myself in a house,
Then i became a mother,
I am in a fix,
To think,
About my real identity
dr. ram sharma

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Taking Birth

Taking birth
In a lower caste
Is not a crime,
My dear, worry not.
And let me say
The caste, the religion
The color, and and and
All are not original
Identification of a man.
Man is man only with same blood,
Humanity is his identity,
Truthfulness is his identity,
Love is his identity,
Be a man, live as a man only.
gajanan mishra

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For thy belief
I can make any sacrifice
Of body or mind
Since I have no body or mind
For all is lost into you
My being is not a medium for yours
But the two at vain march to realms
Except those who know
That their identity is no identity
Except the identity of their better self
The other
Yea frankly thyself

(karnailsingh Heranwale)
Karnail Singh Heirwale

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Poems On / About IDENTITY