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No One Ii

No one told me that it is hard to adjust to changes in life. No one told me that is hard to keep silent. No one told me that guilt is hard to accept. No one told me that death is hard to accept. No one told me that here will be people that will look in your eyes and be able to tell the truth. No one told me that I could be safe in this world. Because in tis world there is a lot going on. No one told that I would see the days that my struggles would be over. No one told me that I would hear the cries of the abuse children. No one told me that I could be my best friend. No one told me that I could trust just anybody. No one will tack me in bed anymore. No one else will come and spent the night at my place. No one else will give back what they took. My peace, my trust, my respect, myself worth. No one will say that I am what I am. No one can say that I will solve my problems over night. No one will say that the mirror shows my true identity.
Aldo Kraas

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Pillow Talk 2

I'm only human, I make mistakes, some not that bad & some yu can't take; but neva once did I betray yu or qo behind ur back & neva did I react off da way yu'd act. I don't wanna say yu pushed me tu do it but yu damn near did, talks bout our family & da kids, we wanted it all b4 we we beqan tu fall and wea did everythinq qo? I quess everythinq left & its like yu had identity theft cuz yu were not the qirl I used tu kno, not the qirl I used tu love but I searched fa answers frum the man above but my path was still blurry I was bleedinq love and yu neva did cure me! Yu slit my heart and let it flow & now I'm askinn wea tu qo! my heart is now a vacant lot so I searched fa someone tu fill that slot; I mean dammit yu really took me thru hell so atleast the new qirl treats me well; yu mad cuz I'm happy? I'd rather be happy than tu be sappy or tu eva allow yu tu let me down aqain! We're done! No lonqa ya babe, ya buddy nor ya friend  
Classy Boomdata

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Check the roots of your identity and call me Barney,
For you left your lover last night and i saw her naked;
But the blue sea will bathe her all over again in the name of love.
Edward Kofi Louis

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Love is a word that has been trampled in this nation we call our life. Loathe and pain are the only things that yet to decease. Every being on this earth is on a journey to find their one true identity. Whatever we do, we must never pose as obstacles in the paths of achievement of our loved ones. Go ahead, present yourself to the world. Stare into the night sky and let your heart out of its cage and soar. Break your hair out of the band that holds in its rebellion. Take the feet that have carried you this far, and dip them in the waters of expression. Bare the legs that have created your path and make them of use to yourself, by jumping off the cliff of risk. Be what has been held captive in your heart and burst like a firework. Make the audience shout in awe at what your life is capable of performing. Show the ones that have created a spot of loathe for you in their heart that being able to soar is for anyone, with ready wings. Don’t you ever dare to feel as though you cannot achieve what you wish to hold within your soul. Reach the hands that have carved many an idea and thoughts of wisdom and freedom, and thrust them to the heavens that sit just above your reach. Allow the voice that has been silenced in the past to shout louder than any soul that has ever been set free. Lift your eyes and open them to anyone willing to take the opportunity to stare and discover the mystery that has become you!
wendy martinez

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