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Poems On / About IDENTITY  2/28/2015 10:25:35 PM
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A larger Identity

It is not enough to have our own identity.
Our individuality, just one layer, a small brick
In a multilayered cosmic structure.
We are part of a bigger world
And wish to be part of that larger identity.
To be a mother-father, brother-sister,
Son or daughter or a friend and relative
Is part of accepting that greater identity.
A social activity related to the service of others
Is rewarded by a sense of elation and stimulation.
In an environment where wider consciousness
Of a larger community is overlooked
Sense of oneness is diminished.
A segregated individual starts to
Suffer from malice of loneliness
Holding an insecure place
In a large body of universal existence.
Savita Tyagi

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Identity is a trap.

Identity gives a meaning to life,
A sense of belonging in a society,
And helps one define oneself in oneself.
To lean this way is to go away from that.

Identity is a stake you cling to.
Identity is a mould you fix to.
Anything we think we are, becomes a trap,
A restriction to be something else.

You join a movement to share its force.
In the meanwhile, you lend it your force.
Subsequently you lose your independence
In judging and mortgage yourself to it.

Be in a set up not to be fanatic.
Being neither distantly isolated
Nor absolutely identified
With anything is freedom to enjoy.
Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

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African Roots

My DNA dates back to the trees that planted
My identity.
Soils creep up to distress how the hairs on my head were made.

My ancestor...
the ghosts that breathe through me
exclaiming their identity.
The roots that planted my existence flow through me
African roots.
The earth carries on its back the blood of those who fought for our liberty

Liberty... Our hips, our thighs
Free to paint itself into a frame of its own choice
And it chooses the hourglass
Dating back into time where
African women spoke through their stride
Head bowed down
An unspoken noun

That he the man and his muscles may protect his crown
Wabonga izulu
Esho izithakazelo zikaShaka Zulu
Thina ma-Afrika
Thina esinsundu
Esabeletha isintu
Ngoba kwathiwa umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu
Thina esinezimpande ezingasoze zahlubuka

Indoda yabukwa
Yabukwa indoda
Kwaqubuka ukuziqhenya
Laqhamuka iqhawe
Kwaqhaqhazela umhlabathi
Kwazalwa izwe eliqhakazile
Thina ma-Afrika
Thina esinsundu

Our DNA dates back to the trees that planted
Our identity.

(A poem by Yolanda Mbatha and Mbali SImelani)
Yolanda Mbatha

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My Shadow

My shadow lives my life
With strong-mindedness;
Majestic in character and
Sophisticated in fashion
More spacious in capacity and
Efficient in activity
Than me and my own life
Growing out of my strength
It isolates me from my life
And seduces my properties
To maintain its own identity
As if old enough in humanity
To throw me away in waste container
My shadow, that I throw in the earth
Stretches my body in full
Shearing the clothes from my body
With only the skinny left over
No one can recognize me
As my own identity
I try to run away from my shadow
That chases me like a wild goose
I scan the horizon of my life
Far beyond my limitations
And search my identity
Inside me and my life
Not knowing any relation
If it exists, with my shadow
To name
Pushpa Ratna Tuladhar

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