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Best Poems About / On IDENTITY
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Mistaken Identity

The man ran
But they ran faster
They ran after him
More like a mob
Panting and running
Trying to avoid
The flying missles
And the hands
Being streched to grab him
He cannot afford to stop
To stop to catch his breath
He ran away
He ran even faster

The man bleeds, bleeding from
His head running down
And entering is face
The broken bottle
Thrown by one of
His pursuers got him
Squarely on his head
Splitting open his skull
Blood oozing out
If he should stop
And they get him
That would be the
End of him

Blood mix with sweat
Flowed freely from
His head down to his legs
Where ever he steps
He made a mark on the floor
A mark of blood
Bloody men on his heels
He ran faster and faster
Pleading with his eyes
His mouth opened
To suck in some air

His heart pounding
And beating as fast
As possible to accomodate
The running
He is getting weak
But he must not stop
Otherwise he would
Not live to share
The experience
Though it is a case
Of mistaken identity

How could he stop
And explain the situation
It is just too late
He ran faster, faster
He has to get away
Out of the reach of this
Murderous and angry mob
How did he get'
Himself cornered like this
Even unto death

He ran with all his might
He jumped,
He jumped across
Bearly missing the gutter
Colliding against the passing vehicle
Almost knocked down
By another oncoming one
A deadly blow landed
On his left eye
It was so sudden

He went temporarily
Blind and demobilised
He saw sparks, sparks of light
But remembered if he
Wants to live
To tell the story
He cannot stop
He ran on blindly
Vehicles Screeching to
Panic stop
He ran for his life

Yet, it is a case
Of mistaken identity
Suddenly, he saw
Policemen coming towards him
And he ran faster
Only for the mob
To slow down a little
No longer as ferocious
As before

It is only a case
Of mistaken identity
At last,
The police grabbed him
And the pursuing mob
Slow down and
Began to disperse
One after the other
They led him away
He would have been

Alas, it was only
A case of mistaken identity.
David Oladipupo Olorunshola

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Words identifies the speaker
as Words identifies the stronger

Word destine in the chamber of the heart
Belch onto the edge of the soft slippy and flappy tissue
For taste and say; calls for vigilance and alliance of caution
For a words reiterated, films up the friable of the mirror
For words reiterated, desegregate the friable of the mirror
As bills are drilled to law and from legislature to executives, words name the good man
And tame the bad man.
It fills the cup of the innocent
It kills the heart of the culprit
It fills the cup of the culprit
It kills the heart of the innocent
Words identifies the speaker as the speaker identifies the audience
Words are ours as it behold from the mouth
Yet wheels around regardless of mental consciousness and ego
In a particular month of a particular day of a particular hour, minute and seconds
The sluggard regard the wisdom the of the ant
Dramatically the ant demonstrate it identified idiosyncrasies when identity formulate attitude
Words as identity identifies the speaker
It flashes to live the emotion within the body
It flashes to light the pain within the body
It flashes to height the attain intention of the soul
Words as identity identifies the speaker

Words identifies the stronger
the system of belief is wrong
yet the mass is strong in believing it unconsciously
Gone are the days when the way was only to the cup of deception
well done Tony Rykers
yet the system of belief is wrong

Words debark the weaker
Words en back the stronger
The legislation by decree by the Romans to a degree of blasphemy
Identifies Sunday the Sabbath
A pure identity of transformation
A sure capability of words
As words identifies the stronger
The woman has gone astray and the man has become a byway
Yet the sinless words day by day lead the heart
Yet faithful is He above and yet relief the woman from the cup of deception
Deception of words
The system of belief is wrong
As word identifies the strong

Words identifies the speaker
as words identifies the stronger

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Manifesto Of Post-conceptual Poetry @ November,2009

(1) It is a happy and prosperous event to know that you are asked that what post-conceptual poet-writer is.
(2) Post-conceptual poetics is constructed by the concept'speculation
as a lack of the real' to investigate and analyse the conceptual frame.
(3) Poetics is a machinery but it is not build up of Language, concept and physical realities.It is actually realises and known that 'I' is not the machine to run things and after-I consciousness contemplated and prone to realities seen and alternative realities realities unseen but realized and felt by aha moments of existential beings.
(4) It can have the ability to touch the beyond-perceived realities in human chemistry called a post-conceptual voyage.
(5) It cacept icon, relic, image, symbol and metaphor to describe the ontological and plural realms of the arts.So, post-conceptual poet can be traced as multi-dispciplinary artist or poet or poet-artist.
(6) Post-conceptual poet can talk abut identity issues and apart from it, he or she can tell about outside operational realities.
(7) Post-conceptual cultural identity is composed of e-culture/technological culture and Buddism's philosophy(I don't assume Buddhism as religion) of 24-things circle of human existence-Pahtana in Pali text but post-conceptual poetics accept that God is dead(Nietcze): the author is dead.It is not a religion-oriented poetics.
(8) Post-conceptual death is the knowledge of the allegory used in conmceptual poetics is just liberated from the obesession of technique called narrational identity.It is a reflective and reflexive making of new or restructural knowledge pattern-a contemplative and initiative uncreativity in the digital revolution age.
(9) Post-conceptual phenomenon is composed of
1) senses
2) received feeling from senses
3) awareness on mental composition, decomposition and recomposition
5) beyond-I existence of mental faculty
6) geopsychological awareness
7) continuum of reality as a charachteristics of materiality, physicality and mental faculty
8) beyond -prejudice insight for appropriation life in poetics of contemporaneity in the contemporary crises of identity, home, uncreativity, making and technoloical identity of anti-establishment or flexibily of carnivalization of defamilization upon creative, uncreative and art-making world together with quotidian experiences.
9) humanity rather than humanism
10) social values, intellectual values, ethical values and civic values
11) feeding humanity components in the weak area of techno-fed writings
12) fer-robotics attitude and for -humanity attitude as a map of post-conceptual voyage
13) post-colonial concepts
14) site-specific concepts
15) fashion
16) mysticism
17) metaphysics
18) ecological awareness
19) political awareness upon moment-to-moment behaviours
20) digital politica
21) scientific innovation
22) Third mind
23) The fourth mind(I have self-discovered it and written about it)
24) endisms
25) trans-aesthetics
26) trans-disciplinary practice
27) hermeneutics
28) phenomenon-noumenon-conceptualization discoursal projects
29) spritualism-wisdom on contemporary society
30) dia-logic realities
31) anti-establishment or neo-establishment in versitility
Nyein Way

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Indian Giver

An Indian Giver is known as one who would give you something then take it back
The term came to be many years ago through some misunderstandings to be exact
Under normal circumstances I would not call myself an Indian Giver ‘cause I’m really not that way
But I have to say that I’m an Indian Giver now because I’m taking back something I gave away
I gave away something I shouldn’t have to someone many years ago that belonged only to me
That thing that I gave away so long ago to someone it didn’t belong to, was my own personal identity
I gave it away when I accepted their view of me, my life, what I do, where I go and who I spend my time with
But my identity was given to me by God who created me and gave me identity as a gift
It began when an event took place in my life that they didn’t approve of and said things that broke my heart
As the years have come and gone away, things they say to and about me seem to tear me apart
You see, I started seeking their approval for everything I did always concerned about what they thought
Then when they did not approve of something I did, I began to beat up on myself a whole lot
It was like if they didn’t approve then what I was doing was somehow wrong or bad in some kind of way
God would even tell me the outcome if I shared it with them, but I would share things with them anyway
As time went by things got worse ‘cause I got angry if I felt they were passing judgment on me
Instead of calmly telling them that I didn’t receive their judgment I became more bound rather than free
It’s a shame that things have to get so bad before we make a decision to do something about them
Then we run to God in prayer wanting Him to do something ‘cause we know we can’t do anything without Him
If we had gone to God in prayer at first instead of going through years of self destruction
We could have avoided a lot of grief, pain, anger and sleep, not to mention our destiny’s interruption
When you allow rejection, judgment and condemnation to come in, you give away your identity
When it is God who created you to be who and the way you are, and if anyone is to judge it is He
No one else has a Heaven or Hell to place you in, nor does anyone have a right to control you
But, when their thoughts, opinions, judgments and negativity get you out of character, that’s exactly what they do
The sooner you realize what has taken place in your life to cause you so much hurt
The process of healing can begin to make you whole and put satan under your feet in the dirt
You see, rejection, low self-esteem, fear of man and deep hurt are all spirits invoked by the enemy
They’re strategically designed to steal your joy, kill your dreams and destroy your vision so you can’t see
The devil will pull out all stops to get you, including using people at church, work, family and close friends
When he sees what buttons affect you and distort your true character, he’ll use them again and again
We’ve been sent as sheep in the midst of wolves so we must be wise as serpents and as harmless as doves
This is not always an easy thing to do, so we must constantly be in communication with our Heavenly Father above
With His help we will overcome the wiles of the devil, we will be whole and our blessings will flow like a river
As we take back what rightfully belongs to us, our God-given identity, when we become an Indian Giver
Deidre Blair

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