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Best Poems About / On IDENTITY
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(True Story)

Thirteen arrest warrants
Came yesterday in my mail.
Someone stole my identity,
And I almost got put in jail!

Thirteen separate envelopes,
Boy that made quite a stack.
I contacted the authorities,
Saying “Hey this ain’t me Jack! ”

You could not believe the confusion,
Between the County and the State!
Each of them spinning double speak
Saying “Boy we don’t make no mistakes.”

Someone stole my identity
Then went out to commit crimes!
I was always getting bills for him,
I'm sure he is just green slime!

I said some very terse words,
But stopped short of uttering curse.
We finally got it straightened out,
So I’m telling you now in verse!
Robert Edgar Burns

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Haiku - Twin Happiness

twin happiness
identical boys escape
death penalty

helpless over identity
judge frees twins
in drug offence

identity crisis
no sentence for twins
in drug charge

BBC news:
Malaysian identical twin brothers have escaped hanging for drug trafficking as a court failed to decide which brother was the criminal, and cleared both.
A judge in the capital, Kuala Lumpur, said the case was unique and she could not send the wrong person to his death.
In 2003 police arrested one brother found driving drugs to a house. The second twin arrived soon afterwards and was also arrested.
Neither officers nor a DNA test could identify which twin owned the drugs.
Sathis and Sabarish Raj,27, cried in court when they heard the judge say that the prosecution had failed to prove which twin had been arrested first with a car containing 166kg of cannabis and almost 2kg of raw opium.
According to the New Straits Times, the judge told the court: 'I can't be calling the wrong twin to enter his defence. I can't be sending the wrong person to the gallows.'
Execution is mandatory for convicted drugs traffickers in Malaysia
john tiong chunghoo

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This Poem

This poem is me
I am this poem
This poem and I are one!

This poem is in me
I am in this poem
This poem and I are inseparable!

This poem is my identity
I am the identity of this poem
This poem and I are inextricable!

This poem cannot hide from me
I cannot hide from this poem
This poem and I are mutually conspicuous!

This poem cannot run away from me
I cannot run away from this poem
This poem and I only run into each other!

This poem is with me
I am with this poem
We fall together
Together we rise
We are one and the same!
Isaac Maliya

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First thing first, who I am?
I am no lady
Never had time to be a girl
They told me I am beautiful
And push me into this world

First came love, then sex
I remember thinking; what's next,
I now shamefully admit
I became a part of the system
Where his touch made me his victim

It is not the same he said she said
Not the same love gone bad
It is the case of broken identity
When his touch caught me off guard

He came to me like a thief in the night
Took my essence and my fore sight
I could not see beyond his love
That there will be no white dove

He gave me what I needed
I gave him all I had
He told me that he was leaving
I thought I would be glad

What is left is barely enough
After this sudden rebuff
His touch broke everything inside
To allow loneliness to reside

I have no wings, so I can't fly
I have no tears, so I never cry
I have no faith, so there is no entity
This is a case of mistaken identity

Today I am a just a woman without her touch
His hands no longer love me
Now I say, what is, will be
To the love that never made history
Tricia Whyte

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