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Poems On / About IDENTITY  7/11/2014 12:18:25 PM
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European Heritage Invasion Versus Pacific Peace Isolation

Your heritage childhood learning post communist Yugoslavia
splintered by bitter nationalism rural urban divisive civil war
I isolation the Buller West Coast South Island New Zealand
province values were old country colonial family status core

we embrace histories of diversity invasions splinter identities
religion belief nationality posed threats to communist policies
religious differences between Orthodox Serbs Catholic Croats
and Muslim Bosniaks mixes into volatile political aspirations

in contrast isolated colony New Zealand enters European wars
under the banner of British Empire assumes her own identities
heritage ancestry denomination Christian mixes with Polynesian
the government encourages Asian immigration multiculturalism

post Maori New Zealand Wars NZ embraced peace in isolation
post Yugoslavia accepts European power surge manipulation?
accept 'the situation in the terrain' common message it's a mess
up manipulation crime spiral from local to global level policies?

Copyright Terence George Craddock
Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

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A Chick in a River.

So tiny was I.
Happy could I remember
Forgetting my hen
And accepting to be a duckling.

Notes and coins I never shed for
As the ecstasy of life, all I saw
Filled and filtered,
Pampered but blind to see the truth.

Behold, it happened,
Crawling; then flying goes time
With births for a new light
To turn me around.

Readily ready was I
All for the inevitable.
Brighter and brighter beams in the sun
As my sockets began to receive them all

Calls and news of liberation
A call of self identity
To see the crown above
Which had not my siblings.

Suddenly drops my utility
For a discovery I had seen
Deceit I had lived in
My identity was I to find

Behold, I had been
A chick in a river
Omolola David

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The Caesarean Child

Who is this caesarean child named caesar?
Great thought is this child and brave are his deeds.
Honor has he for all but fear he depicts none
This child who dwelled in the delphos of eve
And now caesarean child bear his identity
So envy am i this child of caesarean
To take the path took he come my world
For great and brave desire i to be too
As when lived great julius caesar.
Caesarean child be thou my replica
Men and wenches honor and fear thee
And so caesarean honor but fears none
For men are born by women and are womanish
Caesarean child born he not by a weaker vessel
And so brave and great are his deeds
O' happy i this caesarean child is my identity.

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None Will Be Done Or Repeated

What do you wish to see from me?
No depth of identity.
Or integrity I keep.
Mistakes I have admitted.
And my flaws are there to see.
I have submitted to my weaknesses.
And my identity had not always been complete.
But if you believe I have not learned lessons,
I assure you none will be done or repeated...
To allow the same ones for you to teach.
Back off!
Lawrence S. Pertillar

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