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Best Poems About / On IDENTITY
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can we just runaway together
and forget about who we are, were
and ever dreamed of being
no identity except the secrets
hidden behind our eyes
no memory,
except of holding each other tightly,
right now
not remembering who we were yesterday
only that we are connected
to the sun, the moon
each star and expression of love

I awoke in your arms
with no memory of what was before
and no care for what would come later
I had no name until it fell from your lips
you held me in your arms and
I disappeared inside your heart
finding your soul, my mate
when I dove into your dark mocha hued eyes
thought became form
form became reality
reality solidified into the all consuming
awareness of your lips against mine and
my hand inside of you
taking tender possession of your heart
thru your waters of life
and passion
we were baptized
and our spirits born anew
the past is over completely
washed away
in the tide of your cumming
we are new creations
with new identities
shame does not know us
guilt does not know our names
we have runaway together
from who we once were
and found ourselves
in each others soul

Soulful One

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Identity and rivalry

Identity and Rivalry
Are two demons that work in you.
You toil more than you have to.
You spend more than you need to.
Thus the demon, Identity, is kept.
You fight and exhaust redundantly.
You revenge and incur wrath.
Thus the demon, Rivalry, is kept.
Sacrifices you make go waste.
Edifices you make turn void.
It is your end when wisdom comes.
Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

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This Poem

This poem is me
I am this poem
This poem and I are one!

This poem is in me
I am in this poem
This poem and I are inseparable!

This poem is my identity
I am the identity of this poem
This poem and I are inextricable!

This poem cannot hide from me
I cannot hide from this poem
This poem and I are mutually conspicuous!

This poem cannot run away from me
I cannot run away from this poem
This poem and I only run into each other!

This poem is with me
I am with this poem
We fall together
Together we rise
We are one and the same!
Isaac Maliya

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And Her New Name Is...

Oh! I see a very chaste maiden
risen from the dust of obscurity
to the very height of prominence
and taken her rightful place with glee
amidst love songs and tears of joy

who is this peerless virgin?
defiled yet still remains untainted
pillaged yet still remains bountiful
sucked dry yet flowing with milk
bled to death yet unconquered
made childless yet still fertile
ridiculed but remains unabashed
threatened yet remains unafraid
envied and wooed yet not flattered
trampled yet still waxing strong
Eurocentric by force but is afrocentric
darkened by society but still shines
ruthlessly made hopeless yet hopeful
mortally wronged yet full of pardon
rejected, scorned yet accommodating
cursed yet stubbornly remains blessed?

her old name is Africa the brave
Africa the new world united giant
Africa the dark but bright continent

and her new name is ….Nkoyeni!
not the United States of Africa
not the United Nations of Africa
Nkoyeni is the true African identity
a true picture of infinity on canvas

there is power in the choice of name
Nkoyeni is Africa’s new African name
youthful and rejuvenated replica
of the raped and pillaged former identity

let it known,
the tent of God is with the lowly and meek
for they posses the key to the halls of infinity
Dela Bobobee

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