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Poems On / About IDENTITY  10/30/2014 5:51:38 PM
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Life Demands

Seek out the wisdom to hold your body as a treasure,
To train it in the ways of the Lord not just pleasure.

To seek the deeper identity of true life,
To build communal harmony despite strife.

Action, creativity and love all abilities of deeper identity,
Be not trapped in a superficial personality.

Boldly carry the essential truth, above all slime,
Instill inside a vital and dynamic sense of time.

Be not confined by the religious and cultural expressions of past,
The truth demands reformation and fresh expression to last.

Rising from the labyrinth of materialistic and commercial culture,
We must defeat the nasty greedy egotistical Vulture.

Perveiz Ali

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Egg to Hen Poem

At first hard cover
Inside a
fluidity of identity
atomic alchemy
Boxing ring can be the hard holder of disciplinary existence
Break free, whether it is true or false to touch the sky of the true base of humanity no humiliated conceptualization process but the birth if the eye is the eye
if not blindness of life can happen it is an adventure of life, go for it
Shaping form and colours first, then conditioned concepts and innate concepts encounter life
sound and voice, the smallest units of human language
the hard holder asks the fluidity of the existing identity
what is the purpose of your life?
how would you end your life?
Form is now clear and idea is evolving out of complexity
Like a poem with possessing vehicle of predetermined destiny
Nyein Way

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The Forest

Inside me blossoms a dense forest
From the roots of my body hairs,
Faster than the eternal verities of my life
Running after time,
Disperses over my whole body
From my head to heel
Towards my armpits, chest and groin,
Hides my identity as human under a bushel
And deters my skin's feeling
From the warmth of the sun,
As the whole Amazon forests do.
In the world of my own,
My closest relation that agglutinates
My life and my identity,
Adheres in every nook and cranny
The slippery moss by the grasses
Which merges into the dense forests
And shrouds my true face,
My eyebrow, my moustache and my beards
Only visible are my forehead and my pupil,
My nostril and my lips
The hairs in my body and armpits
As the roots of the tree
Grows faster into the dense forests that
Anchors my whole body to the planet
To relinquish myself to the forests
My own pride that's dedicated to be
Out of the dense forest
Segregates me and myself from my existence
As the serpent peels up his skin
But waives
As a faithful and civilized human
To the densely forest
Blanketed all over my body
Pushpa Ratna Tuladhar

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Return My Identity

Can you return my love?
my stretched land of love for you.

Can you return me my wait?
my long wait to have a glance of you.

Can you return me my days?
my painful lonely days just for you.

Can you return me my nights?
my sleepless nights awake in your dreams.

Can you return me my smile?
my sunny smile shaded by a flood of tears.

Can you return me my embrace?
my tight embrace to grace you in arms.

Can you return me my kiss?
my passionate kiss which was just for you.

Can you return me my identity?
my bright identity which I lost
in the quest to win and acquire you.
Soumita Sarkar Ray

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Poems On / About IDENTITY