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Poems On / About IDENTITY  9/1/2014 8:49:20 PM
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my identity

in search of identity
of my own
sometimes i might
lose myself,
in the fragrance of flowers,
lushness of green meadows.
in the blank sheet of sky,
where the rainbow arches.

in the lonesome sunny afternoon,
in the cool shade of the mango tree,
i sleep, with book in my hand.

i lose myself to the sound of silence,
in the chanting of aum.
i feel my presence, in the nectarine,
soft breeze of thespring morning,
from beginning to end of,
the vast cosmic world.
the beginning of my prayers
is the sound of aum!

on earth, i feel
i am the fertile ground,
and on a misty morning
a dew drop.

i am the blow conch,
to wake up the sleeping gods.
if you think of me as a being,
i am the tears of sorrow,
of a heaving heart, and
the fresh blood in me,
ready, to build a new world,
in protecting the greens.

from eternity i merge, with nature,
and she is my identity!
ritty patnaik

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Our life experiences aren't the same.
We have our own personalites
And that's o.k.
But when that image has been changed.
By others who condemn you in everyway.
U struggle to keep yourself afloat.
When who you are, you seem not to know.
The journey to find one's self seem unsure.
The inner self broken and bruised.
Not to fear, theirs more in me.
Despite, the events that try hard to be.
My Identity is God's gift to me.
Everyone's unique, with much diversity.
So with God's grace put upon me.
Identity is also an inner beauty
That has yet to be seen.
Natasha McGee

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I Am...

I am in between.
An actor, a spectator.
A child, a grown-up.
Dream and reality.
My identity crisis is my identity.
And I am trying to keep it.
Trying to stay away from boxes.
Always happy?
Always sad?
I want to be both:
Happy-sad, jumping-crawling my way through life,
With a dancing shadow of Death on my shoulder.
Things in boxes stay in boxes,
Neatly put away where we think we can find them again.
I am determined to jump out,
Like a jack-in-the-box,
Spitting my humour in the face of the world.
Thomas Doubting

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950. Mother, Demolish my identity! Let me go out of ego cover! 240208


As a floating balloon traps air from atmosphere
My little self is ensnared by I encircling sphere!
Prick the wall! Let the air out to be one with sky
Crush the I! Let the self out to be one with thy!

As a floating sealed earthen pot of water in Ganges
My identity blocks all way that self with Self mergence
Break the pot! Let the water mingle with Holy River
Demolish my identity! Let me go out of ego cover!

As the charismatic silence is being the language of Love
Why the stupid mind is always engaged chattering loud?
As blissful state is my true nature in vigilance full
Why am I chased by sorrow pertained to body small?

As the ever expanding space is my dwelling place
Why am I bound in a fragile body with nine holes?
As all the objects under universe ever belong to me
Why am I after trivial things, bound by senses five? 240208
Raman Savithiri

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