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Poems On / About IDENTITY  7/29/2014 7:42:42 AM
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Undress me! ! ! ! !

Living under a cover
Hiding me.....
Undress my emotions
I want to break free

The inside clown
Long left the stage
Under his mask
A human disguised

Friend, foe or love
This human decides
Changes identity
Changes faces

Amidst the crowd
Masks to change
How do i select? ? ?
When i've lost the clown......

Humans are not unique
Indeed not
Carrying their masks along
Identical and fake

My lost identity
Glued with masks
Shed me off this burden
Undress me
Undress me............
royston serrao

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Mask your face
Hide from the world
Dance in the darkness
They don't know you
They can't see you
Just a smiling unknown face
A mask to hide yourself

Try on a new identity
A new name
A new face
A mask to hide behind
Slip into another's life
Then all at once you are gone
And a stranger stands in your place

Here we stand
But where are you?
Who am I?
Just a mask in the sea of masked faces
Sequins and feathers
Plastic smiles and paper mache
Painted expressionless
Black and white
Hidden in plain sight

I look for your eyes
The only things not covered
But even here
Mascara and glitter

Where are you?
I rip off a mask
She explodes into dust
I pull off another
And he falls away in a shower of glitter
Must I unmask an entire crowd
Just to find you?
Just to know me?

Where are our identities?
We left them at the door with our hats and cloaks
All we are now are
Sequins and feathers
Tsunami HiroshiSu

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If You Feel You Are Important

We are no more important,
Than the importance to us given.
If that is the reason,
You are basing your self worth.
And those opinions of others,
You and others may overrate as valued.

If you feel you are important.
And this is the significance of your identity,
Why should you care what impression you make,
On those not paying you any attention.
Why is it a concern an attention to you be given?

You feel you are important.
This is not a reflection of someone's ego.
This is acceptance with acknowledgement.
Who one 'is' is a gift of known identity.
And not an imitation of an interpretation.
Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Daughter, I'll Be Here To Remind You!

when you grow older,
and start to age.
forget you self identity.
i will be here to remind you.
Gloria, you are beautiful.
Gloria, you are smart.
Gloria, you are perfect just the way you are.
Gloria, I'll always love you.
Gloria, your my heart, my life, my world.
Gloria, your my Beautiful babygirl.
so when you get older,
when you forget who you are
loose your identity.
I will be here to remind you
I won't be far
Gloria, you are beautiful.
Gloria, you are smart.
gloria you are perfect just the way you are.
you are my heart,
my life,
my world,
my beautiful babygirl,
just be true to yourself
krystal vincent

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Poems On / About IDENTITY