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Best Poems About / On IDENTITY
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I wake up to my alarm’s blaring beep
I would just roll over and go back to sleep
If it weren’t for my alarm’s blaring beep

I walk down the stairs my eyes drooping closed
I’m sure that exhaustion is how I’d be diagnosed
As I walk down the stairs my eyes drooping closed

Consuming my breakfast, not sure what I’m eating
Not hearing my parents’ morning greeting
As I finish my breakfast not sure what I’m eating

Stumbling to first hour, not thinking about school
But only how these starting times seem oh so cruel
As I stumble to first hour, not thinking about school

Nodding to classmates, not sure of there identity
Only thinking of my bed’s beckoning serenity
As I nod to my classmates, not sure of their identity

I wish to be at home, in my cozy, sleep-inducing bed
Not stumbling around school, resembling living dead
I’d rather be at home, in my cozy, sleep-inducing bed
Cal Gillette

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The King's Daughter

The daughter of a king
What does this world know.
No paper no proof
No place of identity to show.

Her worlds humble themselves
At her feet each day.
For her royal features
Her charm and talents displayed.

She's a king's daughter
She's loyal and family true.
No culture wouldn't be proud
If they only knew.

Forced to keep her identity
By her peers and contingents each day.
To escape defiled repugnance
Is her lifes ransom she pays.

She never cries out
She is given everything
But her heart lies heavy
From her memories of the King.
Cecelia Weir

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The Forest

Inside me blossoms a dense forest
From the roots of my body hairs,
Faster than the eternal verities of my life
Running after time,
Disperses over my whole body
From my head to heel
Towards my armpits, chest and groin,
Hides my identity as human under a bushel
And deters my skin's feeling
From the warmth of the sun,
As the whole Amazon forests do.
In the world of my own,
My closest relation that agglutinates
My life and my identity,
Adheres in every nook and cranny
The slippery moss by the grasses
Which merges into the dense forests
And shrouds my true face,
My eyebrow, my moustache and my beards
Only visible are my forehead and my pupil,
My nostril and my lips
The hairs in my body and armpits
As the roots of the tree
Grows faster into the dense forests that
Anchors my whole body to the planet
To relinquish myself to the forests
My own pride that's dedicated to be
Out of the dense forest
Segregates me and myself from my existence
As the serpent peels up his skin
But waives
As a faithful and civilized human
To the densely forest
Blanketed all over my body
Pushpa Ratna Tuladhar

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Another Preaching

They came before preaching slavery
When slavery was no more profitable
Missionaries were despatched to Africa
To evagelise the 'dark world'
We concured and accepted their preaching
Cunningly they scrambled and partitioned us
They colonised and pillaged our resources
We were subjected to indecent treatments
Yet our heads are not bowed
We continue to maintain our identities
Our values remain sancrosant
Alas! they have come again
They are preaching again
Man must marry man
Women must sleep with each other
They are dangling their aids
Africa must compromise her values
Its all part of human rights
They want us to embrace bestiality
They want us to offend our ancestors
They want to enslave us again
They want our conscience enslaved
'But we refused to be
What they want us to be
We are what we are'
A people of moral conscience
Africans are normal people
We cannot compromise our identity
We are determined to maintain our sanctity
Nothing shall tame our chastity
We have no apology fo this
This is our resolve, we stand by it
Let them keep their new found love
We found ours long time ago.
Babatunde Aremu

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