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Best Poems About / On IDENTITY
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A Chick in a River.

So tiny was I.
Happy could I remember
Forgetting my hen
And accepting to be a duckling.

Notes and coins I never shed for
As the ecstasy of life, all I saw
Filled and filtered,
Pampered but blind to see the truth.

Behold, it happened,
Crawling; then flying goes time
With births for a new light
To turn me around.

Readily ready was I
All for the inevitable.
Brighter and brighter beams in the sun
As my sockets began to receive them all

Calls and news of liberation
A call of self identity
To see the crown above
Which had not my siblings.

Suddenly drops my utility
For a discovery I had seen
Deceit I had lived in
My identity was I to find

Behold, I had been
A chick in a river
Omolola David

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None Will Be Done Or Repeated

What do you wish to see from me?
No depth of identity.
Or integrity I keep.
Mistakes I have admitted.
And my flaws are there to see.
I have submitted to my weaknesses.
And my identity had not always been complete.
But if you believe I have not learned lessons,
I assure you none will be done or repeated...
To allow the same ones for you to teach.
Back off!
Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Weep not child Esq Babatunde Omidina

Adimeru weep not child, a hilarious cosmic actor hopping on one leg, jumping at sight hard drugs, peddling activities crushing identity of some unseeable forces, the powers that make one fall flat like the rock of Gibraltar, girdle of misplaced priority with dimming eyes of falling height talking babash will not solve it at all this time Weeping for a time, money for a life time with a lot of merry making When iron jam iron one must suddenly bent for one The sun and the moon collide to cause a terrible spark, people took cover to prevent another terrible spark

The darkness came with a threatening and lightening call to order, rubbishing identity, fear no fall, money happy system rejoicing tools that smiles on faces laughter create effect to make all pains disappear at a single touch of a button rift, dogs barking to support peoples happy moment

Ho! God in thee do i put my trust, all can come to bow
Victory at last
Vox populi vox veritas
Weep not child

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World of My Own

I don’t need their world
For if I can’t be free
For if they don’t give my actions a freedom
For if they can’t give my thoughts a liberty.

I don’t need their education
For being a rat to a lame rat-race
For molding me as they want
For masking my real face

I don’t need their love
For if it originates not from heart but brain
For if they use it just to fulfill their desires
For if they can’t feel that underlying pain.

I don’t need their society
For if they know nothing but gain
For if they veil their true identity
For if they always have a fake smile to maintain

I have a world of my own
Where everyone is vagabond…born to be free
Where everyone has nothing to lose
Where everyone knows their reality.
Where simplicity dominates the complexness
Where no one knows any delusive trick
Where everyone values his real identity
Where everyone is happy…because they are unique

- - - - - - - - sumit
Sawmitra Roy

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