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Poems On / About IDENTITY  1/26/2015 9:22:07 PM
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Email Hell, Death is Less Painful

Is there a limit before they skim it
for me?
At this point, I have only 450 unanswered
to read

Is that a sign of mental sickness
or just a minor lack of quickness?

I'm kinda hopin' 'they' kill my account
that way, no tension will mount.

Do I have to deal with that 'stuff'
I'm not feelin' it today, nor tomorrow,
nor yesterday I guess
nor last week,
months now?

A mess? Yes

but not for me
just lost friends/family.
Not really
just a lost me

Maybe the solution is to be a non-entity?

forward more obscenity?

Delete it all, assume new identity?

Delete is all, assume no identity
Mr. Nobody

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can we just runaway together
and forget about who we are, were
and ever dreamed of being
no identity except the secrets
hidden behind our eyes
no memory,
except of holding each other tightly,
right now
not remembering who we were yesterday
only that we are connected
to the sun, the moon
each star and expression of love

I awoke in your arms
with no memory of what was before
and no care for what would come later
I had no name until it fell from your lips
you held me in your arms and
I disappeared inside your heart
finding your soul, my mate
when I dove into your dark mocha hued eyes
thought became form
form became reality
reality solidified into the all consuming
awareness of your lips against mine and
my hand inside of you
taking tender possession of your heart
thru your waters of life
and passion
we were baptized
and our spirits born anew
the past is over completely
washed away
in the tide of your cumming
we are new creations
with new identities
shame does not know us
guilt does not know our names
we have runaway together
from who we once were
and found ourselves
in each others soul

Soulful One

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Where did i go wrong?

Where did i go wrong?
At which lanes of life?
On which lawns of eternity?
From where did i go astray?
From the dreams of my gods
Defying the hopes of my loved ones
Why did i dissociate my identity?
Why did i allow myself to vapourise and
fly up above in air?
Why did i pluralize my singleton identity?
yet i simper in front of my mirror
yet i resuscitate and love life with bliss.
Anirudh Induchudan Anirudh Induchudan

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No Commitment

No commitment
Just purpose.
No faith
Just weak trust.
The life?
Just one more desire.
The love?
Just strange liar.
No surrender
Just false ego.
No care
Just mercy flow.
The respect?
Just identity suspect.
The service?
Just selfishly publish.
No identity
Just unknown entity.
No dependence
Just lonely existence.
The fear
Just inside prayer.
The God?
Just I myself.

Copyright Shiv Abhishek Pande
Shiv Abhishek Pande

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Poems On / About IDENTITY