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Poems On / About IDENTITY  10/24/2014 6:50:00 PM
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Gentleman, Who Are Peeping Through? Say You, Give Me Your Identity (A Frog Or A Lizard Or A Snake)

Gentleman, who are you,
Peeping through the cracks of my bathroom,
Made by the bad mason
Just to take money from hastily,
say, ay you,
Who you are, what your identity?

O, I see you ogling, gazing at,
Seeing from the cemented cracks of the wall!
Tell me, tell me your identity please,
Are you a froglet,
A lizard,
A scorpion
Or a viper?

If a lizard, its o.k,
But if a snake feckled and speckled,
Hairs stand on
And shall shake in fear
As many a time have I seen you
As a variety of vipers.
Bijay Kant Dubey

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I've lost my identity
The unique aspect of the soul
That could only be me
Never an imposter could take
True treasure of what's me
But now, each day I look
As it slowly flows
Changing into something not me
Something part of another
A link between two
The souls gently intertwining
Each becoming more as it melts into the other
Not diminishing myself, my me
But increasing it, expanding its senses
To life never before beheld
Shared by two
But felt as one
One pain
But one happiness
I lose myself to you
I find myself in you
My identity now more than me,
A uniqueness which ultimately was always meant to be
The true treasure that's us
The unique aspect of the soul
Shared but still deeply part of me, of you, of us!
Fear of loss has led me to the wonder of discovery
Of being alone, to being ever connected
Merely a thought, a smile and I am lost forever in the world made for me
The world where I finally became part of us
Michele Clucas

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European Heritage Invasion Versus Pacific Peace Isolation

Your heritage childhood learning post communist Yugoslavia
splintered by bitter nationalism rural urban divisive civil war
I isolation the Buller West Coast South Island New Zealand
province values were old country colonial family status core

we embrace histories of diversity invasions splinter identities
religion belief nationality posed threats to communist policies
religious differences between Orthodox Serbs Catholic Croats
and Muslim Bosniaks mixes into volatile political aspirations

in contrast isolated colony New Zealand enters European wars
under the banner of British Empire assumes her own identities
heritage ancestry denomination Christian mixes with Polynesian
the government encourages Asian immigration multiculturalism

post Maori New Zealand Wars NZ embraced peace in isolation
post Yugoslavia accepts European power surge manipulation?
accept 'the situation in the terrain' common message it's a mess
up manipulation crime spiral from local to global level policies?

Copyright Terence George Craddock
Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

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The King's Daughter

The daughter of a king
What does this world know.
No paper no proof
No place of identity to show.

Her worlds humble themselves
At her feet each day.
For her royal features
Her charm and talents displayed.

She's a king's daughter
She's loyal and family true.
No culture wouldn't be proud
If they only knew.

Forced to keep her identity
By her peers and contingents each day.
To escape defiled repugnance
Is her lifes ransom she pays.

She never cries out
She is given everything
But her heart lies heavy
From her memories of the King.
Cecelia Weir

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