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Hard Words From An Open Page...

I`d read out my poems to many; some friends, all students and seemingly poetry lovers.While reading I`d often look at their faces to watch feedback.I`d allow them some time to ponder over and love to answer their questions, sometimes diving into the very depths of a theme.Some of them looked to have taken it for nothing but a routine work.Just a few showed their growing interest with their eyes shining more on each of the poems. Some seemed to have given up long before a thoughtful journey began, maybe, just because they believe that poetry is not their cup of tea. Some others may think that such creative work is merely fanciful intellectuality, what has very little to do with daily concrete realty. Again, some of them may love the poems of this poet just because they love the poet personally. They love to know the poet more than his poetry. But discovering a poet through his work is the best way, I believe. When a poet gets larger than his work, it is disgrace to such a sublime fine art like poetry. In my mind, good poetry of a poet is the true identity of a good poet. None but the avid readers could know him the best. Now that I realize no good thing could be forcibly pumped into a person until their minds are ready and alert to accept, I quit the old habit of sharing my joys and sorrows through my poems with others, especially reading out to them directly myself. Finally, all have right to like or dislike poetry as many other things. But, it is so dear to me, even more than my life, I can never make it cheap by catering to all and sundry. So, my poems are only for the readers who love to read them themselves. I declare to change my habit right here and now. Thanks for listening to such personal words.

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Body Thoughts

Your body lives apart of you -
You as a thinking entity.
And thoughts are sounds from the flute -
Your real, feeble identity.
Lev Brekhman

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What is my identity today
A maker of cookies
Or a maker of poetry
A kind hearted citizen
Or a master of treachery
Who is it I see
When I look in the mirror
Have to capture myself
For a hidden agenda
If we wake up from a bad dream
With heart pounding sweat
Are we sure it's still us
Are you willing to bet
We believe we are good
But deep down inside
Lye's something else
Something we need to hide
Who are you… who are you today
Are you really sure
Could you truly say
I have some doubts
Over my own thoughts
Wondering why…why they're that way
The dark is a place
That I lay awake
Thinking that maybe it's all a mistake
If only I could turn this around
Generate something good…maybe meditate
All the while confusion sets in
Keep trying to forget
Just where I have been
Don't think I'm alone
In this demented state
Mankind is crumbling
We'll just have to wait
So many years I've lived with my mind
Don't know where I put it
Sometimes it's so..Very hard to find
vicky saladino

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What's In A Name

Knitted in document of names, the journey begins
Of what do you see the traits begin or how
How does the trail reveal its roots
A name stands to gain footage on scrolls
Like a mushrooming tree it gains its foothold
A sir name likened to a family
The name that catapults the flames of identity
To know the branches that hold infirmity
of royalties and commoners
A genial contrast to an unbeknownst
a continuing identity
One that cannot be erased or disguised
The outcome of ingenuity from the days of yore

And hence the question - What is in a name?
The very essence of indestructibility.
Shobana Gomes

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