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'Division is the very essence of conflicts'- JK
I am more than An Indian, A Hindu,
A Tamil, A Brahmin, A Man.
I dislike these Identities

Divisions, many times, breed conflicts
India, Pakistan; China, Tibet
Israel, Palestine; Mukesh, Anil
Rich, Poor; Hindu, Muslim

I am more than a Human Being
I am Eternal Being in Human Form
For me all are just Equal;
For Truth is common to all

Dear Friend, Understand this Truth
Never Brand yourself to any Big Identity
Never belong to any Fanatic Group
A Group (Herd) is less sensible than an Individual

Think - All are just Drops of same Ocean
You, I and All are one and the same;
But Be Practical; Who else will make a
Cup of Coffee for You - Except your Dear and Near?

(05-07-2010, Chennai)
Gan Chennai

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Not Like Everybody Else

I’m weird

I’m crazy

I’m me

But you don’t like that

Would you like me if I was like them?

If I laughed at stupid jokes

If I gossiped and insulted

If I think of myself as “popular”

If I had blond hair and blue eyes

If I was like everybody else

Would you like me if I was like them?

If I walked the hallways like I owned them

If I wore braces or glasses

If I wore enough make up to hide my identity

If I smiled all the time and acted like a queen

If I was like everybody else

Would you like me if I was like them?

If I listened but never heard

If I looked but never saw

If I acknowledged but never knew

If I was like everybody else

I’m weird

I’m crazy

But unlike them

I am ME!

You don’t have to like me

I don’t really care

You’re one of them too

You’ve lost yourself and your identity
Marthe Claude

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World of My Own

I don’t need their world
For if I can’t be free
For if they don’t give my actions a freedom
For if they can’t give my thoughts a liberty.

I don’t need their education
For being a rat to a lame rat-race
For molding me as they want
For masking my real face

I don’t need their love
For if it originates not from heart but brain
For if they use it just to fulfill their desires
For if they can’t feel that underlying pain.

I don’t need their society
For if they know nothing but gain
For if they veil their true identity
For if they always have a fake smile to maintain

I have a world of my own
Where everyone is vagabond…born to be free
Where everyone has nothing to lose
Where everyone knows their reality.
Where simplicity dominates the complexness
Where no one knows any delusive trick
Where everyone values his real identity
Where everyone is happy…because they are unique

- - - - - - - - sumit
Sawmitra Roy

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Oh Kolkata

The call was evident, but unexpected….
Dreams may remain unfulfilled but life always calls
So do cities, Kolkata calling…………………………….
The gullies, park street, coffee house and the
Unending sea of identities, personas and faces
You feel you are lost amidst the crowd
Sometimes it’s good to lose your identity, ego for a while
It keeps you down to earth and fresh in thoughts
The beauty of Rabindra sangeeth mystifying the crowded Sealdah
I am lost in the crowd, the music and in the unanswered questions
Let them remain a mystery, which will burn my passion
The last words at Howrah “ami Kolkata bhalo aache”
I will be back to embrace you, my beloved
felix lama

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