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Poems On / About IDENTITY  8/28/2015 12:08:45 AM
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The Big C

You were not invited, yet you surreptitiously walked in during the morning hours, the shower in the background and Madonna dancing and singing, while I cupped my hands and....screamed! You were there, and for months you had accompanied me, wearing such clever disguises that no one recognized you, though I had had a suspicion.

You were there, hiding, minute by minute, growing in confidence for the moment you would strike the final blow. You were there even as I delayed reporting you to yet, still another investigator. Would that he had been able to reveal your identity and to punish you, yes, even kill you, you who are now trying to end my life!

You have perpetuated your abuse on me, devouring and rendering me into someone I do not recognize. l look into the mirror and I am broken, but still I feel you, growing stronger as I grow weaker... I am tear soaked, chilled, and stone cold as I think of you lying warm within, you, growing in your comfort, becoming one with me.

You! Listen! Die! Die! Oh, How I wish you would die! And, though I did not choose to drink of your essence, nevertheless, you empty your awesome power into me. I can no longer fight. I am drained of all energy. As Madonna sings and dances into the background, I wonder if anyone will hear me crying?
Jackie Allen

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My Shadow

My shadow lives my life
With strong-mindedness;
Majestic in character and
Sophisticated in fashion
More spacious in capacity and
Efficient in activity
Than me and my own life
Growing out of my strength
It isolates me from my life
And seduces my properties
To maintain its own identity
As if old enough in humanity
To throw me away in waste container
My shadow, that I throw in the earth
Stretches my body in full
Shearing the clothes from my body
With only the skinny left over
No one can recognize me
As my own identity
I try to run away from my shadow
That chases me like a wild goose
I scan the horizon of my life
Far beyond my limitations
And search my identity
Inside me and my life
Not knowing any relation
If it exists, with my shadow
To name
Pushpa Ratna Tuladhar

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A Question In Rhyme

An obese young woman, dressed
as the thin girl she wants to be

leaves me wondering
about the fit
of my own
Max Reif

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The Warmth Inside A Cold Pyre

He was digging some others grave
And found somebody was sleeping there
That face resembled his own identity.
Oh! It's another constant bad dream
And he thinks that he went to bed late in midnight
After gulping few glasses of cheap liquor.
nimal dunuhinga

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