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Best Poems About / On IDENTITY
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When I wake up in the morning I think to myself.
Who am I?
Getasew I say.
I look in the mirror confused as if I have never seen myself before.
Who are you I say.
The person that I thought was Getasew didn't respond.
Even he didn't know who he was.
Why should a person think that?
How dose a person come up with the idea of “the loss of identity.”
Identity is not your name.
But the how you come out of the pains and uncertainties that life throws at you.
Getasew Shumet

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A Pallet of Thoughts

A Pallet of Thoughts
Barnali Saha

A pallet of thoughts
A garland of emotions
A thousand imagery of faded dreams
gloat like dried leaves of winter
I have a world to care about
Thousand feeling to heed to
But often in the middle of the tale
I forget about myself
My own identity, specter thin
sick and ill with ignorance
As I care about what is around I forget about myself
Soon I will breathe the last breath
Soon to rest I will go
Caring about the universe
While forgetting my own place.

People will come people will go
But the earth will never stop the eternal flow
My cells will turn to dust in time
My identity lost and gone
In the cold bed I will think of forgotten pleasures and my broken dreams
My xanthous features bedaubed with painful pleasure
I may repent, I may whine
While cold death run down my spine
About how I cared for the world while she thwarted me like that broken toy
A toy is what I have been, a playmate to this world
To its desire I gave in, to its pleasure I yielded
I thought about it day in and out
But in the end when my heart pound
The world will move on relentlessly
I am but a passing fancy.
Barnali Saha

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Maybe forever

My eyes wandering
My heart pounding
My mind doubting
My soul searching

Wandering across the sea
Pounding with all its might
Doubting about the facts
Searching for what’s right

The sea was just tranquil
But my heart just seems to cry
The facts were all true
But my soul was hard to satisfy

I need some peace of mind
I need someone to love me
I need to accept the truth
I need to find my identity

Peace to keep me focused
Love to keep me kind
Truth to set me free
Identity to be not blind

Focused on things I do
Kind to people I see
Free to do what I want
And just to be me

Things that I do
To people I see
And to be free
Free to be me

I tried to achieve these
But then I failed again
But I wont give up
Though it reaches a billion ten

My eyes wandering nonetheless
My heart beating even harder
My mind doubting all the more
My soul searching, maybe forever
Arvie Calimlim

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my identity

in search of identity
of my own
sometimes i might
lose myself,
in the fragrance of flowers,
lushness of green meadows.
in the blank sheet of sky,
where the rainbow arches.

in the lonesome sunny afternoon,
in the cool shade of the mango tree,
i sleep, with book in my hand.

i lose myself to the sound of silence,
in the chanting of aum.
i feel my presence, in the nectarine,
soft breeze of thespring morning,
from beginning to end of,
the vast cosmic world.
the beginning of my prayers
is the sound of aum!

on earth, i feel
i am the fertile ground,
and on a misty morning
a dew drop.

i am the blow conch,
to wake up the sleeping gods.
if you think of me as a being,
i am the tears of sorrow,
of a heaving heart, and
the fresh blood in me,
ready, to build a new world,
in protecting the greens.

from eternity i merge, with nature,
and she is my identity!
ritty patnaik

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