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Poems On / About IDENTITY  10/25/2014 9:55:03 PM
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Weep not child Esq Babatunde Omidina

Adimeru weep not child, a hilarious cosmic actor hopping on one leg, jumping at sight hard drugs, peddling activities crushing identity of some unseeable forces, the powers that make one fall flat like the rock of Gibraltar, girdle of misplaced priority with dimming eyes of falling height talking babash will not solve it at all this time Weeping for a time, money for a life time with a lot of merry making When iron jam iron one must suddenly bent for one The sun and the moon collide to cause a terrible spark, people took cover to prevent another terrible spark

The darkness came with a threatening and lightening call to order, rubbishing identity, fear no fall, money happy system rejoicing tools that smiles on faces laughter create effect to make all pains disappear at a single touch of a button rift, dogs barking to support peoples happy moment

Ho! God in thee do i put my trust, all can come to bow
Victory at last
Vox populi vox veritas
Weep not child

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You. I. You & I, mirrors looking for ourselves in each others eyes
Passing life shoving moments images days years hunting voraciously
Wading through tides of patience and those of impatience
Hiding that hunger to protect our identity from mockery, from judgement
Acting strong stoic appearing satisfied
I am there but am I really
Do I even exist till you witness my identity

They see me the whole world does and I am the sky
Cloudy at times and clear at others
But lucid as it may appear even a clear blue sky is only an illusion
Hiding itself the loneliness the heat and fire of its stars from judging eyes
I wonder, are you ready to wait for the day to end
For I know the day is long
But if you wait if you could brave these tides of patience and impatience
That swim through your heart making eddies of pain
if you could just wait for the world to go to sleep
You will find me
Waiting for you
You. I. You & I, mirrors; looking for ourselves in each other's eyes
Prachi Gogte

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Who am I?

Who am I?
I wish I knew
Got D.N.A.
This is true.
Got fingerprints,
and a name.
Got my picture,
in a frame.
But who am I?
Who do you see?
I'm searching for,
Am I identified
by my fear?
The things I love?
What I hold dear.
By my faith?
By what I do?
By my demeanor?
Or is all this true.
Who am I?
What's my identity?
It's not defined,
in the word 'me'.
Dale Totten

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(On behalf 14th June of the birth day of Ernesto Che Guevara)

Instinct wind of injustice
Universal smell of humanity
Mixing colors of identity
Symbolic indelible revolutionary

Constant threat of breath death
Challenging forwarded minimizing the life
Death was defeated by soft of honesty
Left you forever name of majesty

Poetic character and cinematic story
Ended in Bolivia giving exemplary history
Shooting to so called nations of boundary
Fighting to topple the devil of capitalist

Blossomed the red flower spreading dignity
Lit up the candle of revolutionary humanity
Present and future for most of validity
Sacrificed the life for others of identity

Stylized visage waving over the globe
Become a ubiquitous shadow of symbol
Created universe insignia of our time
Start together with promise comrade Che

Udaya R. Tennakoon
Udaya R. Tennakoon

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Poems On / About IDENTITY