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Poems On / About IDENTITY  5/30/2015 3:23:30 PM
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He's Batman but his true identity is Bruce Wayne.
Some people think he's a hero while others think he's insane.
He protects Gotham City from people who are a disgrace.
He protects them from the Joker, the Penguin and even from Two-Face.
The Riddler just struck and Batman has to fight.
He's the Caped Crusader and he's the Dark Knight.
Randy Johnson

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The Appointed Place

Our identity is veiled for those who cannot see - the truth behind the legends. They have lost the vital key - of prophecy - fulfilled when came the holocaust of wars - and European powers beat iron-fisted at our doors.

We are not of Europe. We, the Anglo-Saxon breed - have grown from Jacob's seed - and travelled through the centuries to 'the appointed place' - destined to become the royal cradle of our race.

Here we have been planted, spreading boughs across the sea - for we are the children of the Lord of history ... Read the Word most marvellous and by its lantern trace - the story of our pilgrimage to the appointed place.

Westwards from Canaan to Scythia and westwards thence to the God-blessed Isles of the West - later to send sons and daughters to establish new nations in all the continents.
Winifred Emma May

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Too Much Freedom

If we were to stay anonymous
And our need for identity be forgotten
Then life would have too much freedom
And end in its own destruction

For anonymity leads to
Self expression
Of the most extreme
For their freedom fears not

The eternal cell of scrutiny
For their is no face to judge
And confine its uncontrollable
Laugh from the face of mankind

To be free from the curse of identity
Is to be cursed with freedom
For too much freedom
Leads to too much power
And a 'Common Power' at that.

For conflicting ideas
Of freedom and voice
Would choose to eliminate
Hindrances by its own hand
Without the ordered hand of identity

For a faceless man
Is a man without shame
And doth be invisible
For his own expression may threaten
The expression of others

A darkened shade
Placed across the world by total freedom
Will forever mask the anonymous
For their actions can not be traced
To the identity that had given breath to it.
Antoine La Najja

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Hypocrite, Liars And Thieves

im trapped in a world full of people
who wear masks to hide their identities
hypocrites, liars and theives
they are around us, but i cannot judge
for i myself wear a mask
to hide the true me..
ezzabell fanning

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