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in that moment: a meditation

one comes to the water, to the ocean, and one observes…without a companion, without chatter and with bodily stillness, and with no projection of one’s one expectations and conditioning, one observes…one sees what is before one…and in that moment, in that instant, there is no one there with an identity; no one coming from the past to say: this is what I am; this is what I did – and this was done to me; and such a person did this; and in that moment, in that observing, in that seeing of the ocean, of the water, in the seeing of what is before one, there is none that asserts its identity; there is none to speak of its name and its nationality and its pride and associations and its past, and there is none to reach out for a future: there is the moment; the stillness; the silence…
Raj Arumugam

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When born, I was called “baby”
And later they called me “Abby”
Within 5 years they called me “student”
And for 7 years, like that I spent
Then they called me “teen”
I loved it and felt like a queen
Then I was called “woman”
And those times, were the best
Then some one tied a knot and called me “wife”
I hated those times, it was horrible and gross
In years I became “mother”
It was beautiful but tough
Then being called “grandma”
My times got better and better
Then at last I was called “old”
And my body was frail and cold
All this time I wondered,
Where my identity has gone
Some where in the middle, I had lost it
Through the ages, I had a crisis
An identity crisis to say!

DECEMBER 23,2008
sania harris

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Not Like Everybody Else

I’m weird

I’m crazy

I’m me

But you don’t like that

Would you like me if I was like them?

If I laughed at stupid jokes

If I gossiped and insulted

If I think of myself as “popular”

If I had blond hair and blue eyes

If I was like everybody else

Would you like me if I was like them?

If I walked the hallways like I owned them

If I wore braces or glasses

If I wore enough make up to hide my identity

If I smiled all the time and acted like a queen

If I was like everybody else

Would you like me if I was like them?

If I listened but never heard

If I looked but never saw

If I acknowledged but never knew

If I was like everybody else

I’m weird

I’m crazy

But unlike them

I am ME!

You don’t have to like me

I don’t really care

You’re one of them too

You’ve lost yourself and your identity
Marthe Claude

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It's Me! .. and my boyfriend

Do you know?
I am sick of stick with you!
You, your pretty-cute-handsome face and bunch of your other girlfriends

Always told me what to do!
Can you tidy up your hair?
Can you wear another blouse?
Can you be a little feminine?

I don't want to be your perfect Barbie
I AM real
I can't always be your dream girls
It's me!

Okay, I'm ordinary
JUST a normal schoolgirl
But I have an identity
Identity of who I truly want to be

Yeah, and because of that
If you never see who exactly I am
It's ME, and I'm proud of that

For a girls who have a FUSSY boyfriend, it's the right time to show who you really are and kick your boyfriend out from your life FOREVER
Belanciequ Frost

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