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Poems On / About IDENTITY  2/8/2016 4:05:20 AM
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Life Demands

Seek out the wisdom to hold your body as a treasure,
To train it in the ways of the Lord not just pleasure.

To seek the deeper identity of true life,
To build communal harmony despite strife.

Action, creativity and love all abilities of deeper identity,
Be not trapped in a superficial personality.

Boldly carry the essential truth, above all slime,
Instill inside a vital and dynamic sense of time.

Be not confined by the religious and cultural expressions of past,
The truth demands reformation and fresh expression to last.

Rising from the labyrinth of materialistic and commercial culture,
We must defeat the nasty greedy egotistical Vulture.

Perveiz Ali

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Gap Of Loneliness

Sifting through daily activities, searching for clues to an
innate identity does not satisfy any inner yearnings.

Quietly forbidding, the essence of creativity lies waiting
in darkness.

Shells of innocent partaking, unfold silently from beneath
folds of life, uncompromisingly tepid, on wings of wax,
stepping lightly forward, always looking back.

Sandwiched are thoughts of yesterday, between insurmountable
barriers rarely ever seen, scaling the very edges of life, mountainous depths are keenly felt within.

Scattered alternately are breaking of ancient rules, falling
through vent shafts of cruelty, solidly breaking walls of
humility are the wrecking balls of life.

Countered unhesitatingly throughout many years, life-long
ambitions are only puddles of tears filling the gaps of
loneliness, rinsing clear, the small identity of someone dear.
RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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Your Dealings

Your dealings
Discloses your

You identity
Shows who
You are.

You are a
Human being
Says scriptures.

Sanction your

Your dealings makes
Your life success.
gajanan mishra

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My identity is
my serenity.
The thing I cherish
the most.
The shades that I wear,
I would never dare
to share,
Not even with a
For it
cares and
My silent
To conseal my
Michelle Exantus

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Poems On / About IDENTITY