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Poems On / About IDENTITY  8/23/2014 2:48:53 PM
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Changing Identities

Changing Identities

I was born as a son to my mother and
Grew as brother to my sisters
I gained knowledge as a student and
I moved with my dears as a friend
I rushed behind the money as a worker and
married a girl as her husband
I had sons and daughters as a father and
Chased many businesses as a topper
I had son and daughter in laws as an In law and
followed the words of nobles as a follower
I prayed my lords as a devotee and
hold a stick, wore a glass as an oldman
I was taken as a procession in bed as a body and
burnt in to ashes as a Hasthi
I am now in the air as air
Who am I? My Lord! in this world
Created me with a lot of changing identities

Hasthi is the ash of human body come after funeral it will be mixed with in the
Holy rivers to fulfill the life of a human soul

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Our identity!

Who am I?
A poet or a doctor?
A Muslim or a Bangladeshi?
A boy or a son?
Who am I?

I dream, I love,
I speak, I write,
I hate, I like,
I laugh, I cry,
I walk, I run,
I stand, I sit.

I find nothing special,
That can prove me superior,
I am just like others,
I got the bloody fleshy body,
I got the emotional crazy mind,
So what is my identity?
I am just a man.

We all are the man,
Above all identities,
We need to prove,
That we are man.
No religion or race,
No relations or nationality.
We all stand on a same platform,
That reminds us that we are man.
kafil uddin raihan.

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An Unknown Identity

I don't know who I am,
No one knows who I am,
I can't speak for myself,
And obviously, one would speak for oneself,
I'm left alone,
And I receive no calls from my phone,
I don't know who my mother is,
Or my father,
I've no surname,
Not even a name,
And people often call me an orphan,
They usually call me a moron,
I'm tired of this life,
I know I live a miserable life,
I wish someone comes for my rescue,
I will wait for him in the world's longest queue,
For I wait with patience,
I can feel his presence,
I am left alone,
I feel like, one day I will be known,
To everyone around the world,
It will feel like a dream world,
I live with patience,
Although I have no guidance,
I will be known one day,
I hope someday,
I have an unknown identity,
I'm sure I will have a known identity.....
Sherbanu Molu

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When their steadfast love
Waged war against the world
They never asked their religion
He never asked her
To change her religion
To change her name
At the culmination
Of the love- war against all
The universe
The Gods
He asked her
To wipe out the vermilion dot
On her fore-head
To break her bangles
To suit to his religion!
She stood with him
To wage war against
Her religion
Her beliefs
Her village diktat
Yet for a sublime love
Untained with religion
The caste or beliefs!
He commanded her
To immerse
In his religion, belief
And caste customs
And customs of the clan
The love converted her
To his religion, belief
And clan to keep
The nuptial knot intact!
He lost nothing for the love
But she lost everything for it
It was he who emboldened
Her to accept the Christ,
The prophet and Jahoa
With no discrimination
As the fundamentals took sword!
As the black shadows
Of disbelief crept in
She as defeated warrior
As the failed crusader
Abandoned and hood -winked
Asked him on parting:
Can you not love me
With no identity
But with the identity as women
Whom you found at first sight!
Vadakkumpurath Ramesan

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