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Poems On / About IDENTITY  2/1/2015 10:38:50 AM
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The Feet Where Stand

The shielded egg hatched beautiful art,
Weather passed, stormy wind blown-grown smart
Pursue learning confess hidden gift intends
So alive, triumphal exclude the artist unseen.

Aye! The fools eye vision objects unreal
Capture the grandeur designed of imitation thrill.
Famous astute dark subjects tightens illusion;
Of variety example mirror identity stilled on motion.

The feet where stand unleavened dust sinners haven,
Magnificent fame nailed purpose the martyrs prayin'
Wealth dread to loose thus revolved around its circle
Influence elaborate effects on studio of ancient oracle.

Order, simplicity commission, belief characterize virtue
Domination, power, honor, fame, wealth anoint actor undue,
On the stage where the feet stand do chin up-composed.
Undefined identity sickened path at theater exposed.

Oh! The flesh kiss the dust. Alas! here say;
Such beautiful art ascends did farewell today
The actor overlook pleasure rather contentment,
Much knowledge to selfishness controlled the lovely element.
Dona Jean

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New Identity

Landed up in a place where,
Everything seemed unfamiliar in that square...
Another topical competition in the run,
A Hi-Hello to everyone..
That's when you entered in,
Username & password signed in...

Different people in the world,
With diverse culture unfurled...
There I met you,
An identity to my memory...something new...

At first, you were an unknown dictionary,
Friendly, kind, pragmatic, though kinky...
Hard to read your pages,
Hard to pass through your glimpses...

Different people in the world,
With diverse culture unfurled...
There I met you,
An identity to my memory...something new...

But, now I think,
I can comprehend your blink...
Your move, your walk,
Your smile, Your talk...
Your care, Your grins,
Your stare and everything that I have seen...
Neha Aradhye

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Weep not child Esq Babatunde Omidina

Adimeru weep not child, a hilarious cosmic actor hopping on one leg, jumping at sight hard drugs, peddling activities crushing identity of some unseeable forces, the powers that make one fall flat like the rock of Gibraltar, girdle of misplaced priority with dimming eyes of falling height talking babash will not solve it at all this time Weeping for a time, money for a life time with a lot of merry making When iron jam iron one must suddenly bent for one The sun and the moon collide to cause a terrible spark, people took cover to prevent another terrible spark

The darkness came with a threatening and lightening call to order, rubbishing identity, fear no fall, money happy system rejoicing tools that smiles on faces laughter create effect to make all pains disappear at a single touch of a button rift, dogs barking to support peoples happy moment

Ho! God in thee do i put my trust, all can come to bow
Victory at last
Vox populi vox veritas
Weep not child

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Return My Identity

Can you return my love?
my stretched land of love for you.

Can you return me my wait?
my long wait to have a glance of you.

Can you return me my days?
my painful lonely days just for you.

Can you return me my nights?
my sleepless nights awake in your dreams.

Can you return me my smile?
my sunny smile shaded by a flood of tears.

Can you return me my embrace?
my tight embrace to grace you in arms.

Can you return me my kiss?
my passionate kiss which was just for you.

Can you return me my identity?
my bright identity which I lost
in the quest to win and acquire you.
Soumita Sarkar Ray

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