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Poems On / About IDENTITY  9/1/2014 6:25:15 PM
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(On behalf 14th June of the birth day of Ernesto Che Guevara)

Instinct wind of injustice
Universal smell of humanity
Mixing colors of identity
Symbolic indelible revolutionary

Constant threat of breath death
Challenging forwarded minimizing the life
Death was defeated by soft of honesty
Left you forever name of majesty

Poetic character and cinematic story
Ended in Bolivia giving exemplary history
Shooting to so called nations of boundary
Fighting to topple the devil of capitalist

Blossomed the red flower spreading dignity
Lit up the candle of revolutionary humanity
Present and future for most of validity
Sacrificed the life for others of identity

Stylized visage waving over the globe
Become a ubiquitous shadow of symbol
Created universe insignia of our time
Start together with promise comrade Che

Udaya R. Tennakoon
Udaya R. Tennakoon

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It Is Not Impossible To Be Who One Is

It is not impossible to be who one is,
In places where people live without identities.
It just becomes more obvious,
To choose from those who are themselves...
From the others who have not a clue.

And if one can live getting this kind of attention,
In an environment where few know who they are...
The identity one has that is seen to address,
Has nothing to do with the making of impressions.
Since the getting of respect is not one's objective.
Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Queen Patrenialla - England's Undercover Queen Had Looked Very Dark To Work Very Hard!

Once upon a time - Not too long ago
When The Queen Royalty Patrenia also
Called The Patrenialla Queen was young and not old
Two clear skin looks both alike in 'Rite' identity
Held on to an old disagreement - Oh what a pity!
The Christian Rites argued both days and nights
With the lower caste called the Clearform Rites!
Asking who will be the darky to worky
Both days and into the nights?
They began praying to King Jesus And He Is Christ!
He Is The Lord And Savior of many of our lives!
His decision was thought to be yes
And he summons forth a good Keeng Of Royalness.
It was Keeng Troy Turner. A good looking, good money earner.
And close by or dear and near to his side
Was Patrenialla his good wife, and his true loving bride.
Soon and very soon she was to be
The one to receive the dark skin identity!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
QueenPatrenia Turner, Royalty Ph.d. Queen Of England

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Sonnet #43

In the future no one will use their birth names-how gauche!
It will give none agita to coin identities-
Suppressing core data natural, preferable,
Welcome O survival-useful ruse.
Natal allegiance risky now and bogue.
Here will be the answer to computor banked info-
A wardrobe of identities, separate as bank accounts.
Businesses will generate names for the sheepish,
Bills will be made and paid by differing phases.
The meanings of false and alternate now vague,
Variants will commit crimes, do good deeds.
Registered outlaws will marry and breed
IVF and surrogates now the only way-
All for the needed bliss of anonymity.
All for the needed bliss of anonymity.
Morgan Michaels

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Poems On / About IDENTITY