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Poems On / About IDENTITY  12/18/2014 2:28:39 AM
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How Many Angels

a point,
joins lines together
losing identity
creates new forms

right angles, circles,
sexagons, hexagons
of added quality

and new perspectives
of more than one

angel dancing
up and down
and all about
shimon weinroth

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Symphony Dragon

(dedicated to Mr. Daniele Gatti, Mr.Charles Dutoit, and Royal Philharmonic Orchestra)

Rondo identity
vigorous rhythmic
ingenious harmonic
imperceptible transition

a faster tempo
a mysterious dance
a melodic extension
trio for oboes, and harp

a tonal diversity
a myriad exciting way
a singing lyrical theme
unusual accompanying harmony

song-like shape
pentatonic scale
vigorous patterns
strongly reminiscent

audible tonal switch
exclusive folksong
beautiful melody
dramatic effect

a few simple chords
enters in a different key
finding its way back into
the succession of themes

the tonal plan
fantastic elaboration
extremely high range
expressive pianissimo

a huge arch
unmitigated joy
inseparable feeling
an Alberti bass figure

soft staccato notes
slow unaccompanied solo
for violins, tuba, and celesta
pathetic opening for bassoon and flute

rushing scales
clarinet playing in
its middle register
hammered out by timpani

a little melodic flourish
an ascending perfect fourths
Moderato section is born gradually
more exuberant and vibrant to the end

jubilant brass sounds
delicate pizzicato in viola
meditative chorale voices
is played softly by the organ

restless spirit
temporary relief
boundless energy
philosophical questions

meaning of
life and death
sufferer is redeemed
mourner receives consolation

the funeral march melodies
the fierce pursuit resumes
in amidst of turbulence
faith and confidence

human endeavors
an elemented outcry
alto and soprano enters
without any accompaniment

recurrent musical archetypes
ABA form to ABABA
a charming episode
from a hero's life

fanfare of terror
introspective nocturne
frightened strange-sounds
a gloomy pianissimo assai

Schubert rhythm
asymmetrical path
an eight-bar periods
from major to minor

quick tutti strokes
one glorious theme
follows another sharply
almost super creature intensity

a wonderfully soaring
a poignant feeling
an indelible tune
a gentle hue

tonal beauty
a strong praise
immerse deeply
unbridled dynamism

intrinsic, vast, and populist
memorable outgoing
mellifluous depths
melodic swing

unfolding drama
unforgettable plea
The Olympian power
The Odyssean adventure

brittle and percussive
shattering intensity
electrifying score
musical treasure

(inspired by Hokusai's The Dragon of Smoke Escaping from Mt Fuji)
Ahmad Shiddiqi

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when the muse calls... for O. Ray who knows and understands and for Kay

when the muse calls
cut your hair
get the bleach
assume another identity
start smoking if you don't
quit if you do
drink so you don't hear her

when the muse calls
get a change of address kit
get an unlisted number
find a girl who will break your heart
mutter and ramble to yourself
while walking the streets

when the muse calls
read Zane Gray novels
listen to talk radio
watch CNN
hit your hand with a hammer
fall down stairs


if you don't
you will think of her
waves of hair
her smile
her eyes
and her laughter

you will want to write beautiful poems
you will want to get to know her
you will want to be in love
you will want to smile

you will smile
the smile of the damned
then you will truly be alone
and the loneliness will be to much to bear

and you will be like Samson
who'd lost his hair
blind and crying
and you will pull the temples down
over yourself.
r james sterzinger

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I'm a ghost with a body
That lives in your house

A forgotten identity
Your Memory can't rouse

A mirage in your mind
An oasis when there's trouble

I'm a television on mute
Silent words on which you stumble

An invisible force field
You can't walk through

A ghost with a body
Only seen when it suits you
Lou Barnet

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