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Poems On / About IDENTITY  7/11/2014 8:06:25 PM
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Invisible identity

Invisible identity
Unlimited forms eternally.

Effective and complete
Manifestation forms externally
And internally.

Measurement of life made
From movement to movement
That is Potency of Almighty.

Not visible in this world
And it is beyond any estimation.
gajanan mishra

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The Door Ajar

genius escape
or mistaken identity
fool that I was
or never was really
either way I'll take the blame
inside me it's all the same
it's no way to be
living life asleep
woken gently
when you looked into me
now I can no longer settle for anything else
and the beautiful glimpse you gave me
walking away from has been pure hell
Lauren B Called

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For honor

Evil raises head
To make some one dead
Rapes her identity
To create hell and pity

Such is lawlessness scene
Previously it was never seen
Now raising its head again
To cause dishonor and pain

Death sentence is pronounced
Their departure may be announced
Parents may lament about misadventure
Only to face dark future

It may not halt
As there lies fault
In our system
And in cultural theme

Someone may blame late night appearance
Forcing young boys to take chance
They may go for taking an advantage
The darkest hour is likely to be inked on page

Cruelty has passed human level
Only animals quality prevail
But they restrain after mating session
We go through with thirsty passion

One or two hang outs may not work
Some deterrent signal l must go as warning word
Media must come out strongly in favor
And stand firm with whatever they could do for honor
hasmukh amathalal

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Fragmented / Enchanted

Even as the center holds
various preconceptions
of mirrored identity -
(Sensible face,
Pedestrian limbs,
Imagined organs) ,
fragment and
peel away
shedding more than was known.

Enchanted by this fragmentation
waiting becomes me.
The door is open
yet I choose to linger
in this sweet and bitter place
where honeyed magics
pass through air,
pollinating thought
and flesh
and dreams,
fragmenting towers with lightning.

There is no pain in this re-formation,
this cell-by-cell re-construction,
only a patient bliss,
a core of Buddha love,
an attitude of slow turning
across the wavering tiles,
under the melting clock
where I watch through your eyes
the slow dissolve
of this room
where I wait.
john clinock

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