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Best Poems About / On IDENTITY
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Bottom Line

I am 'Me',
Because I am 'Myself',
Never hit left!
Never hit right!
What I am,
Is who I am,
I rerseve my own philosophical identity,
I resile my own interdependant indemnity,

I Am what I am,
I trade nothing of it,
I hide nothing oft,
As I fake none of it,

What I am,
Belongs to me,
If what I am is being pity,
then you pity nothing of it,
Who I am!
Is what I am!

Who are you to judge?
Who are you to oppose?
Who are you to isolate?
Who are you to impersonate?
Who I am,
Is what I am,
Because I enjoy the proudly culture,
As ofcause the good smell of my traditional honey,
Identity! Identity!
Because what I am,
Is who I am,

The veins, I belong!
The heart, I belong!
The soul, I belong,
The mind, I belong,
The Body is nothing at all,
But I belong!

You do not have to respect me,
But neither me is to disrespect,
I do not build from expectations,
I grant my life a vest of decent revelations,
You do not have to love me,
But neither me is to hate agains you,
What you see,
Is what you see,
But what you get
You Never had
Anele TheAfrikanSon kaMthethungqongqo Potelwa

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Man Beyond Nothingness

A particle afloat in the ocean of infinity,
Yet, so conscious of self in profuse vanity –
Lofty though his thoughts may be, they’re all profanity.
Man is nothing, made of nothing, that’s his identity.

Emptiness craves for sensation beyond sanity,
Like a black hole eating anything in its vicinity,
Such is the tale of empty, chaotic, gravity;
Man is nothing, made of nothing, that’s his identity.

Lost in a world of baneful, belligerent brevity,
Filled with protests of ignoramus sincerity,
Tossed between lines lacking any clarity,
He lives, dies, and is buried in utter poverty.

The Son of God came down from His celestial city,
He left Heaven and donned the garb of humanity.
He lived, loved, and served in all simplicity,
Then died by the hands of those professing religiosity.
But, He arose the third day, breaking death’s jaws of fatality,
Alas, the shame of those who die in their hostility,
For the Son of Man is ascended to the Throne of Supremity –
And all knees will bow before the Name of His Majesty,
Before the One who is given all authority,
Because He stooped down, emptied self and defeated vanity –
God girded His loins to serve sinful humanity!
What is man but a finite speck of futility,
Driven o’er surges, surrounded by fests of calamity;
Unless the Son of God had loved us, we wouldn’t have any identity!

“For whom He foreknew, He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, that He might be the firstborn among many brethren.” (Romans 8: 29)
Domenic Marbaniang

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We Can Sing The Same Songs

we can sing each other the same songs
on the radio.
meaning overwhelms reality
magic circumvents
i could believe that i was made for him...

i could believe he summonsed me,
called me forth, a spirit;
forth from some abyss
to do his bidding,
forth from my stone crysalis
to become
what he might need.

i could believe that i'm some kind
of human robot he has had designed,
with cutting edge technology,
complete with
programmed memories of the past
and poloroids in hand.

i could believe that he sought me,
that he chose me,
that somehow he owns me;
like the earth owns the moon,
like the sky owns the stars.

he holds me, like a gift that is
still in it's wrappings
as tho yet undecided...to open or not
i could believe
most anything,
it seems. i've seen it all.

i've seen identity and will
become abandon in a glance.
my mind relents
allowing space and time
for broader circumstance
as bliss takes on the garment
of belonging.

we can sing each other the same songs on the radio,
meaning overwhelms reality,
magic circumvents
i could believe that he belongs to me.
moon batchelder

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We all face challenges in this life, even those who follow Jesus Christ,
So all challenges we must address, through our God's Righteousness,
Many challenges are from this world, but God's Truths we must herald,
Always in God's light and His ways, in these present challenging days.

Many may struggle with their identity; just who and what they are to be,
But, God's the One, who helps us be, that individual we are, as we see,
Living Truths in God's Word we read, this as we allow The Lord to lead,
Through God's Holy Spirit, within, that all our identity, comes from Him.

One challenge for many is Authority, men desiring to plan their destiny,
Not wanting to submit in their life, to the plan and ways of Jesus Christ,
But, in this life men cannot afford, to oppose the Authority of The Lord,
As our Lord has authority over all, nations and men, both big and small.

Another challenge; worldly influence, for those lacking Godly prudence,
With many lacking Godly discretion, taking instead, the wrong direction,
Then they live opposing God's Truth, only to experience God's reproof,
While some who do stray will learn, then back to God's way, they return.

As we grow to know God personally, with The Lord, we find our identity,
To Christ's Authority, we then submit, to live out our life as God sees fit,
So we're influenced by God's Word, living out those Truths we've heard,
While we purpose in this temporal life, to live for The Lord, Jesus Christ.

(Copyright ©11/2012 Bob Gotti)
Bob Gotti

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