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Best Poems About / On IDENTITY
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You all manifest individual deities
All with similar identities
Rearrange the numbers or at best the
Letters into a new direction
Spinning into control
Devoured by a determined predator

What words will leave you
Behind the time between history?
A global playwright who wants to thicken
And continue in the tradition of the Grand Guignol
A tragedy of scarce soliloquy

Young girl, always the ingιnue
Where went the roaring lily?
Now they require the insincere
To satisfy everything but happiness
Stripped of the dignity
Broken and at the
Mercy of a self loathing man
To direct your insecurities to his pursuit
And use your mind against you
Make you crave the abuse and dependence
For fear shall harness your will
In all authority, my dear, they mean to hurt you
My only prayers are for you, dear
That you might lift your chin
Look upon the cowardly world for what it is
Like a wounded animal waiting to be lead
Into hungry jaws
I pray that you see the lack of analysis
And justice
The acts that are carried out in our names
We fuel the machine with our time
And our indulgence


Four and eight
Incubate, gather in the tube
Selective and insightful; all examination
Tested tightly
Inhale the fresh made fire


Woke up in the climate dream
Attached to the favorite cord
Dangling day after day
Overwhelmed by the importance
Three days asleep to dream
Alive inside a never ending moment


Lost in the ranks of the peasants
No captains, no generals
No officers, no leader of men
All buried under different wills
Of tyrants and godlike kings
Never challenged to obey an inner urge
Of freedom
Their suffering filled the courts of monarchs
And filled the banks of capitalists
And all were laid to rest by the disposition of authority
Spellbound and obligated to flock to the
Fields and factories
Underpaid and under siege, employers and taskmasters alike
A hierarchy of torturers and traders
Bartering the laborer’s time
And measuring his effort
Corruption swells and expands beyond
Ability and investment
You too shall feel their burden


I denounce my citizenship
My role in any establishment
To be a crank turned by extortion
And upheaval
I seek the reserved thoughts
Of the renegade
Who posses the tools to overcome
No violent revolution shall ever prevail
All aggression will be spun and processed
The war is inside the minds
And the hearts of good people
Those who see the power structure
As the lone threat to our survival
I beg to my former comrades
Oh, Americans were we
To search for themselves
Request the records
And the casualty lists
Never silence the questioning child
For it is their observation which is pure
You deal out their future
And hand down your imposed destiny
No longer must we follow the paved
Path to righteousness
These cultures and traditions are of the old order
And we are the coming age
We must not participate in the
Goals of our enemies
Work towards their bonuses and rewards
All authority is now and forever obsolete
Prove the worth of an evolving spirit
One who transmogrifies the lead of bullets
Into the gold of compassion

Exercise the rights of the individual
To access the self inside a shivering child
A child who’s bones rattle
And poke from beneath the skin
There is no bottom line nor real world
Only depictions and definitions
It is up to the ear to receive
And the mind to master
Be weary of each day ahead
For the world has never seen
Oppression on growing scale such as this
Gaps are being widen
Between generations, races, classes and creeds
Filling the spaces with bigotry and hate
Dominated by ignorance
Stephen Lewis

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clueless in cyberspace

identities freeze
hard as ice in Sahara
cyber subterfuge

today I am pope
tomorrow...perhaps pauper
and all in between

ladies do look out!
for alias on the loose
stalking wounded hearts

seeking soulmates—Not
latex rubber Romeos
Elvis on acid

pictures are worthless
photoshop creations—found
absent frank subject

beware of posers
enticing through poetry,
promoting by pun

exercise caution
demons lurk round each corner
slither through Cyber

Space—out of place
Kenneth Snow

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Please dont delet me.

Hey wait,
Please don't delet me,
Look I have a name too,
An identity that reads,
A lad full of dreams,
A profile so complete.

But the brief a/s/l,
Was enough for her,
To discriminate me,
As she deleted my id.
Poor me,
Sat on her ignored list.

The chat session expired
And the profile left unread.
How easy it was for her,
To jump up to conclusion,
And no time to spare,
For my part of story.

And with broken connection,
I sat wondering,
Where does all time go?
All of them seem so busy
That they can't even reply
To my sweet little Hello.
Punit Parikh

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O, Missed-Call-Giver...

O missed-call-giver, where dwell you,
What your name
And identity,
Where live you,
I mean, where do you come from?

If you do not have money in your pocket,
Take it from me,
Borrow it,
I shall lend you,
But give not the missed calls so often.

Missed-call-giver, who are you in reality,
An information gatherer
Or a lover in disguise after
Or a burglar to come,
What's the matter?

But scold me not allegedly
By charging against,
Why are you giving frequent missed calls
And disturbing me nonsensically,
I shall report against?
Bijay Kant Dubey

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