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Best Poems About / On IDENTITY
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We all face challenges in this life, even those who follow Jesus Christ,
So all challenges we must address, through our God's Righteousness,
Many challenges are from this world, but God's Truths we must herald,
Always in God's light and His ways, in these present challenging days.

Many may struggle with their identity; just who and what they are to be,
But, God's the One, who helps us be, that individual we are, as we see,
Living Truths in God's Word we read, this as we allow The Lord to lead,
Through God's Holy Spirit, within, that all our identity, comes from Him.

One challenge for many is Authority, men desiring to plan their destiny,
Not wanting to submit in their life, to the plan and ways of Jesus Christ,
But, in this life men cannot afford, to oppose the Authority of The Lord,
As our Lord has authority over all, nations and men, both big and small.

Another challenge; worldly influence, for those lacking Godly prudence,
With many lacking Godly discretion, taking instead, the wrong direction,
Then they live opposing God's Truth, only to experience God's reproof,
While some who do stray will learn, then back to God's way, they return.

As we grow to know God personally, with The Lord, we find our identity,
To Christ's Authority, we then submit, to live out our life as God sees fit,
So we're influenced by God's Word, living out those Truths we've heard,
While we purpose in this temporal life, to live for The Lord, Jesus Christ.

(Copyright ©11/2012 Bob Gotti)
Bob Gotti

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Note: This is a song!

my mask
barely covers
who I am
yeah, who I am
what I pretend
to be ain't
who I am
yeah, who I am

my true identity
has been hiding underneath
the person I pretend to be
is only what others see
it isn't me

what other people see
it isn't the true me
my mask barely covers
who I am
yeah, who I am

I might dance
I might sing
I might do anything
but I pretend
I know nothing
that's my mask
why can't you see?

that my mask barely covers
who I am
yeah, who I am
what I pretend
to be ain't
who I am
yeah, who I am

my true identity
has been hiding underneath
the person I pretend to be
is only what others see
it isn't me

what other people see
it isn't the true me
my mask barely covers
who I am
yeah, who I am

I might pretend to smile
when inside i cry
I might laugh off something
that made me want to die
I keep my secrets
I don't want to get hurt
I think you can connect
because, because

your mask
barely covers
who you are
yeah, who you are
what you pretend
to be ain't
who you are
yeah, who you are

your true identity
has been hiding underneath
the person you pretend to be
is waiting 'til it can be free

our masks
barely cover
who we are
yeah, we are
what we pretend
to be ain't
who we are
yeah, who we are

here is the scary thing
is every face we see
a mask hiding something?
do they hide happiness, or tears
do they hide what we fear
or maybe something beautiful we can't see

and maybe someday
we'll outgrow our masks
but when is that, you ask
Adele Katie Bowling

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Palestinian am I..

Palestinian am I.
No one can take away from me
My identity,
For it is mine.

Palestinian am I.
I am the river that flows
Through my land.
I am the mountain
Noble and magnificent
Rising up out of chaos and destruction.

I greet the morning sun
That shines down on my fertile valleys
And parches my barren desert.

I am the red poppy and yellow daffodil
That grow upon my bloodstained hills.
I am the battle cry of freedom
That echoes through my corridors
And every fiber of my being.

Palestinian am I.
I am the proud owner of
Orange orchards and lemon blossoms
And honey bees, wild and free.

I am the Palestinian
David child wielding a single stone
Against the Israeli Goliath.
I am not afraid,
For truth is with me and God is on my side.
If I die,
A choir of angels will honor me
And later, my parents will grasp my outstretched hand
And join me in Heaven.

I am the tears of
Mothers weeping for their dead sons.
I am the footsteps of ancient prophets
Who foretold of doom and destruction
To those who torture and oppress me.

My brethren are the doves, hummingbirds and seagulls
That fly unhindered above my sea.
I am Palestinian,
Therefore, I am.

No one can take my identity
Away from me,
Not tanks or guns or bombs
Meant to desecrate me and kill me.
My country lives in me.

I am the cry of liberty.
No matter what they take from me,
They can't take away my identity
Or my dignity.
Palestinian am
Aboda Awed

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Civilization may.........

Civilizations may emerge fresh and vanish
Remains may be found later on but not finish
Excavations may shed some light on glorious past
There may be some reasons for its extinctions very fast

How does nation emerge with historical traditions?
Deep rooted love for holy land without condition
Every citizen ready to shed blood for its pride and honor
All to defend irrespective of old or young major or minor

Nation may remain within secured boundaries
It may have all the prosperity with big industries
Peace and stability may still elude the nation
Other neighbors may not like to have good relations

How can sentiments and attachments remain intact without identity?
Stable nation with strong defense is all call of the day and necessity
Nation can only prosper and rise with strong and resolute action
We the people of nation has every right to defend without any reaction

Can any nation prosper without popular support?
Is it not essential to live as one nation with good rapport?
Does then any nation may you look towards you for any weak spot?
I think they will refrain from any mad misadventure and dare not

It will be great shame if we have to live under constant fear
It will be living death if constantly agony and pain we have to bear
Nation will pass through identity crisis and suffer with humiliation
To live under shame may add insult and find no reconciliation

It is right said “don’t ask what country is doing for you”
But ask “what you are doing for the country”
It has deep meaning in it and quiet sensible thought behind
Any nation can’t afford to go without it and reasonably find

No nation can advance and have identity of its own
If it has no clear policy and stand clearly known
At least people of other nations may look toward with a respect
They will think twice before and enter into pact

Ancient civilizations were knows for its tolerance
“Live and let others live” was slogan free from any interfearence
This always formed corner stone of policy
Liberty and freedom were not the words from mighty

Liberal thoughts must prevail and message should go across
Let there be the free world with liberty thoughts and no threats to pose
No intimidation of any sort with mutual territorial integrity in tact
Let there be free flow of people to uphold the humanity in fact
hasmukh amathalal

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