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Remonstrating against all memories and desires
Is the modern way; arrogant freedom beckons unless the body,
Unappeased by what should be done wants to follow another way
The body has its own burning hunger and it is not what all imagine
The body has its own destiny and desire and sway.

When pain and fever rack the physical sphere
When the brain follows its logic and the body its desire
And the spirit yearns for a fulfilling sun
Tell the body what should be done?

Reason and rationality are the lodestones of existence
And reason dictates our every sphere
But when reason flees, and leaves only illogicality behind
What 's to be done? Follow another sun?

The body has its identity and that is a personality
That walks and speaks with reasoning ease
Alas when that identity walks away and the personality flees
Is that the beginning of mortal disease?

Copyright 2008 Rani Turton
Rani Turton

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Identity Crisis!

When born, I was called “baby”
And later they called me “Abby”
Within 5 years they called me “student”
And for 7 years, like that I spent
Then they called me “teen”
I loved it and felt like a queen
Then I was called “woman”
And those times, were the best
Then some one tied a knot and called me “wife”
I hated those times, it was horrible and gross
In years I became “mother”
It was beautiful but tough
Then being called “grandma”
My times got better and better
Then at last I was called “old”
And my body was frail and cold
All this time I wondered,
Where my identity has gone
Some where in the middle, I had lost it
Through the ages, I had a crisis
An identity crisis to say!

DECEMBER 23,2008
sania harris

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>≫≫This Universe Is My Oyster

Be firm
And hold fast your ground
If strong winds come in your way
You won’t be unstable
Spread your roots deep inside
Rock hard your attachment
You need an identity
But cut my all
With the swords of dispassion
I want to be free from any trappings
Free from caste, creed, political identities and nationalism
Spread my roots to the sky
And let me hang upside down like a cosmopolitan tree
I belong neither to any false pride
Nor to any infatuation
To live in duality is not my desire
Nor my cup of tea
This is not at all synonymous with indifference or apathy
My path is a real struggle to be an ego-free
An effort to belong to the universe, my oyster
Abdul Wahab

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The Feet Where Stand

The shielded egg hatched beautiful art,
Weather passed, stormy wind blown-grown smart
Pursue learning confess hidden gift intends
So alive, triumphal exclude the artist unseen.

Aye! The fools eye vision objects unreal
Capture the grandeur designed of imitation thrill.
Famous astute dark subjects tightens illusion;
Of variety example mirror identity stilled on motion.

The feet where stand unleavened dust sinners haven,
Magnificent fame nailed purpose the martyrs prayin'
Wealth dread to loose thus revolved around its circle
Influence elaborate effects on studio of ancient oracle.

Order, simplicity commission, belief characterize virtue
Domination, power, honor, fame, wealth anoint actor undue,
On the stage where the feet stand do chin up-composed.
Undefined identity sickened path at theater exposed.

Oh! The flesh kiss the dust. Alas! here say;
Such beautiful art ascends did farewell today
The actor overlook pleasure rather contentment,
Much knowledge to selfishness controlled the lovely element.
Dona Jean

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