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Poems On / About IDENTITY  7/14/2014 10:10:23 AM
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Lesbian Recognition

Lesbians, get it into your head
No one cares what you do in bed
If you want to get wed
Then so to the alter be led

Everywhere I go
Sexuality and identity
Has become the flow

Gay Rights!
Gay Recognition!
Recognition for touching a female breast
And changing sexuality from east to west
Recognition for kissing a female lip
And for warmly caressing a womans hip

I'm not usually one for condemnation
But what has become of this nation
Where women clap thier hands in celebration
For recognition of artificial insemination

Copyright 2006 - Sylvia Chidi
Sylvia Chidi

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A Sea of Sadness, A River of Rage

A sea of sadness
A river of rage
The tongue of a woman lynched and left for dead
No longer dormant
The core of her volcano begins to erupt
From its' mouth flows years of silent violence
Memoirs of darkness
A heart plagued with pain
To the surface 'lies' become unknown
Surrounded by a pool of homelessness
She chooses to lose her identity
Instead she bathes in someone else's reality
A reality intoxicated with the drug of abuse
Masqueraded as love to the fifth degree
There's no denying the fragrance of the black orchid
The fire of her belly extinguished only through self-forgiveness
Sylvia McMillan Edmonds

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My Face In Your Mirror

I don't know how ego is properly used
or how to keep spirit from being abused
(Perhaps schism is only a thing of the mind
and Reality buffers Truth
to assuage humankind)
My past and present identity is mixed
The positive and negative between and betwixt
I'm probably whatever you'd like me to be
Or is that another sign of senility?
A little levity is good for the soul
And, with God, it's okay to play the fool
Who I am and what I do
is just another part of you
Dolly Staaf Carlson

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Into This Fractal Moment

Into this fractal moment
I find myself again,
Having been here before
A chrysalis multiplied in mirrors
Reflecting itself in identities
Vastly changed by minute alterations,
So different that, if you hesitate one instant
You will be gone, evaporated.
Silent whisper of scales
Falling from the butterfly wings
Drifting weightless reflections
Of parallel selves,
Non-existent but potent inhabitants of dreams
Willing histories into being
Nonevents into events
Possibilities so yearned for, that, waking
We sleepwalk forward, seeking that moment
When chance will favor us
And we will wake anew.
Gil Raff

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