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Poems On / About JOY  7/10/2014 4:37:44 AM
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How I envy them poets and authors
To toss words into the air
And have them fall in perfect order
Why is it so easy to pour out my grief in a poem?
And so difficult to capture joy in print?
Joy exists in a fleeting moment
Grief lasts forever
Takes one to feel grief
Two to feel joy
My joy has already been shared and thus multiplied
My grief till now has been private
Alone in the dark my grief mushrooms
I need to find a friend to halve the burden
Will you be that friend?
Caitlin (a dead poet) no longer living

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Joy of Bliss

Ah Ah, an expression of gladness,
Joy, Joy at the peak of time.
Moments with Bliss, times to behold.
Amending a fragile heart.

Joy like a river,
flowing side by side.
Selecting it time of rest,
But leaving one with a smile.

Just through a name, Happiness arrives,
By a word, hearts clicks.
No more sad moments, they exclaimed.
But just as Joy as Bliss
Jackson Nyoho

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Suffering is good
Suffering is bad
It is all that you desire
It is all that you hate
You need it
You thrive for it
It's pain
It's pain
It's joy
It's joy
It's joy to know your alive
It's pain to know!
Die pain!
Live freedom!
Suffer the joy!
Brytanne Lee

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Simple Little Things

Just from simple little things
Life's joy may often springs

So live with joy in each day
And make the fortune in your way

For kindness brings joy and shine
Just like soothing lover's wine

That brings contentment and fain
And shower like the summer rain

So go on and work on it
So it can give happiness in bits

For life's joy may often springs
Just by doing simple things.
Seema Chowdhury

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Poems On / About JOY