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Poems On / About JOY  2/7/2016 11:58:49 PM
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What Brings Me Joy?

What brings me joy? A cool day in the summer time, the air that flashes across my face,
A gentle kiss that is embraced on my lips, to be held when the lonely feels sets in, Peace with in my heart when there is no one around,
What brings me joy? To know that I am loved and that I could love with no question asked,
To feel your heart press against mines, to taste a good taste that makes my mouth water,
What brings me joy? To be nowhere but feel as if I am on top of the world, To fly high in the sky and never get off the ground, To be overwhelmed with a feeling as if this is my world.
What brings me joy? My life and all that it has to offer.
Kimbaline Navas (she who waits)

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God Has Created Me

God has created me in joy and created me to express joy. Written and Posted 7/29/11
susan Garelick

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My Christine Joy

In my life, only one girl gives me joy;
A joy i had always dreamed no one can ever destroy.
Especially when in our life, every second we would enjoy,
That's why i consider her as my helen of troy,
She has the beauty that would attract every boy.

I hope and pray that i will never lose my joy,
My one and only love, my dear CHRISTINE JOY.
Michael B. Ventura

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Believes In Me

we sing of gathering together in the morning of joy.
he believes in me, many a night I cry, pleading for a meaning..a belief.
a reason to be more than meer existing, but living.
for we gather together in the morning of joy.
to gather for joy, my heart skips a beat when I imagine what joy feels like against my soul.
oh my soul has felt like an orphan seeking a home, a family, love... true & impossible, yet love. my soul has struggled for breathe as the floods overwhelm me.
he believes in me, he confides in me, he is apart of me, for he's the husbandry of my soul.
Naphtali Dell

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Poems On / About JOY