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Poems On / About JOY  7/30/2015 1:12:48 PM
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A Song Of Joy And Sorrow

The literary critics tend to ignore me and my verses they don't even rate
I'm seen as lacking in inspiration without the genius to create
What one would call something of literary value something that would live on in time
I am one of the last poetasters to dabble in old fashioned rhyme.

When I am in the mood for singing songs of joy and sorrow I sing
The sorrow of the jilted lover, the joy of the lark on the wing
The babe he knows of joy and sorrow months before he learns to crawl
With such feelings we are familiar they are part of life after all.

The old bloke immersed in sorrow feels maudlin after a few beers
He thinks of the great love of his life a woman he's not seen for years,
She left him back in the late fifties when he was approaching his prime
It's not always true time is the healer, love's hurt doesn't always heal in time.

The happy face of the young mother as she holds her new born baby boy
A sibling for her year old daughter for her a moment of great joy
Her husband is only too happy to share in the joy with his wife,
A moment for them to remember and a memory to cherish for life.

So sing songs of joy and of sorrow if you feel like singing a song
They are such familiar emotions to living and life they belong,
Joy the happy mother of laughter and sorrow the father of tears
And they have been living together for millions and millions
of years.
Francis Duggan

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Joy is a way of looking at
you & me & this & that,
and all things that may
oh - heaven knows - cause us grief
or fit together in belief
or link or clink life's interplay.
It's light & strong & doesn't stick
on slights, the bad, unjust, the politic,
or give us cause to feel dismay.

Joy is the gentle art to pray.
Joy is the gentle art of forgetting we're apart.
Joy is knowing there's a way.

Joy has this to say -
I am a child
by whom Heaven is beguiled
to turn all mourning into play.

Joy is not a way the Stoics taught;
it's not it's job to say you ought.
Joy is the gentle art to pray.

Joy is the gentle art to pray.
Joy is the gentle art to pray
in the ways of a child
in the ways of a child
in the ways of a child at play.
Patrick Dennis

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Bird Song

The Robin sings of willow-buds,
Of snowflakes on the green;
The bluebird sings of Mayflowers,
The crackling leaves between;
The veery has a thousand tales
To tell to girl and boy;
But the oriole, the oriole,
Sings, 'Joy! joy! joy!'

The pewee calls his little mate,
Sweet Phoebe, gone astray,
The warbler sings,
'What fun, what fun,
To tilt upon the spray!'
The cuckoo has no song, but clucks,
Like any wooden toy;
But the oriole, the oriole,
Sings, 'Joy! joy! joy!'

The grosbeak sings the rose's birth,
And paints her on his breast;
The sparrow sings of speckled eggs,
Soft brooded in the nest.
The wood-thrush sings of peace,
'Sweet peace, Sweet peace,' without alloy;
But the oriole, the oriole,
Sings 'Joy! joy! joy!'
Laura Elizabeth Richards

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The Jester Of Joy

I am the Jester of Joy,
A nomad of peace,
From the Land of Not.
Entertainer of souls,
A servant to man.

I am the Jester of Joy,
Mine is to spread joy through the world.
I make they who smile, laugh,
They who sulk, smile,
And I can try the tears of they who cry.

I am the Jester of Joy,
I reach out to touch at least one person,
To touch their heart with love.
I strive to touch for at least a moment,
To fill their life with joy.

I am the Jester of Joy,
And I have dream,
Of the world seeing as I do,
Through the eyes of joy,
For the better world it would be.

I am the Jester of Joy,
This is my purpose, my life, me.
For I am a servant to man,
Entertainer of souls,
The Jester of Joy.
Steven SRS

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