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Poems On / About JOY  5/5/2016 4:56:03 PM
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What a joy is my day what a joy
when Karl Waters sings
lambs of the crying out of dizziness
make an Ascent
and a slant woman flatten a rope on the Globe
what a joy is today at least just today
Karl Waters makes a lift from the corners
and at the madhouse some alms cookies
the crying pushes towards conjectural hands dizzy hands
Guernika! Someday a woman raised a rope
Guernika! Paper! The latest news
Guernika! Karl Waters escapes this on top of the hands
there is a rope over the Globe in black
and a woman comes back from Guernika
what a joy is my day what a joy
Alireza Behnam

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The Offer

The world's your abyss of sorrows.
Sorrows never lost in space.
The world's my abyss of joy.
Joy that spreads through eternity.
My joy will never dim or die,
But lighted will it stay for I,
Who has nothing but my joy.
It's all I have and all I want,
And all I'll ever need.

You needed help, I offered help,
But still you pushed away.
You still need help, so here I am,
To offer what you need. So take
This now and feel the joy I've
Offered unto thee.
Samantha Williams

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In Love With Joy

The girl i meet.
Im in love with joy.
Because of her im in love with joy.
i fill good hopess she takes my
hand but with love and joy.
I love her most.
so when she die's
i have her ghost.
Be in love with love and joy.
please god don't let me go.
Cuase i wish for her back
so please don't go.
Just bring me in love her and joy.
joseph escamilla

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Silent Joys

A pragmatic realist in life's short span,
He weeps to endure a long nights plan.
Morning brings a silhouette of joy,
An exotic dawn, brought on by a toy.

Many joys in life are late in coming,
Good friends that try, love in the morning.

Great joy and greif are both silent things,
Happiness is loud, proud, and strange.

The smile screams a story to the world,
Silent joys tasted in a sweet lady's pearls.

Love sees silhouetted smiles of morning,
Greif is not allowed in daylights warning.

Happy to spend to-morrow unpaired,
In silent bless, remembering your care,
Yelling silent joys that others can't hear.
Howard Kern

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