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Poems On / About JOY  10/25/2014 7:15:35 PM
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o' what a joy it is

what a joy
o' what a joy it is
what a life
o' what a life it is...

my mind stands within the joy in my heart
my spirit is refreshed by the banks of the river
my thought is enlightened by the guide of the giver
my life walks within the joy in my heart
o' what a joy it is
o' what a joy it brings

my tree talks in anger to the farmer
my being walks in hunger to the farmer
my wind blows further to the corner
my hinge door opens to another
o' what a joy it is
o' what a life it means

my leaves fall in matter to the ground
my weaves call in matter to the found
my means roll in either to the proud
my deeds fall in bitter to the crowd
o' what a joy it is
o' what a smile it brings

my shoe laces shine to the full moon
my few faces smile to the new moon
my wings flew away than soon
my feathers ran in awe from noon
o' what joy it is
o' what a path it is

my eyes run in joy
my eyes cry never to a toy
my ears catch in isolation
my fears match in eye for reason
o' what a joy it is
o' what a time it is


book: 'footprints'
year: january 2013
book no.1 of 2013

twitter: @opnmambo
email: opncompanies.bw@gmail.com
Onalethuso Petruss Ntema

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happiness and joy

when you look for yourself and find
this self
within your heart
and you touch this self
so lovingly
with the understanding of your mind
you have found happiness
like you put your hands behind your back
and embrace your shoulders

fleeting and sometimes
tiring this search
of self that ends sometimes
in questioning
how long does this last?
this won't
it will pass but it may come again
but to last
it will not

you either go deeper
or you go higher
always beyond yourself

to find another
a heart to your heart
a mind to your mind
you talk you understand you reach for another hand
you kiss, you make love, you share each other 's bodies
each other's long lonely nights
this can be more than happiness
we call this joy

but you go deeper this time or higher if you
prefer it
this search for joy greater than joy
this joy beyond bodies beyond nights beyond hands
beyond time

eternal happiness, this is joy greater than joy
we sense it
but not completely
we sense it when we look at the eyes of the person we love
and who loves us in return
truthfully and so beautifully
the feelings in our hearts
as we sleep and make love and dream and stay together
with clasped hands

we have mere glimpses
vague but it is there

it is the joy that always lurks but cannot fully make us see
we are too small yet
too young to fully dance the steps and leaps of this

i am still looking for this
this joy
i know it is there, but i just can't utter it

i must know better
i live some more and perhaps if need be
die and then travel and be there

beyond, yes always this feeling of beyond
my armpit is warm and my eyes are still rolling

i am holding it
i have it in my heart but not competely
and so i ramble

in so much waiting, this impatience
but lovely still, and yes, so beautiful....tomorrow.

It is far better to seek 'joy.' Joy is related to happiness, but it is a deeper experience. In the search for happiness the individual focuses upon himself, but joy moves a person out of a self-centered preoccupation and provides an orientation towards others. Joy is an experience which connects us to that which is 'Greater' than we are. It connects us to the creative power that is more than the 'I' or ego. Joy gets us out of ourselves and in contact with this 'Other' and with others. Joy can sustain us throughout the four phases of life. If we are willing to give up the search for happiness, we may find joy. It exists near the center of the wheel where happiness and suffering meet and intermingle.

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Joy and Pleasure

Now, joy is born of parents poor,
And pleasure of our richer kind;
Though pleasure's free, she cannot sing
As sweet a song as joy confined.

Pleasure's a Moth, that sleeps by day
And dances by false glare at night;
But Joy's a Butterfly, that loves
To spread its wings in Nature's light.

Joy's like a Bee that gently sucks
Away on blossoms its sweet hour;
But pleasure's like a greedy Wasp,
That plums and cherries would devour.

Joy's like a Lark that lives alone,
Whose ties are very strong, though few;
But Pleasure like a Cuckoo roams,
Makes much acquaintance, no friends true.

Joy from her heart doth sing at home,
With little care if others hear;
But pleasure then is cold and dumb,
And sings and laughs with strangers near.
William Henry Davies

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The Joy Of The Lord Is Your Strength

Joy is a fruit that will not grow
In nature's barren foil;
All we can boast, till Christ we know,
Is vanity and toil.

But where the Lord has planted grace;
And made his glories known;
There fruits of heavenly joy and peace
Are found, and there alone.

A bleeding Saviour seen by faith,
A sense of pard'ning love;
A hope that triumphs over death,
Give joys like those above.

To take a glimpse within the veil,
To know that God is mine;
Are springs of joy that never fail,
Unspeakably divine!

These are the joys which satisfy,
And sanctify the mind;
Which make the spirit mount on high,
And leave the world behind.

No more, believers, mourn your lot,
But if you are the Lord's
Resign to them that know him not,
Such joys as earth affords.
John Newton

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