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Poems On / About JOY  6/1/2016 12:32:38 AM
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My Joy

This comes from deep down within,
it feels me with warmth and love.
My joy is when I look at your face and I see a smile,
when I hear your laughted and see tear of joy.
Oh my joy.
This changes the world around me and people I know,
its fullfils my heart knowing you are safe in my arms.
When i call or you call me and tell me that you love me.
Oh my joy.
When I look at those tiny clothes in your wardrobe,
looking at your pics in phone and when I close my eyes.
Oh my joy.
Nomaphelo Lange

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I always thought that I wanted what was on the other side till I been there everything seem happy everything seem to be fill with joy but once you cross that fence and it exactly like your world. All the laughs all the smiles just seem to disappear and all the thoughts you created just fade away. So what do you do when both sides are the same? Do you try to change it so it won't seems so bad or do you break the fence so show others that they were wrong? Once on the other side do you realize that your side isn't so bad that there is in fact love and joy and everything else you thought was missing or do you look for another fence that you believe is better than your.
qualisa thomas

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J.O.Y. = Happiness

What brings joy?
Let me tell you a secret...
To bring joy to your life this is what to do.....
You put Jesus first,
Then you put Others in number two,
Then you put You in number three to get JOY.
All you got to bring JOY to the world,
is Jesus,
And You! ! !
Eliza Dresser

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When Was It Easy?

We are at the peak of our lives where things begin to change, life was so full of regrets so there was no room to rearrange.so many lies were being told so there was never room to explain.So when do we start over and clean the slate, begin a new chapter in our life maybe find fate.When do we get to push foward and forget the bad memories, leave our past in our farthest thoughts where it never was but should be.when do we forgive our enemies when do we forget that pain that left us with scars, when does happy get to be free from behind bars.we seak our happiness in the dakest places, why? why does our joy have to be hidden under so much grief.so much heartache left us blind so when we see love happiness joy we blindly stare at it in disbalief.I am no longer blind I ignore my past until I am ready to recap, I am no longer regretful because my mistakes were learned and i am no longer a doormat.Believe me when I tell you being hurt is never easy, But I stand strong because someone is always going to need me.
nakisha richards

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