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Poems On / About JOY  10/13/2015 8:38:26 AM
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How I envy them poets and authors
To toss words into the air
And have them fall in perfect order
Why is it so easy to pour out my grief in a poem?
And so difficult to capture joy in print?
Joy exists in a fleeting moment
Grief lasts forever
Takes one to feel grief
Two to feel joy
My joy has already been shared and thus multiplied
My grief till now has been private
Alone in the dark my grief mushrooms
I need to find a friend to halve the burden
Will you be that friend?
Caitlin (a dead poet) no longer living

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When Will...?

When will tears turn to laughter?
When will sorrow turn to joy?
When will hate turn to love?
When will hurt turn into a giggle?
Why does laughter turn into tears?
Why does joy turn into sorrow?
Why does love turn into hate?
Why does a giggle hurt?
If all the peace has gone
If all the love turns to hate
And if all the joy turns sour
I will love you all my life
If there is no peace I will make it
If there is no love I will build it
If there is no joy I will cast it
If there is no laughter I will create it.
Smeliton Paynes

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A Beauty To Achieve Joy With Love And Truth!

Happiness lies in what one is thinking, speaking and doing;
Happiness lies in freedom of doing everything as one likes!
Peace and happiness are the aim and end of life in the world;
Peace and happiness lie in success and satisfaction in life.

Love and knowledge make one perfect to enjoy freedom ever;
Beauty and truth lie in achieving perfection in things one does;
Achieving such perfection in all gives joy or happiness ever;
Perfection one achieves in all gives satisfaction and peace unique!

Money alone cannot bring happiness even in the material world;
Knowledge is needed to utilise money properly and use wisely;
Too much of money also needs alertness ever at the cost of joy;
For, time spent on security denies all joy and enjoyment in life!

Doing things utilising men and material with knowledge wisely
Beauty, love and truth only ever help to live a life of joy endless!
Ramesh T A

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An Eid Wish

I hope that this eid will bring
All sorts of marvelous things
That you wish to see in the way
To increase the hours of joy in the way

For the days of joy really holds
Nice things for us that can mold
Narrow paths of joy at vast
Where happiness is given atlast

Where all our dreams of yesterday
Becomes happy reality of today
And golden hopes of our tomorrow
Washes away our pain and sorrow

So I wish especially on this eid day
Everything that will come in your way
May be full of all joy and cheer
Under God's loving bliss and his care.
Seema Chowdhury

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