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Poems On / About JOY  11/1/2014 1:46:26 AM
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No More Routine

In your heart you wear love
Like a sundown falling sky
In the cloudlets far above
Into a sunset going lullaby

When dreams are coloring light
Thru the shadows of a while
Before morning comes on bright
In daybreak freshly style

In your heart you wear dreams
Building days of much spring
Like a river falling streams
Within your eyes of freshness sing

Remember joys of gone things
All the days that light dawn
In the time tomorrow brings
Thru rising days silver swan

In your heart remember me
Every teardropp days have kissed
All our love joy found free
And our thoughts now missed

Every day that is now gone
Into bouquets of yesterdays
Love and joy forever on
In their flights of many ways
Peter S. Quinn

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Tribute to a Joyful Soul

Lively spirit
Happy-sad soul
Child but woman
Erratic....but in control
Like a bird....with no home
Even still giving others such comfort and love
Voice of an angel
Soul of a poet
Strength and wisdom and love and support
And joy. Joy always. Love down deep in her soul.

Such a blessing in my life, my dear sweet friend.
I wish you a return of the joy and happiness you give to the world.
Pandora's Box

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The hot hot sun

The hot hot sun
my skin skin skin
irksome infants
a din din din
could get under
my skin skin skin.
take a breath
a deep belly breath
let your diaphragm do the work
vorsprung durch inhallation
the oxygen bubbles into my blood
the heat touches my
my mind absorbs those mutual benefits
slows, calms, immersed a gentle euphoria
and the warmth of the breeze embraces
I feel the joy joy joy
of the sun sun sun
on my skin skin skin
on this hot hot day!
Robin Pratt

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Stay For A While

Stay for a while
In this life's trial
And then surely
You'll meet smile
And don't mope
Neither lose hope
And then surely
You'll get joy's rope
For life is bend
And full of dents
But there you'll meet
With joy in the end
Only if you learn
How to turn
On the happiness code
So joy can return.

Seema Chowdhury
Seema Chowdhury

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Poems On / About JOY