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Poems On / About JOY  8/20/2014 9:21:40 PM
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Enjoy A Beautiful Life

Look at the bright shinning blue sky
Look at the birds that're flying high
Look at the flowers and their view
That's all spreading joy that is true

Look at the star that is bright
Look at all life's pleasing sight
Look at the sun with a smile
That'll help you to go another mile

And when you'll do all this dear
Then you'll feel how much others care
And you'll enjoy a beautiful life
Where joy and fain all do survive

And you'll find the path of fain
will surely come in the way of pain
And will show you life's sight
which are full of joy and delight.
Seema Chowdhury

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To behold the dream

Living in darkness
Seeing only pain
Need driving your every sense
Everything making me insane
But there was always one thing
Shining like eternal grace
Saving my damned soul
for but a moment
I can see peace and joy
In a split second
I am free
But the moment passes
And i return
Back to the dreary world
Of which i live
Your happiness gone
My joy gone with it
Someday that Joy will be mine one day
To hold and enjoy
To be mine forever
A wonderful dream to behold
Janelle Morehart

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Consider This

Make every day a special one
For younger you'll not be
Find joy in all the little things
And let your soul be free

Don't yearn for things you cannot have,
For that will spoil life's fun
If you can do this simple thing,
You'll be the lucky one.

For money cannot promise joy
But good health and love do
if you will just consider this
Then joy, will come to you.
Joseph M. Byron

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Love and Tragedy

Yes, I have loved with love
that was more than love
more than love,
Drove myself mad with this love
with this love,
Hoping to catch a glimpse of my love
my love,
Just seeing was not enough for me
seeing my love
my love,
So I met her, my true love,
And so true it was.

Yes, I married this girl with joy
with joy,
The splendid sense of so much joy
so much joy,
And I felt so much,
My heart melt,
melt with all my joy,
my joy,
Going to sleep with her, my true joy,
And so true it was.

Yes, I watched this girl die with sorrow
my sorrow,
The fire that did it also ignited my sorrow
my sorrow,
And there was nothing to console this sorrow
this sorrow,
my sorrow,
Even still into tomorrow,
No cope in hope to borrow,
so I stayed in sorrow,
my sorrow,
Going to sleep without my love,
my true sorrow,
And so true it was.

Yes, I heard those gruesome tolls alone
just me alone,
I stood looking at her stone while alone
so alone,
Minding on what to do, now that I'm alone,
so alone,
Listening to the bells of malicious tones,
Those horrifying, loud drones,
Those dreadful, terrible moans,
Those agonizing, tumultuous groans,
Of so many people who are also alone
just like me alone,
No one left, no one here,
I was happy once, but now I hear
The toll of those bells alone
so alone,
And my joy and my love,
Is now so far above,
Leaving me here so alone
May I hope she rests in peace,
Even through my pain's increase of sorrow
At least until tomorrow,
Where I will still be alone, truly alone,
And so true it still is.
Andy Greenwald

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