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Poems On / About JOY  2/28/2015 6:33:13 PM
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Of joys and pleasing pains

Of joys and pleasing pains I late went singing,
O joys with pains! O pains with joys consenting!
And little thought as then of now repenting;
But now think of my then sweet bitter stinging,
All day long I my hands, alas! go wringing,
The baleful notes of which, my sad tormenting,
Are ruth and moan, frights, sobs, and loud lamenting,
From hills and dales, in my dull ears still ringing.
John Wilbye

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Some Call It Jazz

Evening like orange groves of joy
Joy with thunder and wind
Rain as free as rivers
Natural love with no melancholy hills
Bass runs in jazz joy
Quiet and peace in the sax notes
Laid back and mellow
Drummer plays like a mystic
Trumpet glows like stars
Piano chords with space and magic
Leave your rueful side streets
No games
No class
Just music as sweet as life
Some call it jazz
Joseph Narusiewicz

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the festival celebrated
to mark the end of Ramdan
after fasting over a month
brings love, joys and peace

Eid Al Fitre is observed
as the festval of brotherhood
of the universal kind

Festival of all religions
have some specif significance
gifted by GOD
to maintain the universal harmony

EID AL FITRE is one of them
the festival of love, joys and peace
may it come in every one's life

All religions are more pious
than any notion in the world

So, Eid Al Fitre gives us the message
for universal brotherhood and harmony

Let us celebrate Eid Al Fitre
with full enthusiasm and
share love, joys, peace and prosperity
of one's life

ramesh rai

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I am searching for melody in life

I am searching the melody of life
that will fill my heart
with all joys and tragedy of life

Thus, I am searching a melody
A melody that is not sung
by any one
which has definition of all
tragedy and joy of life

I am searching the melody of life
which has touched the highest peak of tragedy
to make me realise the highest peak of joy
to dive into the highest peak of happiness.
ramesh rai

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Poems On / About JOY