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Poems On / About JUNE  9/30/2014 10:50:21 AM
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Now it's june
You'll be leaving soon
I'm going to cry
Times really passing by
I should have told you i loved you
But it just didn't go through
Time is done, time is near
Just know that I'll always be here

I'll never forget you
You'll never forget me
If this happens we'll know
were meant to be
With you i become strong
Everything is right and nothing is wrong

You make my life complete
And everytime you say
'I love you'
My heart skips a beat
You are the one for me
Everytime you speak
I can hardly breathe

Now it's June
You'll be leaving soon
Time is done, time is near
Just know I'll always be here

Paulina Isabel Juarez

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A Tire Swing Outside Of Old St Jo

Just outside of the old historical town of St Joseph, Missouri
T'was in the late nineteen fourties, old farm house, laid back, no hurry
A day in June or perhaps it was July
Lush geen grass, white puffy clouds, endless blue sky
June bugs tied to a string
Down in the hollow Katydids sing
Squirrels barking and flipping their tails
Over in the meadow a covey of quails
Tire hanging from the old Oak tree
Kids pushing eachother out as far as could be
Creek below was clear with fish and other things
Butterflies, hollyhocks, wildflowers much else memory brings
Sounds of laughter and giggling and a hawk cruising the air
Not hard to imagine that again I am there
Blue Dragonfly

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Like My Friend

For some the advent of June
means longer days of sun (boring)
for others the loss of layers
of clothing, like my friend (a really good guy)
who hates summer, so dresses
from June to August in clothes (nice ones)
most of us reserve for fall,
which reminds him of going back (a lad)
to school, how what carried him
through hot Virginia summers
was the long slow thought (girls)
of wearing his school clothes,
walking down the wide halls,
smarter than everyone again.
Wyn Cooper

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Brothers in Blood

Hark hark, innocence hark,
When two men in step walk,
Brothers in blood and a perpetuate rule
With foe aboard, and the arms in friend,
The one on top sits crowned in mud
All others drag, bodies drenched and wet.

-On the killing of innocent protesters in Lahore on June 17,2014.

Sadiqullah Khan
June 22,2014.

Untitled by Maqbool Fida Husain 1950, Pakistan @ Sotheby's Art Auctions
Sadiqullah Khan

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