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Poems On / About JUNE  10/23/2014 6:43:29 AM
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first the seed

...in March the muffle cover of snow disappears
and good Illinois soil emits
from moment to moment
all the aromas of the history of the earth

then the shoot

...in April with each rain grows stronger
in May as thick as a doe's leg
in June stronger still and green

then the ear

...as June is July as tall as the boy
who rides in the tractor
in August all children work at de-tassling
'til the end of long days now golden and rose

then the kerrnel

...August bakes away
and September on the coolness of evening
is harvest
the monstrous combine gleans
all the cobs
and screens
fodder for forage forever
Jimi Doyle

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O June, you fill my days with brightness,
And I could gaze into your sky-
Blue eyes for all eternity,
For there is lightness in your look,
Your touch, your golden kiss, O June,
Return to me or strike me sightless!
Joshua Dinkin

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I'm Going On A Diet

Verse#1- I'm planning to take off some weight- I will start my diet quite soon- Right now it's the first of May- I will start my Diet mid-June- Verse#2- I now weigh three hundred pounds- I plan to take that number way down- To give myself an incentive- I bought a pretty small gown- Verse#3- Since I plan to start my diet mid-June- And that's about six weeks away- I'm gonna splurge on ice cream and cake- Right up until the designated day.
Joy Thacker

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This is June

This is June
Find here
The rain the sun
And the moon.

Hide and seek
With clouds,
Aaeeshanee starts
Her play school.

June is the beginning
And wets the earth
With new dreams
No delusion but here
Find clear indication
Of a new life.
gajanan mishra

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Poems On / About JUNE