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Poems On / About JUSTICE  7/24/2016 11:34:04 AM
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A Rapist Never Set Him Free

A RAPIST is a wolf walks by himself or with a gang of rapists looking for a new hunt in darkness or in light not caring about a human soul or an innocent life. Something happened inside the bus a gang of rapists raped a great soul and then we lost a great soul. O judges, we need your justice only! Never let a rapist free or have on mercy on him. A lovely soul passed away to its Creator waiting for a judge's justice. O world, wake up! Never let a rapist (rapists) in the streets, but lock them up and have your justice on them. O world, never set a a rapist free, but lock him up, and have your justice on. We are waiting. Is there an answer? !

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Chapel Hill's Tragedy

Just for sake a valueless parking-lot Towards three innocent souls, One Satan killed three persons, so Is it believable? ! Those innocent souls ascended to their Creator and The Satan fell in the justice's hand For the sake of a parking-lot! Lying's cord is short and the liar's tongue Is long... They will say that he is crazy or something Else... Innocent souls got perished for A parking-lot's sake! Does anyone believe that? ! It's a cold murder of A criminal mind want to avenge For a reason we ignore! Shall these innocent souls go for nothing? ! It's a complete crime That deserves a punishment, so Shall justice take its course In the justice's country and We feel satisfied after that from now on? ! We seek only the right justice That cools chests only... _____________________________________________

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There Is No Justice

There is no justice for the unborn child murdered in the womb
There is no justice for the weak the poor or those who die too soon
There is no justice for every unrequited love when at first it seems it was sent from heaven above
There is no justice for those in pain, the deaf, the blind, the lame and those who go insane
There is no justice for the common man even though you try to complain
There is justice when you die for in that we are all the same
Sheldon Carruthers

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Justice, justice, justice!
Where art thou? ye Stewarth?
Justice is the very warmth of an inn,
When interred from the bitter slippery, frosty storm.
Justice is the norm.
It's illusive to the door, like a very fastened door,
Cannot be entrusted to flurry mind.
Justice must be mandated.
With justice the waves are calm,
There is never a harm.
No one needs justice until
They themselves are imprisoned.
Justice is not heresy,
It's the healing of the soul.
Archie Greenidge

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