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Kisses For You... My Honey...

Got a whole lot of Love for you,
Got a whole lot of kisses just for you,
Let those Kisses not get washed away
Let those Kisses not faded,


All those tears I've shed for you


I still blow Kisses.. kiss...Kiss..
Kiss..Kiss.. Just for you..

A whole lot of Love being burst for you
Still feel those kisses.. kiss.. kiss..
kiss.. kiss.. still have a lot of
Kisses Just for you

Kiss.. Kiss..

Annie Juliet

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Eat My Bliss

Eat my bliss, suck my kiss. Listen to me as i hiss. like a snake i creep up. I'm someone I'm only hoping you miss. Misperception, misdirection. Quite a pale complexion. Just eat my bliss, suck my kiss. Don't get pissed. No reason to be, don't you see. All is dead as the sea. Theirs no love in this barely beating heart. Pleasure is torn apart. Just eat my bliss, suck my kiss. No i will not reminisce. What was broken can not be fixed and i realize this. Being straight forward hurts you and I'm sorry but that's the end of it. I don't believe in second chances or dances. I'm not pretending, or defending. What was is gone. As the sun met the dawn. So just eat my bliss, suck my kiss. Miss priss, so stuck up with your self righteous bullsh*t. Just get over it. An impossibility, please treat it such. Its not asking much. Life is rough. No I'm not mr. tough guy. I'm just trying get by. So just eat my bliss, suck my kiss. Be honest receive hell for it. A rebel without reason. A false god preaching. A perplexing equation is which there no answer. Mysteries deep in the soul i keep. Searching to find what you seek. Until its found leave all my words unbound. Just eat my bliss, suck my kiss. Presumptuous it is. Assuming leaves emotions looming. Anger held right above my head. But its not getting in. Count to ten. Say you win. Put it to its end. Just eat my bliss, suck my mother f*cking kiss. Please just eat my bliss. All i want is happiness.
Ace Of Black Hearts

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Dreamt About You

These past couple days i dream about you, it's just you and me, in this silent world, you touch me softly, sending chills up my spine, pull me as close as i can get, i stare deep into those hazel green eyes, i kiss you on the cheek, then you kiss my lips, leaving me unsatisfied, leaving me with wanting more, so i pull you back down, so i can kiss you even more, your hands slide up my waist, picking me up easily, i wrap my legs around you, lay my body down onto your bed, take it easy, this is not just sex for me, i touch you gently, leaving you unsatisfied, pull your body close to mine, kiss me eveyrwhere, don't let me slip away from you, i slowly start undressing, slide under your covers, watching you, don't leave me here, come hold me, don't be scared to touch my skin, your warmth makes my phobia disappear, kiss me long and hard, rub your hands over my body, my love, let me show you pleasure, don't worry, i'm ok, we are breathing so hard, we both know what we want, and that's each other.
Julietta Isla

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You know you have a perfect boyfriend when he tilts your chin up and kisses you. Even when you guys fight and you look into each others eyes and fall back in love. Or when your sittingin the car on your way home, and your fav. song comes on and he sings it to you. When he kisses you slowly and passiontely witout the intention of ever stopping.

Or even when he holds your hand and kisses your fingers, like when he gently bites your hand and then kisses it to make it feel better. so shove me up against the car and kiss me slowly and passiontely with out the intention of ever stopping. pick stupid fights with me so u can tilt my chin up, look into my eyes and kiss me.

to me you perfectly imperfect. i dont know what i would do without you. you are the center of my world and i love you to death and after it. so push me up against a wall, kiss me passiontely while the song far away plays out of your car stereo<3 your the drug that i've needed all this time, your lips are sour and sweet. so let live like jack and sally
Sarah matthews

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