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Dreamt About You

These past couple days i dream about you, it's just you and me, in this silent world, you touch me softly, sending chills up my spine, pull me as close as i can get, i stare deep into those hazel green eyes, i kiss you on the cheek, then you kiss my lips, leaving me unsatisfied, leaving me with wanting more, so i pull you back down, so i can kiss you even more, your hands slide up my waist, picking me up easily, i wrap my legs around you, lay my body down onto your bed, take it easy, this is not just sex for me, i touch you gently, leaving you unsatisfied, pull your body close to mine, kiss me eveyrwhere, don't let me slip away from you, i slowly start undressing, slide under your covers, watching you, don't leave me here, come hold me, don't be scared to touch my skin, your warmth makes my phobia disappear, kiss me long and hard, rub your hands over my body, my love, let me show you pleasure, don't worry, i'm ok, we are breathing so hard, we both know what we want, and that's each other.
Julietta Isla

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Kissing is a ride among the stars, , A shower of moon beams straight to the heart......Kissing transport you to paradise..... Lets you ride with Angels through starlit nights.....Kissing and touching and holding tight...No one can do with out this passion in there life......Its a magical touch that makes you reveil your feelings.......Its medicine that needs a patient for its healing........Kissing is the Art of pleasure that is always pleasing.........KISSING is a thoughtful way to end the evening..........Tim Wrightson
— in Vero Beach, Florida
tim wrightson

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His Kisses

His kisses in my dreams haunt me.
What will his kisses feel like upon my lips and body?
His kisses stirs a hidden passion within my essence, I have never felt before.
How can his haunting kisses move like waves of passion I must surrender too?
His kisses taunt my waking thoughts with wishes that he was kissing me now.
Did I fail to put up my guard when I saw his haunting green eyes calling out to me to belong forever to him?
I long for his kisses to be more than merely a dream to me.
Does he want the same?
Twisted life we live now has come between us leaving me lost and longing like maiden waiting for sailor to come back to her.
As the sun begins to set, I know when I fall asleep, I once again dream about his haunting kisses upon my lips and body.
Will he dream about me tonight?
His kisses falling upon my body like cool rain of love that will always be mine.
His kisses stir me to believe dreams can be more than just dreams in the near future.
The sweet sound of stirring wind of passion calls out my name, I know he is calling out to me.
His kisses float upon the wind of desire to surround me, as I place my hands upon my heart and say his name onto the wind of sorrow.
I miss his from my life.
I desire to him in ways that I know I should not, but how can I break his spell upon my heart and soul that he has awoken by his haunting kisses.
His kisses is what me rise and know today will always be better day with him my life and dreams.
Never do I wish to lose his haunting kissed within my dream.
Will we ever stand face to face?
Will we ever touch each other face and kiss?
His kisses make believe one day, he will kiss with all the passion that will no be just mere dream.
Ticking of the clock tells me time is slowly passing by us,
I know my love for him will be here always waiting for him to reach out to me.
Does he know how I feel for him?
Does he dream about my kisses like I dream of his kisses?
His kisses are the shiver up my spine that makes me pause in life to say his name.
His kisses are the reasons I will never give up on him.
I walk upon the road of life alone, but I know he is deep within my heart and soul.
I smile because of his haunting voice and kiss that haunts as move about the day.
Nothing about him is just merely human; he is the angel upon my life that keeps me safe and strong.
His kisses are my wicked desire to be within his loving arms.
His heart and soul is mine, I know his pain and sorrow, but yet I don’t know how his kisses taste.
I cry to wicked desire for his kisses.
Wind of passion is once again stirring within my mind for him.
How does he do this to me when he so far away from me?
Does he care what he is doing to my mind, heart and soul?
His kisses, his kisses are all I want or need.
My body tingles like bells when I dream about his haunting kisses.
His kisses make breathe as if I was born to belong to him forever.
My mind teases my body in hope and endless dream of passion with him.
Is this is wicked will upon my mind to always be lost in his haunting kisses?
His kisses could be wicked.
His kisses could be like honey.
Yet, I don’t know how his kisses taste.
Will I ever know his haunting kisses for real?
His kisses the only kisses I am long and want will I ever finally be smooth in his haunting kisses?
Firestar Christopoulos

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The Land Of A Thousand Kisses

In my dream in enter the land of a thousand kisses hoping to find my misses. I roam the land to kiss and tell.

Living to receive and give many kisses makes me realise how wonderfull a kiss is. It's soft and gentle, expressing passion and love.

O let me stay in the land of a thousand kisses to live with my misses. And i will never miss the opportunity to kiss and tell.
Ruerd Visser

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