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Poems On / About KISS  2/10/2016 6:47:42 AM
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A Kiss

A kiss blown is a kiss wasted.
The only real kiss is a kiss tasted.
Release my stiffened body with thy lips.
And stir my soul with the heat of thy kiss.

I love kisses, kisses are a blast.
Nice and slow, or when they are fast.
A kiss can be simple or very complex.
One that weakens thy knees is the very best.

Then come kiss me, sweet and twenty.
For in thy face, I see the map of truth and honesty.
I'll follow thee and make heaven of hell.
To die upon the hand I love so well.

For our love will much wealth brings.
That then we'd scorn to live with kings.A KISS! ! !
Adebayo Matthias

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Sweet Afternoon Kisses Of Passion (I Love You)

Sweet afternoon kisses of true passion.
Sweet afternoon kisses to say I love you madly.
Sweet afternoon kisses to tell you I want you.
Sweet afternoon kisses to tell you you're beautiful.
Sweet afternoon kisses to ask if you'll marry me.
Sweet afternoon kisses for Kira my sweet Queen and dear Angel.
Sweet afternoon kisses because I adore you.
Sweet afternoon kisses of passion for my best friend,
my soul mate, my hero and my everything.
Sweet afternoon kisses and big hugs of warmth to you
my sweet Kira because I so deeply love you
and want to be with you forever and ever.
Sweet afternoon kisses to so deeply warm you
and reassure you that I am forever right there beside you.
Michael P. McParland

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what does 1 kiss mean
when you get that 1st kiss from someone how do you feel but think what does kiss stand for k.i.s.s. think think and think good what that means insaid your own heart you will find it what it means deep in said you look so deep in the darkest place from one warm feeling 2 one other person insaid you heart
Jasmine Palomo

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Re-Urge Of Writing

Are we kissing the words as our eyes tangle upon feelings and thoughts. Its the love of kissing the air the send of love upon the rush of the wind. Is it the feeling of me or the feelings and thoughts of someone else en routing upon this surfacing words. Do I love myself or I love the thought of someone loving me or someone loving me hence loving them. Am I in a quagmire? Do I only kiss and caress words with intense pain. Am I only embracing the air and taking deep kisses as I inhale the air? Or probably lighten up to attract the passion of read and write? Is it even worth asking myself these questions or is it part of self realization. Are these questions overwhelming my heart, soul and mind to a point or extent of outflow?
Alexander Keli Mutua

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