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Poems On / About KISS  5/31/2016 4:52:39 PM
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I Am Longing For Your Tender Kiss

Kiss me in the day, kiss me at night,
Kiss me tenderly to the end of time,
Wrapp me with your passion in your loving arms,
Surround me with happiness, fill my life with charm.

Kiss me now and kiss me sweet,
I crave for your passion as i crave for your tender kiss,
I crave everything about you, your smell, your laugh, your lips,
You drive me insane with such pleasurable agony.

Kiss me in the rain, kiss me in the morning,
K iss me at the sunset, or kiss me when you want it,
I am crazy about you and i desire you more and more,
I want you so much, i am longing for your tender kiss.
Cristina Teodor

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Kiss Me

Kiss me, kiss me again.
Kiss me this way.
Kiss me that way.
Show me with your kiss
That I`m the only one whom you miss,
That I`m the only one whom you love,
That I`m the only one in your life.
I`m praying for it to be the truth.
Kiss me with a French kiss, bewakoof.
Kiss my forehead, my cheeks and my lips.
Kiss my hands, my feet and my knees.
Kiss my nose, my neck and my navel.
And be only mine. Be mine forever.
Saniya Galeyeva

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A Kiss

A kiss blown is a kiss wasted.
The only real kiss is a kiss tasted.
Release my stiffened body with thy lips.
And stir my soul with the heat of thy kiss.

I love kisses, kisses are a blast.
Nice and slow, or when they are fast.
A kiss can be simple or very complex.
One that weakens thy knees is the very best.

Then come kiss me, sweet and twenty.
For in thy face, I see the map of truth and honesty.
I'll follow thee and make heaven of hell.
To die upon the hand I love so well.

For our love will much wealth brings.
That then we'd scorn to live with kings.A KISS! ! !
Adebayo Matthias

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Sweet Afternoon Kisses Of Passion (I Love You)

Sweet afternoon kisses of true passion.
Sweet afternoon kisses to say I love you madly.
Sweet afternoon kisses to tell you I want you.
Sweet afternoon kisses to tell you you're beautiful.
Sweet afternoon kisses to ask if you'll marry me.
Sweet afternoon kisses for Kira my sweet Queen and dear Angel.
Sweet afternoon kisses because I adore you.
Sweet afternoon kisses of passion for my best friend,
my soul mate, my hero and my everything.
Sweet afternoon kisses and big hugs of warmth to you
my sweet Kira because I so deeply love you
and want to be with you forever and ever.
Sweet afternoon kisses to so deeply warm you
and reassure you that I am forever right there beside you.
Michael P. McParland

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