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Always Kiss Me Goodnight

Always kiss me goodnight
No matter where you are.
And I will kiss you in my mind
Waiting for the nights to come,
when the kisses can be real.

Your kisses nest easily in my heart
And stir the feathers in my soul.
I wish and hope, and run to you
in my dreams.

Always kiss me goodnight.
Robert Hiers

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The Judas Kiss

It was the Judas kiss
Which betrayed our Lord that night;
Judas kissed him in the darkness
He did not walk in light.

Now, I've received a Judas kiss
From a pastor? I got the shove;
Because the Judas kiss replaced -
The Holy kiss of love.

(I pray God lay it not to his charge)

1 Corinthians 16: 20
Richard Merrell

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Forbidden Kiss

The taste still lingers on my lips
I feel it's presence there
A forbidden kiss

A kiss so sweet
And one so pure
This kiss that plays across my lips
One that will linger there
For all eternity

My true love's kiss
His one, his only
His final kiss
That sealed our fates
And claimed his life

A kiss of life
A kiss of death
One kiss
That will last
For all eternity
In death

One forbidden kiss
Of two star crossed lovers
Fated to love
Fated to die

A kiss of light
A kiss of darkness
One of an angel
One of a demon
A sweet, forbidden kiss

An eternal kiss
That seemed to last but a moment in time
One that will haunt me for a life time
A seal of death
A broken heart
All because of
That forbidden kiss...
DiAnne Douglass

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Goodnight Kisses

All day long I waited for this
The way you say goodnight with a passionate kiss
A kiss that drives away any thoughts of sleep
And tells me your love is mine to keep

Goodnight kisses passionate or mild
Any one of yours can drive me wild
My fatigue is replaced by wakefulness
When your lips touch mine in a goodnight kiss

Arms around each other
Lying in bed
The children are sleeping
The cat's been fed
Kissing and caressing like every other night
Your goodnight kisses just feel so right

In my sleep I dream of your kiss
How our lips together brings such bliss
And I know that there's no better way
Than a goodnight kiss to end the day
Harry J. Couchon Jr

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