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Poems On / About KISS  9/21/2014 1:08:18 PM
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Haunt my dreams

I need another chance to be forgiven
I need another broken smile today

You froze every memory
You killed every breath
Come find me if you dare
Or leave me 'till the end

My nights are your mirror
My dreams are your voice
You face haunts my mind everytime I close my eyes

Kiss me like last night
Kiss me like I am your life
I will wake up as empty as i slept

Kiss me like last night
And convince that you're mine
I will wake up as lonely as I slept

Kiss me like last night
And I'll always kiss you back
I will wake up as broken as I slept...
Amanda Larsen

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Your Tender Kisses

Your tender kisses
They are sweeter than honey
Your moist lips
They are soft as rose petals
Washed with dew
At the early morning rise
as I kiss you
There is a kiss after kiss
It is hard to say enough
The kisses are deep and slow
They are gardens of pleasure
sherif monem

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just a kiss

just a kiss
all I need is your kiss
you give me this feeling that I can't explain
I swear it's driving me insane

every moment I spend with you
makes me me think I can't make it through
I need to be with you all the time
girl you are all mine

I think you are the one
now it's all said and done
girl you make my world
girl you are my world

just a kiss is all I need
then I'm satisfied that your love is good
that kiss gives chills
but that kiss also kills

it kills all the doubt
now it's gone it's all out
girl you are mine
girl I am yours.

-kuzo freak
kuzo freak

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I wish for the first kiss

I long for that kiss
The one that cramps feet
And explode emotions
To the resounding lips
Whilst striving for perfection

I wish for that first kiss
To unfreeze my love
With such ease
And free my mind like a dove
As it floats high sky above

I wish for that kiss
That will unlock my heart
And access your soul
As in love, we find home
And put on a show

I wish for that kiss
The first one, before protocol ones
The one in the mist of indecisiveness
When mind ride waves
And eyes only draw pictures
I wish for the first kiss
swabi mnisi

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