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Poems On / About KISS  10/24/2014 11:49:10 AM
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Find my Kisses to you in the wind - million kisses off in chariots-

Find my message in the bottle - my Kisses twirling in the wind-

The distance of two lovers - Kisses fly, strung end to end in bottles riding on pony and sledges,

In the morning my love, please wake to the sight of my Kisses,

I love you
David Beckham

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Hold me

I love it when you hold me
kiss my lips so supple and warm
head spinning with sensations
my body tingles in magnetic storm

Kiss me with total abandonment
dont feel you need to ration
throw cautions to the wind
whisper words so sweet with passion

Kiss my body from head to toe
let your lips lay tenderly on mine
wrap me up in your warm embrace
taste my lips as red as wine

Kiss me and tell me you love me
awaken all my senses on this day
say all the words I want to hear
kiss me slow take my breath away
Teresa Reck

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What it is to care.

Kiss the emptiness,
Hold nothingness for comfort,
Need no one but you.

Kiss the cold ether,
That surrounds you in a mist,
Keep the innocence.

Kiss the lifeless cold,
And thrive in the emptiness,
And on the silence.

So kiss all your tears,
But know that Im protecting,
What keeps me breathing.


Kiss me, please.
Rose Kirby

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our kiss

i only want to kiss you
to be there to kiss you
as you want to be kissed
when you want to be kissed
where i want to kiss you
cause i love you
Sammantha Altebaumer

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