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Kiss Me

You have kissed me in the morning
Upon my slumbering brow
You have kissed me in the evening
Upon my hand with a courteous bow

You have kissed me in the Springtime
Upon my coiffured head
You have kissed me in the Wintertime
Upon my cheeks so red

You have kissed me with great passion
Upon my heated breast
But the sweetest kiss upon my lips
Is the kiss that I love best
Sheri Walters

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Talk To Me, Kiss Me, Hold Me Amd Make Love To Me

Talk to me, Kiss Me, Hold me, and Make love to me.

Talk to me. Tell me your deepest fears. Let my words of love bring you comfort.
Talk to me. Tell me your dreams and allow me to make them a reality.
Talk to me.
Kiss me. Kiss me gently. Let me feel your love flow from your lips into mine.
Kiss me. Kiss me passionately. Let me feel your desire for me with the eagerness of your kiss.
Kiss me.
Hold me. Hold me as If I am your anchor in the storm.
Hold me. Hold me and know that I will lead you from the darkness into the light.
Hold me.
Make love to me. Make love to me and let me feel your body connect with mine.
Make love to me. Make love to me and let our love making be an expression of the love we have for one another.
Make love to me.
Share all that you are with me. Give me the honor of loving you for the rest of my life. Give me honor of finally being your wife.
Candice Witherington

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And Through My Kiss I Speak

With my kiss I tell you how much I care,
if I care.
With my kiss I tell you how much I miss you,
if I do.
With my kiss, depending on how it is,
I tell you what I deeply wish.

If in my kiss I linger,
know it's dire for you to consider.
If when I kiss, I'm soft,
it's that I want you, to open up.
And if my kiss, is somewhat rough,
Convey I desire you, that very much.

With my kiss I talk to you.
Piccola Scimmia

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The First Kiss Of The Day

We wake in each others arms
As we've been doing since you moved in
Your blue eyes open, close, open again
Then you kiss me, the first kiss of the day

Some mornings, I wake first
And I just lay there, looking at you
Even sound asleep, you're beautiful
And I think, I'm one lucky guy

Then I decide to kiss you awake
Starting ever so gently on your forehead
Kissing downward, your closed eyes, your cheeks
And finally, I reach your luscious lips

Applying a little more pressure, I kiss you
Once, twice, three times and more
Awake, you start kissing me back
And with your kiss, the day begins
Harry J. Couchon Jr

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