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Poems On / About KISS  11/28/2014 4:39:57 PM
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You Leaned Over and Kissed Me

You leaned over and kissed me
I felt my knees go weak
I coundn't speak
You leaned over and kissed me
With a pasion flowing free
Sparks flew as we can see
A touch so soft and tender
A kiss i would remember
I'm sure i kissed you back
With the fire no kiss should lack
You left me wanting more
My soul you explore
My heart no longer full of pain
Darling your love keeps me sane
Amanda Turner

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I need a Kiss,

I need a Kiss,
I need a Kiss from you,
That I compose another thought,
I need a composure,
I need a Kiss that is thinking of another thought that hast this talent,

Compose on and on,
I know that you need another kiss from me,
Maybe Iam Composing this meaning and ever realising that Iam a man,
I kiss this ego with my vicissitudes,
These men are so callous in their hearts,

Compose another thought with that Spiritual Being,
It is worth that we are living for that Glory that is to come,
Ain't no dirty with that great composure,
We ain't no other man than the Kingdom that is from this composure.
maxpoet beauty

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I wish for the first kiss

I long for that kiss
The one that cramps feet
And explode emotions
To the resounding lips
Whilst striving for perfection

I wish for that first kiss
To unfreeze my love
With such ease
And free my mind like a dove
As it floats high sky above

I wish for that kiss
That will unlock my heart
And access your soul
As in love, we find home
And put on a show

I wish for that kiss
The first one, before protocol ones
The one in the mist of indecisiveness
When mind ride waves
And eyes only draw pictures
I wish for the first kiss
swabi mnisi

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Your unforgetable Kiss

Your kiss is what i dream of every night,

Your kiss is like lighting across the sky...it makes me shiver inside and then its gone only to come when it rains again,

Your kiss is like a moon-lit sky with one sparkling star...so perfect,

Your kiss is like a unicorn...only in my dreams,

So it mustn't surprise you when i yearn for your kiss,

Cause it gets me every time.
Makada Joseph

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