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Poems On / About KISS  7/13/2014 12:28:16 PM
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I close my eyes and start to reminisce

Picturing our very first kiss

Your kiss was powerful and strong

You held my mouth for oh so long

Your tounge explored my mouth's every groove

I was petrified..., to scared to move

It wasn't like I hadn't kissed anyone before

But your kiss made me want to melt to the floor

Powerful, seductive, yet full of romance

I couldn't move, I was in a trance

What had come over me? I hadn't a clue

I just know, I was in awe of you

It was only one kiss and I will never forget

I'm 78 now and I havn't yet
katherine shaw

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Kiss Me

Do not fear,
I ask not a lot from you,
Just be near to me,
And to my ear,
Make me feel the heat of passion,
Through your breath,

I hunger for the soft touch
of kiss,
Through the air to my mouth,
Sweltering beneath my skin,
I am on fire,

Do kiss me so,
As I melt here before you,
I am weak,
Quivering in shadow,
I long for thee
To indeed kiss me,
Kiss me,
Kiss me,
I am but a flame,
Undone and cinders now.
Victoria Gauci

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A Kiss

A kiss is something that'll go like this:
An unexpected moment of bliss
A kiss is that feeling of pure joy
From your lover, whether girl or boy

A kiss is something that annot be planned
But rather a simple urge that grasps you by the hand
The moment you feel your lips touch
You'll experience a sudden rush

A kiss is something that'll stay with you forever
A reminder that your lips were once together
A kiss is something you will never regret
Let alone something you'll ever forget
Hailey Kosh

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Find my Kisses to you in the wind - million kisses off in chariots-

Find my message in the bottle - my Kisses twirling in the wind-

The distance of two lovers - Kisses fly, strung end to end in bottles riding on pony and sledges,

In the morning my love, please wake to the sight of my Kisses,

I love you
David Beckham

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