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Poems On / About LAUGHTER  5/28/2016 2:50:46 PM
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A Child's Laughter

One of a kind this cheerful sound
A child's laughter wherever it's found
From the giggling of a baby in a playpen
To the laughter of a toddler again and again

A child's laughter can bring a smile
To one who hasn't done so in such a long while
I know because that one was me
Until my daughter's laugh set mine free

A child's laughter so gleeful and pure
An innocence adults miss for sure
Laughter that can bring back the past
And memories of a youth that flew by so fast

A child's laughter can bring out the best
Of most any man when he's depressed
Cause his spirit that's fallen to soar
Until at last he laughs once more
Harry J. Couchon Jr

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Love, Laughter, And You

Three things that make my life complete
Are love, laughter, and you, my sweet
The laughter has lasted since day one
Loving you darling, has been so much fun

Whether it's giggles at the kitchen table
Or all out laughter wherever we're able
Each and every laugh, a symbol of our love
You're my everything, all I ever drempt of

Our love, now that's a bit more serious
Shining through when our laughter is delirious
Starting the day with love's tenderness
Saying goodnight with a sweet caress

Love, laughter, and of course you.
You bring into my life the other two
From the day we met, and for every single day
Love and laughter in our lives will stay
Harry J. Couchon Jr

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My Laughter

My laughter resounded through the trees,
Then bent around the stream.
This laughter had turned to tears,
When disturbed by a bad dream.

My laughter scanned the blue above,
Then arced all around.
This laughter flew through the blue,
Then landed on the ground.

If it weren't for my laughter,
Where would I be?
I'm now in a pretty position, you see,
With so much laughter around and around me.
Vera Sidhwa

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If You Are One

If you are one who does laugh away life's worries some will even say with you there's something wrong
They will dismiss you as one who is mentally not right as if seriousness to sanity belong
They cannot see the happiness in laughter joy in their being a thing they do deny
They cannot laugh or see the use in laughter one of life's great gifts 'twould seem has passed them by
Life's short enough you may as well enjoy it three score and ten the average lifetime span
On an average by a few years it is noted that the woman usually does outlive the man
Yet some people do take life very seriously though never short of money they look unhappy most of the time
They seldom smile you never hear them laughing they ought be told that laughter is not a crime
Kathy on our street the mother of seven and eight years old daughters her husband left her a few years ago
One might say she would have reason to feel unhappy but she is not one for to harbour woe
To her laughter always seems to come easy she always has a big smile on her face
Even in the mind of one who has known hard times happiness has been known for to find a place
Some though financially well off are known to shun laughter as if to laugh would be a mortal sin
Whilst to some who have known hard times laughter does come easy they do possess the glow of joy within.
Francis Duggan

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Poems On / About LAUGHTER