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Poems On / About LAUGHTER  3/2/2015 1:00:01 PM
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Best Poems About / On LAUGHTER
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Laughter is life

Laughter is life
- - - - - - - - - - -
The show must go on;
And so is our life
With laughter
It always shines
Youth comes to age
Without much strife
And it’s laughter
That makes life’s pilgrimage
Better and steadier
The flower fades
The music breaks
And the falsehood masquerades
But the laughter stays and invigorates
Life youthful and divine with grace
With laughter heart-aches disappear
And minds free from stress and fear
See a flower with laughter
Always happy and happier
A butterfly upon a flower
A cloud in the sky
While dissolving in showers
And a wave in sea splashing the shore
And the laughter with us
Dissolving in happiness more
And shall endeavour
To make life mightier and healthier
Oh soul, laugh and be merry
For that’s the golden way
Life can be lived sweeter and stronger...........

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Every morning the ritual is the same, -
I say my prayers and take His name;
As I settle down to read the papers, –
About our politician’s famous ‘blame game’!
It is then I always hear, loud peals of laughter
from our adjacent park,
A man dedicated to laughter therapy,
With his loud guffaw and reverberating bark!
Trying to resolve this laughing mystery, -
I read several articles about Laughter Therapy!

Amongst all created things and living beings,
Man alone suffers deeply in his body, mind,
and soul;
With peals of laughter he must suppress his tears,
To balance this life and control!
Yet during those rare and supreme happy moments
of life, -
Tears are seen to well-up in our eyes!
Laughter gets mingled with our tears, -
I wonder why? !
Perhaps laughter and tears are two sides,
Of the same coin of our worldly life!
While our lacrymal glands perform this feat, -
As laughter and tears join hands to make this
life complete!
While hearty, non-ridiculing and connecting
laughter does provide,
Physiological, psychological and spiritual
benefits - on hindsight!
Laughter brings a twinkle in our eyes, destroying
our conservative reputation;
Improving our cardiovascular flexibility, increasing
our spiritual quotient!
Laughter like internal jogging, gives us an internal
Performed both silently and rapidly beyond imagining!
Revitalizing those unexplored internal crannies –
all automatic!
Far better than all our know antibiotics!
Laughter a tranquilizer without side effects,
Releases our pent-up tension relaxing us instead!

An optimist always laughs to forget, while a pessimist
forgets to laugh,
My man in the park is perhaps an optimist,
Who has embraced this therapy as an art!
Or perhaps that man laughs daily at the frailties of a
meaningless life,
In this life of absurdities as he adapts himself to
This laughter therapy is a tranquilizer both healthy
and free,
Perhaps that man in the park is laughing at both you
and me!
Our life becomes a tragedy for those who only feel!
But a comedy of laughter, if you pause a while to think!
So let us try to make others laugh while we try to
control our tears,
Laughing is a healing process and drives away our
Let us make a New Year’s resolution, making laughter
our altruistic mission;
Coupled with a loving and caring heart all true, -
Let this laughter as a therapy - benefit both me and

-Raj Nandy
New Delhi
18 Dec 08
(The Physiologists say that when we cry,34 body muscles
are activated, but when we laugh only 17 muscles get activated!
Making laughter doubly beneficial!)

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Sonnet: Laughter

If we can laugh, our heart-aches disappear!
Our minds become freed off tensions and stress;
If we make others laugh, they lose their fear,
And become dear, starting to us caress.

Laughter is good for both the young and old;
Laughter can turn a foe into a friend;
Laughter can help forget our woes, be bold;
Laughter can bring to grief, an early end.

Laughter is life’s most precious medicine;
Laughter is soothing balm for all our ills;
Laughter is euphoric much more than wine,
Causing no harm to one/ increasing bills.
Then laugh and be merry, whenever you can,
For, that’s the way to live life better, man.
Dr John Celes

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Nana Tongo!

Laughter is the best medicine!
So, try to laugh all day long;
And like the muse of my friend called, Nana Tongo!

Laughter brings peace and joy to the muse of your mind;
It, credit!
Laughter is the best medicine.

Food for thought and water for thirst!
Laughter relaxes your muscles with the reflex of your joy;
And, laughter heals your soul.

Laughter is medicine!
Laughter brings in the contacts of the muse of peace;
So, try to laugh all day long.
Edward Kofi Louis

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