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Poems On / About LIFE  4/19/2015 9:06:57 AM
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The Formula Of Life

There are many formulas in life That make our pretty existence anytime Like life itself, Like love itself, Like honesty itself, and There are many things like these... We either stick to these formulas To be or not to be, but Some jump over things just to show themselves Different, but they fail even They manage things for some time... We have learned from life itself That we can not be outside our whole range of life Because there are pretty formulas That make the whole of our life anytime, so The more we stick to our life's pretty formulas, The more we succeed in our whole life anytime... Sticking to life's pretty formulas helps Us manage all pretty particles of all aspects of life... ______________________________________________________________________

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Close Caskets Chapter 2

Eternal sleep, rest the soul, as it passes through the after life not yet seen but by death itself.Silent as a soundless echo whispering across a dry desert sand burned from years of worn down ambitions.Release me, Release me, the soul screams out in a desperate measure to escape the sealed steel sleeping box, cut to embrace a physical form paused in a horizonal position no more breathe, no more pressure, no more rebuilding the heart aching pain of life.Graveyard dirt covers what's left of a body shut down and drained from life.Life comes and life goes, but death is everlasting, that vanishing point of breathless existent.So life had come through birth, so it should go by death.Fear not what lay in the after life of unsure, knowing not what comes, as fast as it's given, which means life stood still, again life disappear like a trick gone bad, a unselfish idea lost and like dust evaporating in the wind.
wallace eaton

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Life Isnt Wat U Expect

life isn't what you expect you want your life to be yours noone elses but yet people ruin your life by talking bad about you, being mean, and your parents and people in your family tell you how to live your life and once you do what they say and become something you dont want to be it feels like you've ruined your own life and you have just by letting that happen you expect your life to be the best but if you expect stuff it's more likely to not happen nine times out of ten but even though life may not be what you want it to be its still your life no matter how much you deny it it's still yours so live life to its fullest and dont let yourself down just be you its your choice noone elses.
victoria parks

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On Every Other Line

I am waiting someone or something To change my whole life happily, but Instead I find nothing other than written words Of sufferings and pains On every other line of my whole page of life Simply because life has done its work towards me, This life is so cruel and Is so hard on me and on my page, My whole page of my life is engraved and every other line There are words of pains and words of sufferings, This is my page of life Which I encounter everyday, I avoid pains and sufferings, but They chase me painfully, Avoidance is impossible because of My page of life, Everyone has a different page in life, but My page is very different Simply because it is a page of Care, distress, pains, and sufferings, My fate - I can not avoid it - prevails With my sufferings that are infinite, If people go this way, then I have to go the opposite way automatically, My pains and my sufferings are infinite Because of my overstuffed pages of pains and torture, Alone accompanied with care and distress Anywhere I go, On every other line, there is a sign of sufferings and of pains, Life's cruelty beats all that is good in it, so We live in it dead while we're alive and We live in it alive while we're dead.

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Poems On / About LIFE