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Poems On / About LIFE  5/27/2016 9:05:58 PM
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Best Poems About / On LIFE
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Where There A Light Of Life For There A Angel Of Respect.

For what is happiness for one to have happiness thus one wish for the touch of respect but for one who look to the sky for one feel the light of life thus the more one wish for the touch of respect the more one will feel the touch of the light of life but for who's heart will feel the light of life and yet where there a light of life for there a angel of respect.

Thus for every angel that one see is the light of life for one who wish for the touch of respect for every min that one feel the touch of the angel light of life for when one feel the sun thus the birds shall sing for a heart for the touch of respect but yet just to feel the sun is like feeling the touch of a rose and yet where there a light of life for there a angel of respect.

Every min that one feel touch of the angel for who's eyes sparkle in the night but yet for every moment that the moon shine the more stars that one will see yet when the moon touch the night sky for it's the angel that fill the moon with respect thus the more the angel fill the air the stronger respect get and yet where there a light of life for there a angel of respect.

For every light that one see is the light of life that will touch once heart with the touch of the light of life but when one feel the touch of respect for it's the angel that filling once heart thus for every rose that one see shall feel the touch of respect for every rose is the rose of the angel for every min that the sun shine for one feel the light of life in the air and yet where there a light of life for there a angel of respect.
Raymond Sawyer

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What I Am Is God’s Gift, What I Become Is My Gift To God


What I am is God’s gift, what I become is my gift to God tells us that our own body and the life that breath in our body is God’s precious gift to us but what this body can become and what sense or impact of our being as a person to others and to God is our gift to the Almighty. Our own body and life is our own gift from God on the day of our creation from womb till we joined this world to become what we want to mirror in this journey of life. God has given us all the provisions to live and all the faculties we need to grow as a person. He gave us a body strong enough to withstand trials of life like illness, sorrows and pains to keep us not so much fragile to anything that we can paint our own journey in this life. No doubt the life we breath is indeed God’s most precious gift to all of us. Precious than anything like glittering gold or diamonds. Our life is really beyond compare being the ultimate reasons God had created this world and the very reason why He gave his only begotten Son to secure and protect such gift to all of us. Truly, our own life is our gift from God but what we become as a person is our gift in return to God.

What we wanted to become in the eyes of men and God is our gift in return to such noble and precious gift of life we had from God. Our body is the temple of God’s Kingdom when we let our soul glitter like diamond upon the eyes of God if sense of righteousness lives within every breath we take as we deal with other people and so with God. It is how we used this body as an instrument to fulfill our own mission in this life through our own vocation, work or services we take is our gift to God. Everything we do in this life in the service to other people and to God is our own gift to the Almighty. Everything we do to the temple of God’s Kingdom, our body, determines the impact of our sense of being as a person in the eyes of God and men. Truly, if we wanted to be looked upon as a glittering diamond in the yes of God and men, we must live in righteousness upholding all the fundamental truth and wisdom of God as we relate with other people and as we serve with prudence sharing our life and services to others.

Our own sense of being, purpose or mission through our various ways, vocations or services is the way how we return our gratitude and appreciation to our gift of life from God. The way how we share our own life to give life and light to others is our gift to God. Make this life then shine for others and to God for it is our own little way of returning the favor of God’s grace and love to us.

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Precious Life

Life, life is treasure
Life, life is creating life
Life, is health and purity
Life, life is precious
Life is the reason you gasp for air
Life, life is the line between living and dying
Life, life is the trees we cut down for profit
Life, what is life?
Life is living, life is the reason i breath
Sila Bakoutana

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Saying Good Bye And The Shaping Of Our Lives

Saying good is the one of the hardest things one person can do or face. You remember the times all too well and looking at them wondering when or if I will ever you see again. You often look at life through bus wind shield rolling down so cold high way on a rainy July evening. For when we say good it’s hard whichever way you slice the pie. We say good bye too many types of people loved ones family and the departing souls heading for the next leg of the race. That meaning the light and then heaven. For life are more than cycle of one shorts and its coming together of many people. For life beats like drum and you walk down the street head held high but you never what’s coming next. We live by ones choices of actions and they affect ones person life. Ash’s to ash’s dust to dust we live knowing we have enjoyed world with in world that is greater than one self. We all are going so where like the midnight train bound for higher hopes and greater chance to make out west. We always look for higher hopes and most of us find them so way or another. We ride the rails of life and look out into the landscape watching life transform in front our eyes. We are the fruit and god is the tree in which we have spawned of. For life is a wonderful place. Each generation it gets little better and little more complex. Keeping faith in core family values and living to the highest of standards is the best person bet to be great. For one person career must come of happiness and not money or fame. Those things come with package. Happiness is the key to life that drives the car. The car takes down string of roads taking us far and wide. For life is about believing and faith. For we must always give 210% and be all we can be. For lord dwells in each one of us and for eternity and for we are the window and that shines within. The light that shines inward is hope to get us through and when the times are tough fate gets us there. For when time has come and we have done all we can do the lord whispers to us and says my child its time. We never why the lord choose those times to take are wonderful children with in. but lord always needs more angels to him and for thus there is whisper in the wind and the soul is departed. For they say one door closes and another ones opens. You are never lonely and though its big big world there lord is watching over you. For learn the most from departed and it changes us inside and makes us deeper. We are the waves shaping the sea shore and we shaped by the granger of their marvel. For life always is glass half full for me and I drink to that my good friend. I have found that more we face the more we can withhold and for this is song is not unfinished until the last breath of life is taking and that is life. For dealing with friends departing is much easier. They are very many ways the same and for thus they return like Frisbee most of the time and this not always the case. We have million friends but our family is true friends and thus life is makes it. Friends help us with the good and bad. They help us write our song and thus we are the sweet melody of life.
joe hirsch

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