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Poems On / About LIFE  7/27/2016 5:59:06 PM
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Best Poems About / On LIFE
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Life's Secrets

Everybody is always so bummed about all the bad things in life. Just think every thing bad will equal to something good it always does in the puzzle of life always connecting one part of life to another shaping you like clay into the person you are today and tomorrow. Make today yesterday and live life as if today was the future and it was the end. I live by many codes one is live life to the fullest no matter how dangerous or stupid it is because you never know what will happen tomorrow. Yeah so everyone has a bad day but that bad thing makes them a better person. It makes them stronger inside giving them a sense to what might be the difference in people. Detecting bad is a gift from pain and depression trapped on the inside of me or you or anyone. And if anyone wants to complain about who you are tell try someone who cares because all you need to do is believe in yourself and never let anyone put you down for anything that is you. Rise up and be yourself this is the true meaning of life. And with that its saying life's horrible but you just can't give up on life. Give up on life you give up on yourself...
Jackson Wings

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My life has sucked but its just life.
When u find someone that ur in love with its just life
But when you get your heart broke it takes time to heal but its just how life is. When life takes a tearn for the worst its just life u can see them again in life. But its hard to get to a normal life. It sucks that life has to be really hard sometimes
courtney harkey

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My Life Recently

I've done a lot of growing up lately and I've realised who I can always rely on in my life and who I can't. Sure my life has always been tough, but I had to get to through the rough parts to make it through the easier part in life. I've learnt many lessons in life, and there's not a day that goes past, that I'm happy with the decision I made at the end of the day. I will always have people walk in and out and my life teaching me things, some was quicker than others. Some I'm still learning. I'm thankful for the people who have made all differences in my life, a good or bad time..so thanks for the people who made me happy thanks for the good times, and the bitchy people thanks for making me stronger. Life will always have its ups and downs just like me, I could be like a lot of people in my life really fake. But who am I trying to kid then? I know there will always be that one thing that will make me go back to square one, but I know I've gotta keep my head high even though I don't want to. People say my life will get easier, but I don't think it will. I know everyone says everything happens to you for a reason, how long does it take to find out this reason. I feel like I've gotta put a smile on and act like nothing is bothering me, I can do that pretty well maybe them acting lessons paid off...I'm sorry if I'm not always happy but hey this is me.....
Lisa Harvey

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The Outlaw Immortals

This life is unfair. It favours some but scorns others or have different Gods created the black and the white? O' ye life, why hath thou favoured one suffer the other by enslaving one side and making the other masters. O' ye life, hath thou not given birth to outlaw immortals that strive to liberate themselves and their fellow servitudes from hostility? O' sweet malcom x, i wonder what you'd tell life if you are still alive? O' darling luther king, how dare life depart your soul despite all your humility and gentle approaches to all the vageries of life itself? And you, tupac amaru, the son of shakur, can you hear me wherever you are? Surely you are not far from the truth in your allegations that is life that made you a thug because you rose from the gutter to fame despite the hatred and suffering you went through. Beloved mandela, God be thanked for you are still alive to someday speak about life that looked at you did time behind bars because of your struggle for antagonising the odds of those that are against the existence of blacks but their fellow humans. O' ye life, you surely need adjustment.
Jackson Joseph Eguabor

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