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Poems On / About LIFE  8/28/2015 4:27:34 AM
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Best Poems About / On LIFE
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Life Has A Short-Term

We can enjoy life, but it is short-lived even We think that it is long-lived Anytime, anywhere, and everywhere... Our good deeds are the only things That work in this life and In the life-after... The more good deeds we do, The more we reap in our whole life... This short-lived life is considered Great and wonderful in what we afford To our brothers and to our sisters In humanity anywhere and everywhere... If some think that this short-lived life Is a long-lived life, then They they are completely mistaken... Our good deeds that greatly and wonderfully Matter in this transitory and short-lived life only... ____________________________________________________________________

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The feeling of sadness one feels is mind blowing, to be in complete darkness is what one feels as days go by with no care for anyone but the loves of ones life, the heart knows only pain and seperation happiness was there but like all things they come to an end and life has to begin but how if life never really began should one start over, life is un desireable these days feelings no one knows hearts have pain lives have been lost time has ended death is near love has no place for one who has no heart life is abysmal time passes again day begins and one feels nothing tears fall and no one sees the pain one feels one feels lost life has reason just not for one hearts feel one can't feel with nothing to give warmth and love time is gone the clock has stopped heart beat begins to fade life begins
lena clift

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Things Happen Is Life That We Must Always Be Ready For!

You know how are parents are always trying to say that there just preparing us for the real world, well be thankful things happen they’ve been through it if not everything. Something’s in life you must prepare for and see it in a new way for me, I see life as a book life like a book and not just an ordinary one it’s one of those that you must take your time reading. Otherwise you’ll miss something really important there’s always a detail or something to learn, but as you turn the page in your mind you say oh or yeah like your understanding or likeness. Unfortunately some people never get to there story weather it is by accident or purpose, and as friends and family or just associates we all have to be ready for life. Sometimes life can end in a heartbeat or prolonged suffering I say to you never underestimate the person next to you, cause they could be going through a lot more than yourself. Sometimes the smartest guys is only that way because he escapes to a library to get away from his parents, arguing or complain on the things that he or she has no control over which may also apply to the most athletic person. Some of have friends whom we may entrust to hold or secrets and share our pain, others do not I Allen gill jr ask that we as students of Glenville high school don’t just look at him or her but as brother and sister. Let go of this pain and hate for they blind you from the happiness you could have in life. I know sometimes we want to yell and scream but we need to keep converting that energy to something more useful, but sometimes we have to be ready cause here comes that curve ball from life whereas we just explode because people are dumping there problems on us. We try so hard to help them that we forget about ourselves so what im trying to say is be ready for life, just prepare things will happen no ones life is prefect not even for celebrities so don’t just say “oh I’m going to be a celebrity when I graduate” life is so much harder than what we may think the time and effort to make dreams come true comes at such a great cost I ask are you ready to spend the time needed or will you end up on the corner we all have the potential to do so much more with our lives don’t let other people be your fall from fame I ask you to stand up and be you Glenville students and staff.

By Allen gill senior classman and homecoming king candidate
Allen gill

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One Life

As I set for lands far and wide, I took at life. I didn’t know if I was coming back or weather I see the world. As I looked a fellow soldiers shook their hands I realized than life in upon me. You got one life to live and one dance to share. As stood there over look the skies I wonder about the world and why we are we different. I smiled at my family and I know I found the greatest sense of joy one man could feel. We are often looking at each other and judge. For it is not the color of their skin, weather they, black, white or other creed. It doesn’t matter whether you catholic, Christian or Muslim. You got one life to live and once dance to share. You are born and you die. The deep you travel in your soul to find your quest for peace, you know that you can make difference. As I looked out than window rolling down that run way bound for lands greater than myself, I had known nothing great than home I had came from. I knew that life was again dancing with me. I rehearsed the words you have to life to live and that’s all you got I met traveling soul. He said my dear boy let me you something. I listed to wise old words of this man. He said for every chance you get dance, you always get improve to become the best. As I looked he and he look back smile. I had known this man for minute and he somehow show me the light. To my amaze he was catholic a preacher who spoke of the light with passion and kindness. As conversed we realized we embarked knowing that life was upon us. We again sung the words you got one life, one dance. As I stood there looker the ocean blue I began to realize what this wise man had said. We began to ponder about life and the world. We fought there 15 months and in those 15 months he embarked on the greatest crusade. As I sat there listing to my grandfather tell me this story I knew that my life would be great than anything else. Than one life and that once chance one last one time in history. As I smiled back at him, he told me he’d loved me and I said the same. I went to bed and I remember this like it was yesterday. We are one, we great, we are mighty and we are brothers and sisters
joe hirsch

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