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Poems On / About LIFE  2/6/2016 11:43:45 PM
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Best Poems About / On LIFE
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If Life Picks Someone To Be Or To Be Not

When life picks me anytime To be or to be not, then It means that life is working Its work towards me in a certain way, It hides a lot of surprises to us Whether to be or to be not... How to be or to be not Is the question left for us... Life is pretty anytime, but when It turns its compass, then No one knows what will happen... If life gives, then It will surprise us anytime... When life takes, then Its taking is so painful... We are not living on the in-between In this life Simply because life either gives or It takes anytime and anywhere... Life can not be controlled by us Even if we try for some time Simply because it's stronger than us And we're weaker than it... When life picks, then We have no choice, but To accept its deal anytime... This life is the stage We stand on it To be or not to be anytime, so Shall we accept to be or to be not? ______________________________________________________________________I dedicate this poem to Heyam and her kids. ______________________________________________________________________

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A Starting-Point Of A New Life

When we wake-up suddenly from A certain dream or from a certain long-sleeping day, It means we find a new way To start a new life... Our whole days are completely gloomy, sad, and absurd Simply because that's the whole way of our life now... We are merely unaware of what's going on around us Simply because we are in great oblivion and They don't tell us about our situation now... We are extremely unaware of our pains and of our sufferings In this daily life in which we are amid it... We only need to start something different, pretty, and unique In our current life, but Regretfully we find ourselves jailed within an illusive world That never belongs to our current world or to any other world... We are completely hand-cuffed in a life that is Greatly ugly, absurd, and untrue... We need to find ourselves a unique life, but We find a hollow life that is defined as meaningless... Starting a new life is compared to like repenting of one's first sins Anytime, anywhere, and everywhere... Although our whole life is ugly, absurd, and even meaningless, but We will be keeping our eyes on a new-start to a new-life that Takes us greatly and wonderfully into that great world we look for...________________________________________________________________

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Life Is A Journey

Life is a bunch of experience that you go through different stages of growth. Life is a game that needs wisdom, perseverance and a smart player who acknowledges Alpha & Omega to be in charge as He is in control. Each and every individual has to tell himself not to let any single incident without living a lesson in his life for the best teacher is Mr Mistake. In life to become successful you first need to find God’s purpose about your life. ‘Isaiah 54: 6-8 your ways are not my ways neither your thoughts’, God says. His plans are wide and huge for us, but sometimes we forget that our lives in ages were well planned and take the drivers platform creating huge mistakes. We need not to underestimate God’s power even once in our lives, but allow him to do his will as he wishes. I never knew that silence is one of ill treatments until I pass through the stage of trials and tribulations and responded by being silent. Life contains a lot of challenges some conquers us but that does not mean that it’s the end of the world life goes on by the way. Sometime we do things to get knowledge, experience and satisfying the fillings of the moment fooled by our hearts by switching off our minds but still we can’t stop everything time is ticking. Life is a gift from God so we need to acknowledge that. It’s a once off opportunity that needs to be enjoyed intelligently. We need to teach ourselves to learn from one’s mistake, to respect and adore ourselves.

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Life Is Ventriloquism

Life is cheap fiction novel filled wit bullshit and lies. Life is like a video game you play till u die but u only got one chance to succeed. Life is cheap and sometimes does not even feel real it feels like were puppets on the government’s leash. I wish that the dreams we have come true and you can be that super hero you wanted to be when u were five but no u have to work and do this and that but beside the point I rather work for a living than collect money on the streets or hustle your way out of debt. You control your life nobody else does so be happy if u have a successful life and keep living it graduate high school peruse the dreams u had as a little kid if that what u want. Don’t let any one tell you how to live your life. Because theirs is no better than yours. Like I said up above life if a video game u play till u die but u only get on chance. No ones life is better than anyone else is because we are all the same person. There’s a saying about life eat well stay fit die anyway. So in reality to the end of life another way or another we all going to die someway

By Erik Mcconniel
Erik Mcconniel

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