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Poems On / About LIFE  4/19/2015 5:53:45 PM
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Best Poems About / On LIFE
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A Hell Called Life

Why is it that when you finally become at ease in your life it always crashes back down and makes you feel worse than ever before…. It makes you feel that your life isn’t worth living with this pain…. The pain of whatever you do you’re not going to get anywhere because it will always reverse itself and place you back where you were before….then the pain becomes even worse than before….I mean if your life is just going to reject itself why bother trying to move forward if you’re just going to be sent back to square one…it’s not fair you should be able to live your life without obstacles standing in your way…living life like this is inapt….because you have a tendency to attempt suicide….you feel trapped in a never ending nightmare…and you believe suicide is the only escape from the imprisonment called life….. And right now…an escape I what I need… an escape from the people in the world whose only desire is to put you down…send you back to step one and no…there is not a space to collect two hundred dollars because you can’t get a break from it…there seems to be no good thing about your life like there is nothing that’s holding you back from jumping off the edge into the depths of hell because to you…. Hell sounds a lot better than your life is…. I just wish there was a reject button so you can emit yourself from the nightmare and just give up on life…. For me…there is no reason to live anymore...because whatever I do…whatever I do….it always rejects itself and sets me back to the world that I wish to escape from… and I am really tired of it…because the more I try to fix it the worse it gets….it’s just not worth the pain anymore…..
Celene Bonin

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Yhe Jagged Path

I have walked the Jagged Path in life and the path has many cracks and misstepped times that I wish I could straighten the path out but to fix my path would mean to go back and face many hardships and times in my life and I think sometimes that path was the best times of my life to have. I look back at the time of life and I see many times that were so Happy to me and I wish sometimes I could live that time over but for now all I have are my memories. The path has taught me many valuable lessons and has taught me how to be the adult that I have wanted to be but sometimes I wish the path would get easier in life but than my path would not be so jagged and cracked. I would love to see the people in my life that truly meant the most to me one more moment in life and just to relive that path to me would be a hard and jagged moment in my heart but the path of life is leading me on some new and wonderful experiences and teaching me about the things that life is really all about and for that path that I am on I guess I will stay with the path that does not seem so jagged and cracked up and seems to be smoothing out and that path I will choose to stay on.
weslie littrell

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This Is My Story

Many people lives are corrupt, many kids have experienced living without a father as they grow up.Funny because my story starts the same all my life I've lived with the pain of seeing a struggling mother take care of three would have been four sad part about my little brothers twin He lives no more, a tear dropp fell from his nose to let us know where he was planning to go his father running the streets on the go.me the second oldest of now whats a triangle try look at my life in this angle i consider my little brother as an angel though suffering from a disability he tries everyday to live his life as a normal kid to his best ability.moving on everyday watching my mom as she strives on to make this crazy life a happy home bills after bills watching her as she struggles with her illness-diabetes and trying to feed the mouth of three almost dying in a car crash which landed her in a hospital for almost weeks, her life flashing before her eyes but all she could think about was coming home to Brian, kevin, & I.now with no car no sort of transportation everyday waiting on a ride but patiently waiting...she prayed for my life when i almost lost my life after a human had the nerve to hit me with their vehicle then run never knew if i would make it till the next day to see the rising of the sun amazing because the person is still on the run.Fractures to the whole left side of my body god has bless me to still get up and play basketball because he knows that's my favorite hobby.My little brother has had it rough too walking on I-95 from school because no one bothered to do their job like they are paid to do but thank god for seeing us through; my oldest brother has had a bumpy road to travel down but he always managed to hold his head looking to high grounds. no guidance besides my mom because my father left me to be her responsibility alone, without my mother i would not feel as if i belong; though lacking somethings i can say i have a strong single parenting cheering me on to become someone great no matter what obstacles i have to face.How can a father deny his on kid had the nerve to have a DNA test to see if i was his after fourteen years; $75 dollars he didn't want to give to pay for a special event for his own kid like the prom where i had the chance to get out and live.But enough about me because my father up above not only has a plan for me but also the second creator of me along with my siblings because you have to struggle before you succeed I never knew me and my family had to see trials before seeing the rainbow cross the sky to bring hope to our eyes.This is my story this is part of my life i wouldn't ask you to walk in my shoes because their too tight upon your feet they wouldn't look right their no quite a good fit not even for me.
Queen Taz

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Life is precious life is short,
But take care life is for all.

Life is blessing life is soul,
Life is inside you never try to steal it anymore.

Life is flora life is fruit
Never try to uproot its roots.

Life is tragedy life is sorrow
Try to lend also never always borrow.

Life is reality life is truth
Never challenge it is our strength.

Life is custom life is festival
Always try to celebrate it like a carnival.

Life is blossom life is a season
If you still have query there is no reason.

Life is happiness life is sacrifice
Forgive your enemies once you will feel pride.
Hardeep Singh Dhillon

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