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Poems On / About LIFE  4/19/2015 2:06:33 PM
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Best Poems About / On LIFE
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Life it goes on without knowing what comes up next not knowing what mite be around the next corner not knowing what mite happen at any momonet your life could change & you wouldnt even relize it.to think your Life could end in a split sec. There's so much in life that we dont even understand What you have to remember is that you only live once so make this Life worth living learn 4m your mistakes dont let your past get the best of you.You have to learn everyone falles down in life so just pick yourself back up & keep moving & remember weather you tell yourself you can or you can not your rite!
Henry Craig

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'Life', it is splendid, and it is grand, 'but', it takes few people by the hand.'Life' is full, of unxpected surprises, so when it catchs up with you, 'don't' try to hide it. 'Life' is happy, 'life is sad', 'life is scary' and can even be bad; love it, live it, laugh it too, because life belongs to me and to you.
Khalilah Bain Mackey

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Pretty Flashcards

Our life consists of pretty flashcards Like goodness, honesty, boldness, and Everything that is great and wonderful, Everyday we have a lot of pretty words That are engraved in our minds'pretty Flashcards that make us feel proud in All our life anytime and anywhere, Our pretty flashcards can prevail as Long as we stick greatly to them in our Life and we can stick to them greatly, We all love goodness, honesty, boldness, And we love all that is great and pretty, Pretty flashcards are everywhere on earth, But we have to pick them greatly and proudly, Our life's pretty flashcards are our Concrete foundation stones in our life, then We strongly pick our pretty flashcards to Make them our pretty steps in life.

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Eve (The Pretty Face Of Love)

Eve is a pretty name Represented in our mothers, Our sisters, Our daughters, Our aunts, Our pretty lovers, The pretty women, All women without any exception Because they are pretty, The real spice of life, The real life, The real motherhood, The real sisterhood, The real pretty words, The real love itself, Eve is the real love in life Because she is the real word of life, so Love itself is mixed with the pretty word Eve, She is a real giver of love and warmth, Eve gives life a different taste, so Life becomes meaningful and wonderful.

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Poems On / About LIFE