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Poems On / About LIFE  5/26/2015 12:28:32 AM
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What If The Earth Had A Name

What if the earth is as much a part of us as we are of

I started to look from my purer eyes, looking from the inside out. As I wondered about the quotes I was reading. I wondered what the earth's name is. Reading about earth day, I started to wonder about everything. Is the earth blind or is it doing something we don't see? What does the earth call itself? As I look at the food chain I wonder why do animals that are part of the food chain, have such order when we have none, or do we? As the guy with a gun points it at my head, I thought I never done anything wrong that I haven't already paid for. I've saved many lives. How do I deserve this? Maybe there's something we don't see. I know there's no such thing as evil, every thing happen for a reason. So what good would come from my death? Who on the face of this earth wants me gone? Then I open my eyes as I remember the food chain. If we are at the top who has us in check? Maybe nature. Why not? He or She or what ever it may be. Why not, this is not evil or wrong. It may be right as sad as that can be. We eat off it with never paying it back. We cut down the trees that give us our very breath, we cut them down when they can't even fight back. We take life without ever paying a price. Its sad, but we never pay up thinking being human is enough, . as though we deserve this much. Then as I cry with a smile I told him 'your life must have been shit. If you can shoot that gun' I ask who is truly pulling the trigger, you or your life. Did your world make you this way? Everything happens for a reason. If you help an old lady cross the street and you pick up a 1$ dollar bill you wonder what's paying you. Maybe there's a balance that we don't see, but if you ever looked back wondering if you deserved anything. As he drove the gun deeper into my head as I wondered why they sent someone with a hell of a miserable life. How could someone with a nice life pull the trigger. I realized at that point how blind we all are. Who would need you gone but the earth its self. It's not good nor evil nor does it hate you, its just trying to fix the order in all things,
that we break so bluntly because we are part of the chain. It's sad. One Saint can't change the world full blind individuals. Individuals that don't see or think they know anything when thinking you know anything is the first step to knowing nothing. You will never know everything we are always learning. There is life all around you and no one is alone on this earth. We live our lives looking down on all things that don't speak as I realize that all life is the same we just stand on different sides. If I was bug a human would kill me with not even blinking. Your life is own only as important as the life you give all things. You life is only as important as what you value the least. Bugs are a symbol of how small life can be or how small your life should have been or how big life truly is. Is it you earth would this be why? Why would I die, is it something you or me have done in our last life or am I that important as well. I found this was one of many answers. I found on earth day when I read it, I traded places with my conscience. When we die why do we not stay there in the so-called paradise we think of? Maybe nature is there. The killer of you father your mother all your children. Who would stay in the same room with that ground you walk on and the wind in your face. But like I said before, everything happens for a reason. There is no evil or good just someone with something, to gain and someone with something to lose. We know the only thing that comes out of war is humans dying. How is that a good thing, who gains anything out of it, now you know. Earth may be blind but we're the ones that don't see. But is this me wondering or have I found one of the answers to all things. As I was wondering about all this, I thought it won't change anything because everything happens for a reason. Me writing this, you reading it why you saw this, take it to heart may be you won't play your part. When the day comes when you're a part of everything all you have to do is hope that your life is meaningless and nothing. Earth day makes me wonder if I'm the one with the learning disability. Maybe I'm a dark Saint or just not human. All I did was read earth day. That's what I was feeling, what I saw, that's what I thought I'm just a child that got wiser. As I ask the earth 'I wonder what your name is so I know how to thank for this soft wind that blows though my soul'. But you know, ask your self what the earth thinks of us. If you ask yourself, if you think really hard, and truly deep, the dice always fall in the same place as the fates that we create.
cortez the dark all seer

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The Journey Of A Thousand Miles, Begins In A First Step


In everything we do in this life, it always begins in a first step. In other words, when we want to achieve something or excel in any field of endeavor in this life, we must take the first step or move. Basically, we can not move upward in a ladder without stepping on the first step and if we will not take the first move to go upward and journey beyond a thousand miles in seeking our dreams and aspirations in this life.

In our ardent desire to achieve our ambitions, aspirations, wants and needs in this life, we really can not have them if we are not willing to take the first initiative, first move or first step towards such long journey before reaching the petals of our desires or aspirations in this life we owed from God. We must really have the guts, courage and patience to dip our own toe in the sand of burning obstacles, trials and bellowing risk with prudence in this life before we can finally reach the pinnacle of our dreams. It always take a single step to begin any long and arduous journey in this life while we are seeking the meaning of our sense of being and reaching and realizing what we wanted to do and become in this life.

We really can not move forward or go a long way in this journey of life to reach our desired destiny our faith or fate may determines without taking the first leap of courage, sacrifice, patience and perseverance along with dynamic commitment and interest to go on with the journey even if at times the way we are traveling may not be as cool as we wanted or as clear as we prayed. Indeed, any journey in the ocean of life to reach the other shore of our dreams and aspirations in life always begins in sailing with a first paddle of guts and courage to succeed.


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Life Is What Life

Life is what life is with you
Life is the deepest love of life
Life is the nectar of the result of sacrifice
And life is life when it is going
Towards supreme eternal atmosphere
Life is life happy and opulent in life
Life is in nutshell different sacrifices.
gajanan mishra

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My life has purpose *My life has meaning *It's not the same as everyone elses *But somewhere in this world there's someone with similar being *Going a different way *Having a different insight *Someone *Somehow *Someplace *We two meet *We two Talk *We two Listen *We two Think the same *We two Determine life as a whole *Equal we are *We two add more to life *We two are different *We two are separate *Someplace *Somehow *Someone *Your life has meaning *Your life has purpose
Shemeka N Daniels

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