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Poems On / About LIFE  2/12/2016 8:01:34 AM
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The Touch Of Respect Is The Touch Of Light Of Life.

When the sun up thus every rose that been fill with respect and yet when one wish for one wish to feel the respect but yet every touch of respect one been touch with the light of life thus when one wish to feel respect for one see the moon light that touch once heart with the touch of life.

Just to be where the moon light shine for one see a star but yet the night breeze whisper the name of Star bucks for it's Star bucks that have good cup of fresh coffee in the morning but every cup of coffee that one drink for the moon light is there to fill once hear with the light of life.

Respect is like being in love but when one feel the light of life then one see another day but yet just to see the birds for the sun shall warm once heart with the light of life but for every rose that one see is the life of what one is just o feel the breeze for one think of a good cup of fresh coffee.

Where there night thus there the family of respect just to see the moon light of life and yet life is special fr one who has a good life is like drinking a good cup of coffee but for every cup of fresh coffee the light of life will touch once heart with respect where there happiness for one feel the touch of respect.
Raymond Sawyer

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What If One's Bad Deeds Beat One's Good Deeds

Bad deeds always versus good deeds Simply because that is the way in life, If something is bad, then We must avoid it or If something is good, then We must appreciate it anytime, Only good deeds prevail because that's a good way in life or Someone chooses a rouge life which is disgusting anytime, As pretty human beings, We tend to choose only good deeds against all bad deeds, Good deeds relieve us unlike bad deeds bother us in life, Most of the pretty people in life what is termed good deeds Against what is termed to be bad deeds, but A few people choose the wrong road simply because they like to lead a Wrong life for some time, then they will fall sooner or later, The more anyone gets happy, the more he gets sticking to good life, so Good deeds are appreciated anytime, anywhere, and everywhere over bad Deeds.

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A Long Trip

That endless trip never ends Simply because we take it Everyday for granted... I take that life's long trip As a test To my feelings and my emotions Just to get myself Out of what I am involved in Every time... Life's long trip takes its way Ahead without listening to us... We take all life's trips Guaranteed without taking cautions... We are merely travelers into the Unknown to be only in the unknown... I can not sometimes complete my My life's long trip Simply because I have to have Some compulsory pauses Here and there... Life is always hard and difficult Simply because we challenge its Absolute authority Without any reasons... Life never stops its course Simply because it can not wait For anyone... A long trip is the only way Everyone must take it willingly Or unwillingly anytime... That's our life... ______________________________________________________________________

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This Life Is Like A Bubble

This pretty and great bubble which We see it flying away And without wings Is like this life which We live day by day Simply because it's all, but An illusion and a clear mirage... This life is not more than A bubble that lives the same life Any flying bubble lives anytime... Life is short-lived although We feel that we live it sometimes for ever and ever... Whatever the period which we live it here, then Our whole life will not be more than a bubble, so Why don't we live it greatly and happily together? ______________________________________________________________________

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