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My Own Life's Quotes To Live By - April

1) Whisper of the Soul

No matter what challenged we face, God will always be there to hold us close in His heart. We have endless worries and layers of stress to deal with everyday. Over time frustration creeps in and our plans are interrupted, but in all these times God show us that He is there and He will help us to accept life's challenges and to battle our depression. And when our exciting and inspiring life stall and stop, then we realize that if we hear to the whispers of our soul we can relive an unlived life and can move along and let our spirit lead us freely a d stir our passion and allow us to be strong and once again spread our wings and soar high.

2) Unpredictable Chain of Events

Life is an unpredictable chain of events where we are weighted down by routines and responsibilities. Where there are moments of fear and doubt and where we feel defeated and hopeless, but then a moment of truth comes where if we hang on to hope we can take us from despair to our destiny and then things will begin to make sense and we will start tackling and solving our problems one by one. We just have to learn to ignore that negative little voice inside us and reboot our life so we can have a fresh start. We have to learn to let it go and begin this new journey with gentle and tender memories of the past a d hope for the future.

3) Storm of Doubt

Don't run away from your problems, deal with them and don't let life drift you apart. Fix your eyes on the road and add adequate meanings to life. Reflect over divine guidance and protect your self from the storm of doubt. Focus on positive instead of negative and prepare yourself and keep a constant theme. Gain a voice and shape your desires. Break down the barriers and adopt a cheerful attitude. Pray everyday and don't be afraid. Have faith and live in your life and this is moment in time when you can give direction to your dreams and walk away from negativity. Remember, there is a first time for everything, so follow your own path and know you cannot possibly understand every minute of everything. So don't deny yourself access to life, face your fears and protect yourself from the storm of doubt.

4) The World of Living Hope

Each day is a mountain to climb and comes with its own challenges, but if we hang on to hope and look at God for help and answer then God can help us even through the darkest days and nights. If we try hard we can surely find the rainbow and sunshine to bring back into our lives. We just need to know that all the doubts will melt away if we bury our emotions and vent our anger. We need to learn the importance of forgiveness because self forgiveness is crucial in winning the losing battle and it can also minimize fear and help us during our journey of self awareness and discovery to find the positive side of life so we can focus on joy, gratitude and laughter to re-enter the world of living hope.

5) A Sense of Peace

Begin your journey towards healing and peace and set free from the bonds of fear. Understand the power of taking time for yourself and be present in the moment. Be aware of the surroundings and don't let your life go out of balance. Share your life's story and start searching for beauty and peace. Look at each day as an opportunity so you can start feeling gentler and calmer with every passing moment. Throw away depressing thoughts that whirl around you and share off the nagging fee, ing. There is pure and real enjoyment in self analysis, so don't be ungrateful or unrealistic about the life you are living. Find a way to feed your inner passion so it can bring you some purpose and help you to regain your composure so life can return to be okay with a stormy sense of peace.

6) Embark on Life's Journey

Don't be unsure of where to go and what to do, face reality with a positive attitude and embrace life. Share your perspective with the world and smile. Remember to be happy for what you have and hopeful for what you want, because the day ahead is filled with possibilities. Don't let your faith dwindle, there is time for growing a d time for solace. So face reality with a positive attitude a d embark on life's journey with no complaints even though each day holds some new woe to grumble about. Gratitude can change everything and when you are grateful, God smiles at you and then soon you will see sun peeping from behind the fluffy snow white clouds in deep blue sky of amazing reality.

7) Be Perky and Upbeat

Pick up yourself and bandage your wounds and prepare for the day. Don't waste time looking back and feeling the sharp Pain, let sunlight stream in through the big trees and play hide a d seek with the rippling and sparkling waterfall. Energize this moment and be perky and upbeat. Enjoy today's fantasy absorb In the beauty of a Spring morning. Smell the blossoms a d lean on the open window to peep outside where golden hay are waving to and fro in the sun. Create refreshing memories today and begin to develop a strong will to fly by spreading your wings of faith and optimism to enjoy the perks of life.

8) Find Balance in Life

Doing nothing isn't allowed in life. Approach life from all angels and write your own agenda. Reconnect with the inner source and broaden your perspective. Tap into your inner self and take each step with the help of faith. Throw away the piles of layers of stress and find balance in life. More peacefully and quietly as the spirit leads you to live in free moments. Unplug from a busy life and let passion stir your creative side. Create beautiful memories of exciting milestone and hear the whispers of your calmed soul. Let faith guide you and inspire you towards life with inspiration to refresh you attitude.

9) Take Some Time To Reflect

This is the beginning of a new day, so sit in silence, take some time to shut yourself out of the noises and chaos of life and let your heart and mind sit in solitude. Close the door of negative thoughts so you can feel warm, comfortable and safe. Speak in whispers and let the storm pass quietly. Fight the waves of panic and break the unbroken chain of repetition, this will strengthen your heart and will give you courage to follow your destiny without hearing the bruised echoes of your past. Life is a great blessing, so banish bottomless sadness and take a moment to absorb peace from your beautiful surroundings and sit in silence to pray.

10) Overcome the Road Block

Paint a perfect portrait of life and fill it with compassion and care. Be a ray of sunlight and bring warmth in your life. Roll up sleeves and get started, stir up optimistic feelings in yourself and reboot your life. Tackle e Rey obstacles and overcome the road blocks. Remember it is time to let go. So open the door wide and let negative feelings fly away. Fill your present with tender feelings of love so you can create pleasant memories. Don't live in pain, begin this new journey. Go out and explore and move faster and steadily, make new friends along the way. Bring zest back into your life be proud of your achievements.

11) Let The Healing Begin

As we drive down life's highway, our rides are not always smooth and we cannot always avoid traffic jam created by unexpected events and problems. We see strange things and some tense moments and also experience depths of loss and we don't find the right words to express ourselves, but in the middle of all this if we keep it cool and collect ourselves then only we can let the healing begin. This will give us an opportunity to enter a new life and feel fortunate again and bow our heads to God, who gave us an opportunity to handle this dramatic change and face our fear head on and remind ourselves that every problem is consequenceable if we are strong.

12) A Blessed Life

God is always there when we need Him. He helps us to remove our obstacles and overcome hinderence. He help us to get through all of our trials and tell us that life will get better and things will be good again. God helps us to regain our strength and whisper the soothing words in our ears. He wipes our tears and hold our hands when we are crushed from a broken heart. And when we feel drained by physical and emotional toll, God comes forward and help us to get through the rough patch and give us a reason to smile through a veil of tears and show us how blessed we are to be alive and have Gracious God on our side.

13) Walk Towards the Sunshine

Continue on life's journey and don't feel alone. If you see everything is crumbling around you, then pause for a minute and calm the restlessness stirring within your heart. Look over your life's path and give control of your life to God, because only He can make each day a little better and a little brighter and can teach you lessons in the most challenging circumstances. Be kind and gentle even to yourself and walk towards tge sunshine and look at the bigger picture of life and enjoy the majestic symphony and fill your heart with the song of joy. Don't be fearful of the unknown, walk on the path of hope and know in the moments of darkness that early morning light will bring you peace, serenity and Divine's comfort.
Seema Chowdhury

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Life Is, But Like A Dream

Our whole seasons look-like That life in which we live... They are autumn, winter, spring, And summer in almost every particle Which we know or we don't know... Life's autumn is short like that Of every year's autumn anytime... Life's winter is a little bit Longer in its tough days and nights... Life's spring is extremely short-lived, and Life's summer is longer to us... Life's days and nights pass quickly Even if they appear longer than from What we usually expect anytime... Our whole life is temporary, short, and It looks like a short-lived dream, No more or no less anywhere and everywhere... ______________________________________________________________________

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Good Treatment

If life does not treat us good, then We say it's cruel... Good treatment is greatly and wonderfully Needed and even required by everyone Simply because it's the pretty essence of life... Without fair and pretty treatment, then Our whole life will be up-side-down In every direction and on many levels... Lacking appropriate and good treatment leads To a lifeless, absurd, and even meaningless life... Good treatment is mutual and urged Simply because people must treat each other well... If good treatment turns into bad treatment, then The whole life turns bad and ugly... We all look for good treatment Simply because life urgently needs it... If treatment's direction goes the wrong way, then Life does not prevail as it is required... _____________________________________________________________________

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To Be Out Of One's Situation

Life is very-well known to us If it is visible or if it is not Anytime, anywhere, and everywhere... We just want to play on our life Cunningly for many reasons, but Not for ever and ever... We take our time and we take our Days until that moment in which We either manage our life or we Fail dramatically in our attempts... It's not fair to laugh at life Anytime simply because it will Laugh at you satirically... As long as we walk good in our Whole life, then No fear from the coming days at all... To be out of one's situation Depends on how much we care about Our life and about all that it contains... As long as we abide by life's laws, then We will not fall at all anytime... _____________________________________________________________________

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