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Poems On / About LIFE  11/23/2014 4:45:37 AM
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Best Poems About / On LIFE
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My Life

My life
my life is full
of misery and pain
My life
my life its full
of blood and scars
my life is full
with disapointing others
with losing you, loving you
Ally Brock

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Word life

Word word life life
word life life word.
Life has its own word
Word has its own life.
word life life word
Life life word word.
Are you ready to catch
The word in your life?
Has your word the strength
And power the bear the life?
Through the word
Is your life become happy?
Word word life life
Coining of words through life
Is the successful art
That is to cultvate.
You are here
I am here
Words are around us
Go and trace
Go go and crash.
gajanan mishra

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No-ones life is perfect
but your life is a gift
life brings happiness
life brings sadness
but no-ones life is easy
lauren saunders

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full of life questions

life is full of unexpected,
life is full of challenges,
life is full of bitterness,
life is full of strife,
life is full of contentious disputes,
life is full of revenge,
life is full of hatred,
life is full of mystery,


life is full of sweetness,
life is full of joy,
life is full of happiness,
life is full of hope,
life is full of dreams,
you can have all this life when the soul is in body, and you will be able to feel everything because this is real life to creatures who call the''human''
Have you thought to life after death? ? ? ?
rez zenn

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Poems On / About LIFE