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Poems On / About LIFE  8/4/2015 4:58:15 PM
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Best Poems About / On LIFE
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Life Is Crazy Right?

Life is crazy and what can you do about it right? i guess i'am pretty sure everyone thinks like that yeah i can say that much i think like that alot.But i know how eveyone feels i been through alot my whole life and i'am about to be 18 in a couple of months and grduating in less then 8. All the things you go through in life and experience makes you that strong person you are no matter how rough or easy you may think your life was back then and now. There is a time in life when you have to realize that life is not like a video game you die and come back alive.''DON'T WE ALL WISH''. but unfortantly its either you live the right way of life and make the right decisions by not joining gangs and doing dumb things that you do not want to do, and u do them just to fit in and make friends faster.you shouldn't have to just to please someone else its just not right everyone is unique in there own way 4 a reason. because no one is alike. you are who you are bacause of your personalilty and ability to do things other people can't.If you want the fast life like they say to make money faster and you join gangs beat people up and kill them cause they are a different gang and race. i just don't get it, it makes no sense at all to me. My question is why can't we all get along and make peace? Is it to hard to except the fact that everyone is different and comes from diffeent families who have it all or families that have nothing at all. Its not fair you get picked on cause you don't have name brand shoes on and you were payless shoes. I mean shoes are shoes and most kids just can't have what you got cause there parents don't have the money to get them what the want.None of that should matter weather your cloths are name brand or not, all that matters is that you have clothes on your back and shoes on your feet to walk in. why judge people how they look and dress all that matters is they are people just like you and are dying to get there education they need to get to be what they want in the future.People who make the right choices in life get futher then the ones who don't. Yeah we all go through a struggle to get where we need and want to be, and in the end its all worth it. more 2 come soon
meg pal

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Dont Matter

Don't Matter
What Every one has to say about you cause there's always going to be that one person in life who will try to bring you down.
Never let your Emotions show your true side of whom you really are. If only life was as easy as a fairy tail when dreams are no longer fiction but reality. I live in a world made of dreams in world only one could imagine where fairy tails are only the beginning if only others could only comprehend the true meaning of my life and aspect of who I really am fairy tails will no longer be just dream but reality and dreams would be just a step forward in life. Understanding me is like being in a forest full of wild life whom you never seen before, just like me I have many side of me who will shine in a time of need or a time of despair what a shame it is but it Don't Matter because life is just a step forward and dreams are already a reality open your eyes and look all around you you will see what life is all about understanding it is up to you. My life is just the opposite of what it is in my world I can fly with dragons and fairies where trees can walk and animals can talk where dreams are reality and reality is fiction Don't matter what any one tells you always listen to your heart and those around you who really love you they will gide you down the right path and in the way of what you always dreamed of and once you are there spread your wings open and then let your emotions show your real side of whom you really are and never let any one make you what you are not. A true heart is a pure heart who will always gide you in the right path fallow your heart and let your dreams gide you in your journey in life as you spread your wings and fly away to became part of reality it don't matter what they say only you can make it come true close your eyes and then you'll see. Sunday, January 17,2010 Written By Paolo Cesar Escobedo.
paolo escobedo

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Reflection Upon My Life

Is it absurd for people to try and find the light? Why can’t we find the answers we are looking for when we need them? Like a man trying to find comfort in a religion that doesn’t show him any facts, being led by a crowd that knows nothing yet has faith; but faith, that is nothing that they have that I don’t. That light that lets them believe in the concept without needing proof of its existence, can it be good? I am not much of a man for walking in the dark, and need hard evidence to see stuff, but can a little faith really hurt me? Well I don’t have the answer, like I don’t have the answer to many of the things going on around me. Yet I seem to try. Why is life so hard or are these a pair of goggles I am wearing that seems to make everything more blurry? Am I blind or is someone wanting me not to get the message? Why can’t life be like a book? Something simple, with a beginning and an end, well now that I think of it we have birth and death, but I want deeper concepts, like the knowing of the meaning of life. I do get the point, we are born and anything that is born dies… But come on, there has to be more. We are not just here as pets for a God that supposedly loves us who will judge us upon arrival and departure from this world. Yet I mention again, life should bring a manual, something we can read to understand and just deal with it. No allusions, no double meanings, just facts. This is life; now keep on until you die. Maybe I am overlooking the big picture. Maybe life is a book and as we live we write our own novel, without there being a meaning, destiny, fate, or any mambo jumbo… There aren’t answers to life than those you set up. As if a problem has no solution, then don’t worry; and if your problem has a solution, don’t worry. So I guess life is just a big book with giant clear invisible pages which we fill with text every day. And even though I have not found the answers to my questions, I guess I will continue to make my answers, even if they are not the correct ones. As life is hard, at the end of it all, it kills you.
Javier Falcon

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For Every Star There Angels Of Light Of Life.

When one feel the sun thus one feel the warm smile of the angels of light but yet the angels is the light of life for who will feel the light of life yet just to feel the breeze that whisper the name Star bucks for it's Star bucks that has fresh cup of coffee.

Every min that one wish for a good cup of fresh coffee for one get the light of life and yet for what one feel is the sun that is fill with respect and yet the more the angels fill the night air the more the angels fill once heart with respect.

When he sun set for he night shall slip in thus where there he moon for one see the light of life and yet the angel of respect shall fill once heart with the light of life for the light of life is special to the family of Star bucks.

For every touch of respect for one feel the touch of the light of life that will fill once heart but yet for every rose that one see shall bloom in full with light of life but just to look in the eyes for one see the light of life.
Raymond Sawyer

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