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Poems On / About LIFE  2/5/2016 5:52:25 PM
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Best Poems About / On LIFE
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They Don'T Know Me

Day turns into life and life turns into something more than I could ever dream good thing I don't dream now there is nothing to compare life is like the seasons always changing and sweeping me off my feet to taken to stand on my own life threw me into the air no time to breath I am going in head first no time to think cause you are ahead of me no time to look back 'cause life is ahead life it takes me places that I only wish to go in my dreams I am taken there to those hidden places of pure joy where love and life coincide and all my dreams come true to bad that I don't dream... to often 'cause then maybe life would make more sense senses reeling from time and place smells and memories smothering me still confused from the last time I checked my heart rate around you why was I happy with you by my side but happy to see you standing with well you know the other one they say that love conquers all I guess that I can believe that I mean love conquered me some time ago LOVE died for me so I guess that I can sacrifice my love for you to be happy if that is what you want these disjointed thoughts in my head make less and less sense as the paper fills the space in my brain so confused so muddled and blurry like the windshield during a rainstorm do you understand where I am coming from or should I spell it out for you well I am coming from that state on that continent somewhere on the earth I am speaking to the love I have given to you that you have not returned I am spouting random facts that don't even make sense to me but dreams are what I know even though they don't know me.
The Dreamers Movement

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Life Is A Challenge

Life is a challenge - meet it
Life is a gift - accept it
Life is a sorrow - over come it
Life is a tragedy - face it
Life is a mystery - unfold it
Life is a opportunity - take it
Life is a promise - complete it
Life is a struggle - fight it
Life is a goal - achieve it
Life is love - love it
Life is adventurous- have fun
Life is a duty - perform it
Life is a game - out smart it
Life is a beauty - praise it
Life is great- make something good of it
So life is a celebration –eat, laugh and do meditation.
gurjas singh narula

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Life is about Happiness, Enjoy It
Life is about Difficulties, Face It

Life is a Blessing, Accept it
Life is a curse, Dodge It

Life is a Child, Pamper It
Life is an Obstacle, Hamper it

life is a child, Pamper it

Life is LOVE, Feel It
Life is a Wound, Heal It

Life is ME, Life is YOU
Life is a Bluff, Life is True

Life is Hard, Life is Cruel
Life is an Attitude, Life is a Pity

Life is Obvious, Life is a Gift
Life is Purity, Life is Complex

Life is Soul, Life is Heart
Life is an aspiration, life is a dart

When the waves of life pulls you through
Sail across like a frenzied sailor

Enjoy the sunrise, and the sunset,
The rainbow and the deep blue sea

Embrace the star lit night
Fluctuating the darkness

Accumulate the enigma of thoughts
Decoding melancholy restraints

Allow yourself to have fun
Love life and care it
shemar malike henry

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My Last Wish

At times in life you really feel alone and that is when you wish to have a friend in your life. Having a friend is not at all easy since life just plays on you. That is why emotions often wish to find one good friend that can change your life in a beautiful way.
Then I ask myself that can my life ever be beautiful? So much sadness I have in my life though it never heals. Will my life ever find a true soul? Where is my true soul? Does my true soul even exist? Is my life ahead a life worth living? My peace, where you are? In search of you deeply I am within the feelings of my heart. I need the protection of your love so that I can feel safe when I am sitting completely alone.
Where is my way and my love? I am weeping so much without any love. This loneliness is making me struggle. I need some love, please dear God.
Will you please help me dearest Almighty in giving me some true love? Please, I just wish for some love and that is just my last wish.
Rohit Sapra

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