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Poems On / About LIFE  7/24/2016 11:15:58 PM
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A Poet In The Stone Age

Poets are not made, but They're born because we We can not make a poet anytime, They're gifted people because The pretty God gave them something Special He has not given to other people, So these pretty people feel differently and Say differently to shape a pretty image of life, The pretty poets are like the pretty cameras Because they convey to us images full of feelings And emotions that make them different, but As long as we're back to the ugly hurdles of life And with a lot of stumbling-blocks, then we're in A stone age in which everything turns into a lot of Stones either in the shape of houses without life or Pretty feelings or we're besieged by broken stones Spread here and there which were pretty houses and palaces, Even poets live in the stone age which is surrounding Everything pretty and lovely in our life anytime, They're merely stones built to be cornered in or destroyed To die among them anytime, anywhere, and everywhere, Our life is merely a collection of stones built or Destroyed which poets can feel them well in their poetry, Among these stones we live and we die without feeling the True taste of life because we chose our way like this, so All our age is called the stone age in a bad time.

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My Good Deeds Beat My Bad Deeds

To be good, It means to have good deeds in your life, but To be bad, It means to be with bad deeds in your life, Good deeds always beat bad deeds Simply because they work for good in one's life While bad deeds they fall with their doer, Our good deeds accompany us in this world and In the other world because they are the pretty bridge Towards doing good things anytime, anywhere, and everywhere While the bad deeds lead to the wrong side of life, We're doing good things simply to elevate ourselves For what we believe in while when we do bad things, It means we ignore our good side in life, so We (the good people) win with our good deeds, but The bad people who have bad deeds will lose sooner or later Because this is our life.

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Life Is Not An Easy Morsel To Eat Anytime

We sometimes feel life as A little morsel that can be easily eaten, but We hardly feel it like this... If life preys on us, then It can easily make us as little morsels... Whoever thinks that life is Like a little morsel, then He will be mistaken anytime Simply because plays with just To tame us as it likes and not as we like... We can not play on life Simply because rules are hard to understand... If we misunderstand life's rules, then We will be at risk anytime... We can not beat life anytime Simply because it's not an easy morsel We can swallow anytime... We need to understand that ground Which we are standing on anytime... ______________________________________________________________________

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That Endless Winter In That City

That rainy day becomes endless With its continuous rains That turn into everlasting floods... Floods change the whole city's face Dramatically Simply because they're destructive and Bad rains... Rains are great, but They have sometimes very bad impacts... Those pretty drops of rains Gather themselves to turn everything into Clear chaos and ugly disorder That more headaches into those Muddy and bad streets... People don't need more headaches Simply because all their current life Is up-side-down in truth... Patience is needed on all levels of life or Some kind of impatience will be turned Into a crazy life... The whole image of those muddy streets Indicate that the current life Is absurd, ugly, and chaotic... A good winter just changes the whole life Into that messy life Anywhere and everywhere... Rains have just stopped, but Their impacts were painful and sad... ______________________________________________________________________

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