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Poems On / About LIFE  4/21/2015 10:45:39 PM
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Number One

It is urgent and It is needed to all of us, Everyone has a cause in life, A lot of things let us forget That number one cause, We have overcrowded ourselves With a lot of trivial things in our life, Life is pretty when we play Our important role in it, but It's vice-versa when we do the opposite, We have adopted bad visions in life, so Our urgent causes have vanished for ever, We only dream about trivial tomorrows Because we lack the necessary background, We're locked up in our ugly skirmishes That hinder our pretty dreams, We are not more than bubbles that fly Away, then they vanish for ever, No number-one cause are considered in our life Because we can not have real visions, Our visions and our dreams are no more Than mirages in the desert of life, Number-one causes are not ours, but They are other planets'people.

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Life's Profile

I'm not more than a sea's wave Thrown on this shore or on that Rock here and there, This life's sea takes me everywhere To throw me wherever it likes and Not as I like because that's The way with things anytime and anywhere, I'm like this since I was born Because this is my fate anytime, I'm borne and I'm taken to different Destinations to suffer and to feel The real taste of life in all of its aspects, My life's stations are anywhere and Everywhere because they're like this, I would like to be free, but I'm totally Chained and handcuffed with our life's Pains, sufferings, and these ugly hardships, Things never go smooth or easy because Life wants to test me to the last minute, I never kneel down or bow to it, but I have To confront it with all my might anytime, so This life got stuck with me to prove that It is stronger than me and than anyone else.

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Tragic Lies

They say that death is a painful truth and life is a beautiful lie. Life itself is a play on words. People tell me that it has so many promises and fullfilments........but they all lie. Life is no game to be played with. Now i understand why people look forward to death, whether it be peaceful, or unfathomable. They look for that one day when they can finally be at peace from all the hardships that life serves them. You have to keep running. Fighting.....every single day. Because if you stop to rest, just once, life knocks you down and just keeps trampling you. It'll rip your heart out and steal your soul, Leave you without breath, and leave you with nothing else to fight for. Yes.......i understand now. For life is harder, and death, is peaceful
Caitlyn Williams

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Accountability And Its Pretty Rewards

To be accountable, Anytime and anywhere, It means there are pretty People who follow you In a pretty and legal way, Accountability enriches our Life and paves the way into More precise examining what Someone does in his pretty Life for himself and for others, If there is no accountability It means everything and everyone Will be on the go and without Exact criteria in one's life, If someone does wrong to others, It means he should pay for it Like killing or murdering innocent People anytime and anywhere, As long as we apply certain criteria On people, so no fear anytime, Without accountability it means Life becomes absurd and useless, Life is based on justice and Fairness, but some screw life When they manage to escape this Pretty accountability on earth.

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