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Poems On / About LIFE  5/29/2016 11:51:29 PM
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How Do You Get That Lonely?

When your surounded by family that loves you. You never think you can feel so alone. but there's always that one time in your life when you ask yourself How did i get this lonely? Why do I hurt this bad? How come i'm so empty that to me no life is better than the life I have? Maybe it is cause of a fight or misunderstanding with parents, friends, lovers. All I can say is when I hit that point in my life I rembered there's always that person or persons out there whos life would crash without you! Before you take your life think of how many souls go with yours! !
Heather CCC

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That Road

All these roads are entirely dead-ends Simply because there are many stumbling-blocks On their sides... There is only one scary road that extends from Its beginning until its ends with a lot of snakes and Scorpions on its sides........ Clear roads take us endlessly into our comfort in life while Those closed roads hinder our progress forward... We sometimes choose longer roads to reach our targets in life, but Some people choose short cuts just To reach the easiest in life... Not all roads lead to that pretty road of life Simply because some roads are mined with bad intentions... Those roads, with intentions, are tricky Because they always take us into the unknown... That unknown road of life is the worst road Simply because it is picked to be one's inevitable end anytime, so That road, which we pick in life, is our road If it is good or if it is bad Simply because it's our choice.... ______________________________________________________________________

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We'Re Surrounded With Everyone And With Everything

From all directions and on all levels of life, We're greatly surrounded with care and with distress Simply because this life is hard and is so difficult To resist anytime, anywhere, and everywhere, We're surrounded with bad people that Prey on like beasts Simply because they don't know the real meaning of life, We're surrounded with that ugly poverty That makes the needed in abject poverty, Nature, with its hard times, makes Us suffering badly, Our life is hard and may be harder than the real rocks themselves Simply because it keeps hitting us with its hard stones everyday, Patience sometimes fails to control all that is going on around us, We keep suffering even we're in bedtime simply because Our dreams turn into nightmares, It's a hard life that tests us with its arrogance to make us Kneel down, Everything goes dark around us because That everything lacks logic in dealing with us, We're only victims of our surroundings and our circumstances Simply because life presses on us, We're broke till the last step Because we can not walk to our destination, then We don't think tomorrow is going to be better than today.

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Number One

It is urgent and It is needed to all of us, Everyone has a cause in life, A lot of things let us forget That number one cause, We have overcrowded ourselves With a lot of trivial things in our life, Life is pretty when we play Our important role in it, but It's vice-versa when we do the opposite, We have adopted bad visions in life, so Our urgent causes have vanished for ever, We only dream about trivial tomorrows Because we lack the necessary background, We're locked up in our ugly skirmishes That hinder our pretty dreams, We are not more than bubbles that fly Away, then they vanish for ever, No number-one cause are considered in our life Because we can not have real visions, Our visions and our dreams are no more Than mirages in the desert of life, Number-one causes are not ours, but They are other planets'people.

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