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Poems On / About LIFE  8/1/2015 12:46:19 AM
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Best Poems About / On LIFE
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Whats Life

Life is a challenge –meet it
Life is a gift –accept it
Life is a sorrow-overcome it
Life is a tragedy-face it
Life is a adventure-dare it
Life is a duty- perform it
Life is a mystery-unfold it
Life is a song –sing it
Life is a opportunity-take it
Life is a journey-complete it
Life is a promise fulfill it
Life is a beauty-praise it
Life is a goal-achieve it
Life is a puzzle-solve it
Life is love-love it
Jessica Lee Workman

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On This Beach...

</>Life is a beach.
There are jellyfish. And sea urchins…the painful bumps along the road that we all encounter in life. On this beach.
In life..and on a beach there is warm water-like times, when we are happy, and have good times and enjoy living. On this beach.
We also have times, like a beach, when we have cold water times; when we are sad, or upset about losing someone or something. On this beach.
There are rough times, the same way the sea has rough water that pounds angrily against the shore. On this beach.
Life, like the sea, has high and low times, or tides. There is low tide when you think u can no longer go on, that life has done too much damage to you. Then the tide comes back in…and you are reminded that life goes on. Life gets better. You cannot give up on life, like you can’t give up on a beach because of a rough day or low tides. On this beach.
Life has sharks. Maybe not the same sharks from a beach, but they are there. They are the people that thrive on your pain and tears and hardship, the same way a shark sustains itself through brutal killing of unaware seals who don’t know what is coming or how bad it is. The sharks are there. Waiting. For someone…for you…like an unsuspecting seal, to come along and unknowingly become trapped in their lies and hurt. On this beach.
Life…has good times. Wonderful times where the only thoughts you have are about how much life is worth living and how much you love life. It is like the clear, cool blue water on a beautiful day at the beach. On this beach.
Life has those amazing people….akin to the beachgoers on a sandy shore…just along for the ride…to enjoy the good…and pack up and leave when it rains or something goes wrong. But there are the surfers..the daredevils…going back into the fear and love of the sea….of life. They risk the sharks, and jellyfish, and rough water and low and high tides, not because they are invincible, but because they know about the good that is to be had in this world. On this beach.
Life is so comparable to a beach…most importantly in that it has sand like a beach. Billions upon billions of unique grains of sand, like the 7 billion different people in this world, on this beach.
Dark Fallout

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Life! ! !

Life is pain
Life is sorrow
Life can always end tomorrow
Life is the begining not the end
Life is going around the bend
Life is surprise
Life is fear
Life, is not knowing what is near
Life is sight, sound and touch
Life is in all of us
Life is laughter
Life is shame
Life can always begin again
Life is a circle going round and round
Life continues after we’re in the ground…
You... don't... want me...

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About Life

LIFE goes fast
LIFE has to last
LIFE has crime in it's own time
LIFE can have a war
LIFE has a law
LIFE can be sad
LIFE can be bad
IN LIFE there can be fights and we have human rights
LIFE we can love just like a white dove
IN LIFE we smile and can travel every mile
LIFE has seasons
LIFE has reasons
LIFE there is rich and poor who want more
LIFE can be funny just like money

IN LIFE you only get one chance
breaze openshaw

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