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Poems On / About LIFE  2/10/2016 10:26:18 PM
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Life without love is not a life at all.
Life has a meaning to it, but we don't know yet.
Life has everyone up and going but nothing to do with what you choose to do.
Life has to be painful, so we can live through it.
Life is born in you, but death is coming wether you like it or not.
Life is where you live alive, but if you don't live your life your dead.
Your life is your choice to live, but my life is to make my own choices.
Heather Ferguson

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My Own Life's Quotes To Live By - February

1) Snapshot of a Moment:
Prepare yourself and learn to handle life. Focus on positive instead of negative things happening around you. Life is complicated and made up of tons of layers, so if you want to find answers you have to dig deeper. Then only things will start making sense. Separate reality from dreams and then start working on these dimensions simultaneously. Don't Ignore the bigger picture of life, find new roads to create a path to success. Keep action plan together and accept the reality of change only then you will find some specific and definite pattern emerging in your life. This is what you have worked for so enjoy and unlock fun and take a snapshot of this moment for you have earned it.

2) Draw your own Rainbow:
Don't walk away from life, God Almighty has bestowed so much love and beauty that if we start paying attention we will pass our whole life thanking Him. Smile, dream and see the brighter side of life. Don't give in to your fears or worry about hard times, because these are opportunities hidden in time to turn your life around. Be open and give time to heal your wounds, only then you will grow. Give hope to your imagination and let magic happen in your life. Fill your life with beautiful colors and draw your own rainbow, don't wait too long, create your own 'aha moment' in rough times and enjoy the beauty of sunshine after a stormy day.

3) Start All Over Again:
Avail the opportunity to start all over again. Be spontaneous and create life. Enjoy some quiet time and reflect in peace. Steer your boat in the direction you want to go. Just be sincere and kind in your words and deeds. Remember that even fairy tales have twists. So don't give up or walk away from life. Try hard and don't be afraid of new and strange things. Try to control what ever you can and stir things up to create little momentum. This will show you new roads to walk on and will make a difference. We all try to find the answers to many questions of life, so start at dawn and look carefully for it is not what is there, the answers are hidden inside what is not.

4) Spiritual Journey:
We all have our moments, so don't feel intimidated by the depth and breadth of your vulendarability. Clear Images of yourself in your head and let tension float away, leaving tangent memory for you to ponder upon. Live with positive attitude and take a brisk journey to revisit your past to examine your inner life. And once you get a way inside, be brave and positive and try to replace bad memories with the good ones. This will free your soul from emotional embrace and tearful reunion with your past. Remember, there is no way to run so make peace with your life and play smart. Eventually you will be able to feel light and will be able to take a deep breath of fresh air to start a spiritual journey, where you you will be aware of your inner self and your surroundings to walk with peace and smile.

5) Unchain Your Soul:
Be reasonable and tailor your own requirements to be happy in life. Unchain your soul and divide life in portions. Extend satisfying answers and consider unintended consequences of being wrong. Begin a great journey and let go of the heavy burden of anger and pang. Feel things deeply and don't leave a gap. Smile often and come out of your comfort zone. It may be difficult in the beginning but it will certainly pay off in the later part of your life. Stop over analyzing situations and let you feel the delicate and fragile emotions run down through your mind and body to bring you serene thoughts and calm whispers of your unchained soul.

6) Inspiring Dreams and Tender Passion:
Lose yourself in beautiful and inspiring dreams and tender passion, then find your self and your inner light to make peace with your present. Be careful when choosing your path. Take opportunity to reflect and get better at things that matters to you. Direct your own life and talk about happy things. Pull yourself to the top and unplug your worries and fears. Build a solid boundary between dreams and reality and solidify your connection with God Almighty. Relive inspiring moments of dreams and tender passion and be inside your life. Enjoy this ride because you are a new star on the horizon and you have all the power to change your life.

7) Sunbeams:
As the sun peaks over the beautiful mountain and the gray shades of the night starts to disappear giving way to hope to beam and lighten the world both inside and out, avail this moment to enhance your soul and purify your heart. Go out to find the magic of miracles to enjoy the ride of life. Don't tumble down, get a hold of your bruised feelings and emotions and calm down. Don't be at war with yourself, life is a much deeper game than it appears to be. So get involved and be in-, charge put your past behind and follow the sunbeams and remember its your moment so leave worries behind and walk into the distant horizon with a pure heart and a cleanse soul to win your world of happiness.

8) Step Forward:
Rekindle your inner spirit and take time to connect and reflect. Build strong relationship with God Almighty and win His grace and love. Step forward and be brave to confront the issues you need to face. Don't carry the burden of secrets, it's too heavy, painful and it will slow you down. Sit and think about your life for a while and don't fear the future. Find a safe haven for yourself and try to speak honestly with your Lord. You might struggle to speak in the beginning and nothing will come out but if you stay, shining words will eventually come to you. Just be brave and step forward and remember only you can change your life and you have all the power to do that.

9) Glorious Sunlight:
Let the bright sunlight shine through the dark clouds of storm and let it engulf your mind and heart. Have a healthy soul and spread the light. Shine and spread the light. Don't feel trapped inside yourself or be alone, open up the door and carve a path for yourself. Find the turning point and know things will change. There will be numerous questions swirling inside you, so don't suppress them let them all out. Remember there are as many answers as the questions so find one that satisfies your unrest soul. And then there will be a moment, when everything will change and you will feel God's strength and power of His love overtaking to calm you and brighten your life with glorious sunlight.

10) Passage of Time:
With the passage of time we realize that life is a very deep game so if we want to move forward we have to put our past behind. We also learn that bright sunlight will only shine if we let it get through the cracks in our lives and not shut all doors or block the view of the outside world from our windows. Life is meaningful and there is so much in it. We just have to accept our fate and hope for good things in the future because it lies inside us, so we don't need to fear. If we willingly embrace change then we can light up our lives and find joy in the choices we make. Just play fair and unlock the freshness of your soul so you can always stand out in the crowd. Sure life is crazy at times, but if we are strong we can hang on and enjoy this ride.

11) Early Morning Sun:
Go out in to the world and enjoy the early morning sun that tints the sky amber. Walk down the street and look all around you. Remember you are not alone there are many other people who are also walking in the same direction, you just don't know yet. Don't struggle with emotions, wipe the tears of sorrow from your eyes and stop doubting yourself. Understand how to handle change and accept darkness with the light. Live gently and gracefully and touch your heart's strings. Add a blend of laughter and cheer in your life and have a spiritual focus. Remember we are all blessed, so never stop praying or living your day. This is your chance to welcome a new day and work hard to mend the broken pieces and break the barriers to go out into the world and enjoy once again.

12) Look Outside the Window:
Look outside the window and enjoy the rush of life. Take your turn of sorrow and smile and feel the chill and warmth in the air. Don't just sit at your desk and stare at life. Go out and absorb the bright sunshine and walk your worries away. Remember, around every dark corner there is turn to catch a new path. So hang on and search for it. Believe in the light and sweetness of faith and look for comfort and delight. Build strong relationship with God and nourish your soul by kindness and light with your words and deeds. And don't forget to smile today and let your worries go because tomorrow the fight will start again.
Seema Chowdhury

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Lives Of Life

Buses are coming and going,
Passengers in and out.
Some from works, some from shoppings, Some are waiting for another bus to go to their respective places. People are crossing with each other. Different priorities, different mentalities, different thoughts, different looks, different lives of ways, but one life of blood pumping and running in bodies.
Her on the stop of Bus, busy bustles of halts,
Lives of life! Crossing through one path of life, lives in life.
With one desired or undesired destination of life, without any choices, one choice of life,
At the end of life!
binod bastola

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Whats Life

Life is a challenge -meet it
Life is a gift -accept it
Life is a sorrow-overcome it
Life is a tragedy-face it
Life is a adventure-dare it
Life is a duty- perform it
Life is a mystery-unfold it
Life is a song -sing it
Life is a opportunity-take it
Life is a journey-complete it
Life is a promise-fulfill it
Life is a beauty-praise it
Life is a goal-achieve it
Life is a puzzle-solve it
Life is love-love it

Jessica Lee Workman
Jessica lee Workman

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