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Poems On / About LIFE  7/22/2014 4:15:20 AM
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Best Poems About / On LIFE
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One's Life-Time

You are alive due to a life,
Pay your due while still alive.
Everyday's due is dew payable to life.
You are alive because of a life,
Take your whole life not to take a life.

Be not hasty to give up an owed life
The Mighty giver-up calls shots to life.
There's life in each and every life.
Live and let room to the other life.

Friendly opposites meet to start a life.
Oppose unfriendly meeting to stop a life.
The first labour is sweet play to conceive a life.
The second harbour pain displayed to release a life.

Happiness is oil to lamp of life.
Laughter is thread to bright lamp of life.
Hope is case holding oiled thread of life.
Love is place bearing bright light of life.
Make your work none to walk dark side of life.

Help others that try find light in life.
Make yoke light for others try in life.
Direct others' spotlight on the stage of life.
Being a light to the next life,
Could delight heart of a vexed life.

You may not know to write a memoir while alive.
Memory will be in life you impacted when alive.
When you illuminate paths of others alive,
You'll be followed as match played live.
Dare Onadele

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Fractions and Frictions of Eternity

Life desires love
Love hires life
Love inspires life
Life expires love
Life recreates love
Love creates life
Love impresses life
Life expresses love
Life tires love
Love fires life

So what?
Why so many lives lost for love?
Was there any love lost for life?
There was a Savior who lost His for love
Yeah, even a pure love for his people
But a phony one who wants to save all
For his love of power and glory came
And declared a great war in heaven
An eternal war of good and evil
The casualties were and are so great
And the loyalties firm to retaliate

Each time a man made his choice
Whether in plain or on sea's noise
These seemingly antonyms of old
With enmity from ancient foretold
One could receive a life eternal
While the other death infernal
One may use things to love people
The other use people to love things
But few can use both things and men
To feed their endless obsessions' den
Does this mean that man's choice a day
Will determine his eternal pathway?
Absolutely! Towards his own destiny
To cradle his life and love in continuity
With its fractions and frictions of eternity!
Edgar Andrade Baguio

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this poem takes from me about 2 months to finish it, so please if there is any suggestios please tell me about it and i wanna see your comments. thx and injoy it....

Life teach me this
To be sure of your self it isn’t mean that you are conceited
If you cried it isn’t mean that you have weak heart
If you smile it isn’t mean that you haven’t sad and pain inside you
If you mistake once it isn’t mean that you are bad person

Life teach me this
The most painful thing in life is to be ignored by others
The most painful thing in life is to lose a friend you really love, to earning other one didn’t care about you
The most painful thing in life is when your friends so busy from condolence you especially when you need someone close to upraise your morale
The most painful thing in life when you tell about your deep thoughts and they laughing mockery in your face
The most painful thing in life when you figure out that the only person who care about you is only you

Life teach me this
The most beautiful moments in life when you live in people hearts without lying and deceiving
The most beautiful moments in life when you resist the devil and came back to God and knocking his door after a long absence
The most beautiful moments in life when every one around care about you and helping you to heal your wounds

Life teach me this
Life is cruel when it makes you abandon your only love and all your precious dreams, and judging on you by death when you still alive
Life is cruel when it steel the precious smile, the happiness and the greatest heart, then you hate your life and the world going upside down
Life is cruel when it's turn your days to a dark nights, grief and always crying specially when you used to be amorous to the sun
Life is cruel when misery and pain take a deep place in your life and you know that your happiness moments is so rarely
Life is cruel especially when you start crying and no one hear you, when you start shouting and no one answering you only your echo
Life is cruel when it snatching your soul, emotions and your feelings and replace it by forgetful and separating you from you best friends
Life is cruel when loneliness became your route mate and oppression, wormwood became your best friends

'Life is so cruel when you read these words and you know it's expressing about what inside your heart'
'Life is so cruel when you read these phrases and you know it's just a flash of your life'

Damn Angel

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Imagine life without pain and misery
Imagine life without false friends or your enemies
Imagine life without war and a fucked up democracy
Imagine life without the drug abuse and murders
Imagine life without death and terrorist

Imagine my life without the pain and sorrow I endure
Imagine my life without drugs and alcohol
Imagine my life without fake friends and enemies
Imagine my life without the lonely nights for horror and emptiness
Imagine my life without the heavy weight upon my chest and the flash backs of her death.
Imagine my life without a love that isn’t true and a heart that isn’t full of gold and a love that one in a million.

Life with these things are what makes life, life even though we can live without a few of them.
Ralph Acosta

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