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Poems On / About LIFE  10/4/2015 7:46:06 AM
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Best Poems About / On LIFE
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Life! ! !

Life is pain
Life is sorrow
Life can always end tomorrow
Life is the begining not the end
Life is going around the bend
Life is surprise
Life is fear
Life, is not knowing what is near
Life is sight, sound and touch
Life is in all of us
Life is laughter
Life is shame
Life can always begin again
Life is a circle going round and round
Life continues after we’re in the ground…
You... don't... want me...

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Life Teach Me This

this poem takes from me about 2 months to finish it, so please if there is any suggestios please tell me about it and i wanna see your comments. thx and injoy it....

Life teach me this
To be sure of your self it isn’t mean that you are conceited
If you cried it isn’t mean that you have weak heart
If you smile it isn’t mean that you haven’t sad and pain inside you
If you mistake once it isn’t mean that you are bad person

Life teach me this
The most painful thing in life is to be ignored by others
The most painful thing in life is to lose a friend you really love, to earning other one didn’t care about you
The most painful thing in life is when your friends so busy from condolence you especially when you need someone close to upraise your morale
The most painful thing in life when you tell about your deep thoughts and they laughing mockery in your face
The most painful thing in life when you figure out that the only person who care about you is only you

Life teach me this
The most beautiful moments in life when you live in people hearts without lying and deceiving
The most beautiful moments in life when you resist the devil and came back to God and knocking his door after a long absence
The most beautiful moments in life when every one around care about you and helping you to heal your wounds

Life teach me this
Life is cruel when it makes you abandon your only love and all your precious dreams, and judging on you by death when you still alive
Life is cruel when it steel the precious smile, the happiness and the greatest heart, then you hate your life and the world going upside down
Life is cruel when it's turn your days to a dark nights, grief and always crying specially when you used to be amorous to the sun
Life is cruel when misery and pain take a deep place in your life and you know that your happiness moments is so rarely
Life is cruel especially when you start crying and no one hear you, when you start shouting and no one answering you only your echo
Life is cruel when it snatching your soul, emotions and your feelings and replace it by forgetful and separating you from you best friends
Life is cruel when loneliness became your route mate and oppression, wormwood became your best friends

'Life is so cruel when you read these words and you know it's expressing about what inside your heart'
'Life is so cruel when you read these phrases and you know it's just a flash of your life'

Damn Angel

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How Do You Get That Lonely?

When your surounded by family that loves you. You never think you can feel so alone. but there's always that one time in your life when you ask yourself How did i get this lonely? Why do I hurt this bad? How come i'm so empty that to me no life is better than the life I have? Maybe it is cause of a fight or misunderstanding with parents, friends, lovers. All I can say is when I hit that point in my life I rembered there's always that person or persons out there whos life would crash without you! Before you take your life think of how many souls go with yours! !
Heather CCC

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That Road

All these roads are entirely dead-ends Simply because there are many stumbling-blocks On their sides... There is only one scary road that extends from Its beginning until its ends with a lot of snakes and Scorpions on its sides........ Clear roads take us endlessly into our comfort in life while Those closed roads hinder our progress forward... We sometimes choose longer roads to reach our targets in life, but Some people choose short cuts just To reach the easiest in life... Not all roads lead to that pretty road of life Simply because some roads are mined with bad intentions... Those roads, with intentions, are tricky Because they always take us into the unknown... That unknown road of life is the worst road Simply because it is picked to be one's inevitable end anytime, so That road, which we pick in life, is our road If it is good or if it is bad Simply because it's our choice.... ______________________________________________________________________

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