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Poems On / About LIFE  5/28/2015 2:50:38 AM
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Best Poems About / On LIFE
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Dead Sea

A river, a desert, a mountain that brings you closer to the bottom. Round and round the to the deepest part of the earth. You feel the gravity shifting and the mind feeling lost. Only to discover there is a treasure. A treasure that will remain for a lifetime.

When I look into your eyez im lost in translation. I know the deepest part about you. I think I know you forever. I never met a person like you.

I wish I could change time and kiss you. I wish I could take all chances for love. I would not have doubted you and I would have loved you with all my heart. Only now I know that you were the truest thing in my life the only one that couldve been there for me the only one that I could see myself growing old with. I coulve taken that chance at love. Now this chance is gone and along is fate. Your heart is someone elses but my heart will always remain with you no matter the time the distance. If i could have told you perhaps our life would have been different. I was scared and i know it plz forgive me. If life gave me another chance at love I hope I know how to take it.

I cant look for you I know you have moved on. You dont want to remember the broken dream the lost chance. I wish id taken the chance you did. i was stubborn to want it on my terms. Life is unfair where everything seems lost something is gained. Although you are no longer part of my life I wish you the best and love you so much like you have no idea. It was the purest of loves. That cannot be undone.

No matter how hard life is a soul is always remembered. Sometimes it is hard to understand life purposes. Smiles are eternal and making an impact in a persons life is the best legacy. I love you aunt if there is something I miss is you strong soul. Now that I know your story I understand you. I wish I could turn back and tell you how much I love you. I know now your life was not easy. We live a life like a candle at some time the flame just goes out in an instant life can change without knowing it.

Its funny how life is and how it changes perspective One day your on top another you are on the bottom. There is such a thing as karma. Its easy to get out of touch with what is really important. Although sometimes it is too late to claim something that slipped out of my hands. I can change this and turn life for the best. I know its not as easy as said and done but little by little perhaps good fortune will come my way.

As a child one dreams about falling in love. We wish to know the feeling and believe that someone in the world was born to be your mate. Reality is that the world is harsher than it seems. After many hard knocks in love one stops believing that real love exists. To some they are just words without meaning said in a moment of excitement. Its only a fantasy a dream.
Meyayi Cuevas

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Life Is Free

Life is free
Life is with the bird with the tree.

Enjoy the life
Life is cold and heat
Enjoy the life
Life is Joy and sorrow
Enjoy the life
There is honour and ignominy.

Life is free
Enjoy the life
Consider the earth
The stone and the gold
All alike.

Life is life
Nothing substitute life
Enjoy the life.
gajanan mishra

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Life is a puzzle, solve it.
Life is a game, play it.
Life is a question, answer it.
Life is a road, take it.
Life is a diary, fill it.
Life is an ice cream, enjoy it!
Life is an adventure, experience it.
Life is a poem, read it.
Life is life, live it.

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Just Life

Life is unfair
Life is unjust
Life is nieve
Life is cruel in everyway
Life is hard it cant be easy.

Life can be good
Life can be fun
Life can be exciting
Life can be everything.
Life can be hard it cant be easy.
Stephen Townsend

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