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Poems On / About LIFE  3/5/2015 5:54:35 AM
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Bad Invention

When I think of my life, I see a person in pain
When I think of my life, do I deserve my name?
When I think of my life, I feel threatened by myself
When I think of my life, Im killing my health
When I think of my life, Its a very sad story
When I think of my life, I try not to worry
When I think of my life, theres a good intention
When I think of my life, I feel Im a bad invention
Misky Rae

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Livin' Life

Livin' Life can be so cool
Livin life can be so crule

Livin' Life can be so fun
Livin life can be having fun in the sun.

Life is basiclly what you make it. So make your life a life your willing to live.

And in the end you can say

I'm Livin' Life
Shauntae Taylor

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life is like a road
that is broken into halves
and no one can fix it no matter how much they try to
the people can't fix it back again to the way it was.
life is also like a rose
that never been watered for mouths or so
life is like a bridge that has been broken
lif is like a book that has been broken into thousands of pieces
life is like a bird
that try's to fly, but has an injured arm
but sometime if you think on the positive side
life can be filled with happiness
life can be joy
life can kindness
but life can't be perfect all the time
mai see lee

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Life is around us,
billowing and deflating.
Life is the trees,
growing and dropping their leaves.
Life is the cougar,
atop a mountain of great heights.
Life is the newborn kitten,
mewing and purring for its mother.
Life is the wolf,
that howls strength and knowledge
Life is the bee,
that works for one and mighty ruler.
Life is the bear cub,
making its way from the mother and starting its life.
Kasey Russell

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Poems On / About LIFE