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Poems On / About LIFE  1/30/2015 6:24:52 AM
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Life is you
life is me
life is what will make you flee

life is what does a dance
life is a graceful prance

life can be very dear
life can be quite sciencer.
life can also be your greatest fear.
Courtney Sycowski

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life is hard and it's just begin
life is sweet but it's not over
life is hell on way to heaven
life is dark no light to see
life is like the sky one way up
no way down
life's like the night sky nothing
but dark
Their are still star that will guide
the only raeson to live to smile to love
to care to life the stars are the light in the
darknest of my life
miski abshir

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Love Life

love life is soomthink to learn about when
you look around and see what life is all about is
more then you think and how can you love somthink that not there you have to love life befor you love someone else befor you
love life is like love your fiamly and frined and more to life and where you go they followed the path ways to the life and where
they love and life with. When you breaking that person heart
but love life is more then you think
julisw kelley

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what do i mean by life
life is full of deception
life is full of confrontation
sometimes in life,
we face so many tentatives
sometimes in life we feel inoportune
it makes us want to leave this world
life is full of ups and downs
it is full of disadvantage
life is full of mutilation
sometimes we say life is wicked
but never give because you
get what you want oneday
Esther Obeng

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Poems On / About LIFE