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Poems On / About LIFE  10/24/2014 11:51:00 AM
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Finding Life

Finding life, Finding truth, Finding wisdom, fighting through, Finding life, find your soul, found yourself, powers tough. Inside you see, around you see, you can see what life can be. You will find the truth of life. Learn to live, enjoy life, find your soul, and find your life. Once you know you are gonna die, life will be hard, life will be high. But once you know, once you will be free.
Innocent Angel

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Life, death, suicide.

Life on fire,
Life is desire,
Life maybe,
Life we'll see,

Death is dead,
Memories in your head,
Hate inside,

Killing ones self,
Taking ones health,
Dying in pain,
Love ones left with blame,

No love,
Down below,
God said no,

Life is gone,
Life as one,
Life inside,
Life then suicide.
Jodie Louise Pollock

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My life

my life is here
my life is there
my life is completely everywhere
my life is upside down
my life is inside out
my life is crazy
my lifes a scare
my life leads nowhere
on an endless path
my life is really somewhere out there
Hayley Foster

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life to me is

life is full of memories
life is full of hurts and pains
life is bitter like tangerines

life is a box of chocolate
it melts away
life is a match that has just been lite
life is fast so run or you'll be late.

life is not a waste of time
oh how do i love this life of mine.
jamaya ewing

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Poems On / About LIFE