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Poems On / About LIFE  2/10/2016 9:08:42 AM
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Life Is A Cruel Thing

Life is beautiful at first but as soon as you realize the trouble that comes with it there is nothing stoping it people come and go and highschool will be the first to have seen the real deal teachers are there to protect we live in fear we die alone but there those who live forever we try to make a better life for the younger ones we try to make our conutrie strong but in the end there is no stopping life. life will not slow down for anyone no matter what you do life will come for you.
joshua mcneese

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I Simply Was Tired Of The Draconian Way Of Life

I simply was tired of the draconian way of life, it was not that I did not excel at what I did, it is not as if I did not have the confidence and respect of my peers, for I excelled in my relatively high position with competence, it was more that my feelings, my dreams, yes, my dreams kept telling me of a better life, a more fulfilling life. Could you understand, I somehow knew there was more to life, to me than this sterile, repetitive program, this pseudo sophisticated, pseudo enlightened, pseudo human way of being that masks our core, our living essence which is the life well spring, the fount of all lasting fulfillment.
Anthony Cavuoti

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Poems On / About LIFE