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Poems On / About LIFE  8/4/2015 10:52:40 AM
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Best Poems About / On LIFE
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Dear My Lovely Beauty Princess 3

Oh my lovely lady how can I call you and chasing you in all the time now because you left me with a sword you grown it in my strip-loin, My lovely lady the heart love's for one time only not twice you know this it’s very hard for me cause you left me I miss you so much from all my heart, My lovely lady my heart choose you only from all these beautiful ladies cause you have that awesome beauty nobody have it you are very special and I like you honey after all this I did to you honey I want something from you is very easy just be my friend only no more no less, You have to except our fate this is it you are to me at end if you want or not, Oh my spiritual soul enough injuries, Why you talked with me from many years ago if you don't like me, My big problem is that I didn't met any lady in whole my life except you and I have never talked with any girl, I want you only to be my girlfriend no more no less this is something not hard for you, If you are keeping yourself away from me that is something up to you cause it’s your life I can’t change it but you can change it to the right thing when you choose me your boyfriend, Honey you know that I have loved you more than anybody and more than your parents but you couldn’t know this cause my bad luck is that all my love to you was from one side, You couldn’t hear my suffering and what I was doing to you everyday to only hear your voice, So simply I couldn’t get your attention for a while in whole my life, My second problem with you was that nobody let me talk with you for once or for a while and finally I lost you for all my life cause I can’t get you again it’s very hard to have a princess she left you because of a tiny thing was her fault and this tiny thing became a big problem at end and all my life destroyed because of this tiny thing all my future and my projects was stopped on your answer, Honey I don’t want to push on you anymore cause everything was a folly from me I wasn’t know with who I am talking with all my sadness but I don’t care for all this cause I want to tell you that I will work hard in whole my life believe me to build myself and make a good future for me and then you will see that you lost me at end, You lost a guy he was ready to put you inside his eyes cause he was respected you in whole his life and lift you on his head cause I was respect you really from all my heart I am not like everybody they are want only one thing from all the ladies, I wanted your love your comfort only no more no less, I wanted only you honey to stay here with me beside me in all the time to lift my spirits to the high but you made the opposite, You forget me and ignored me suddenly you hurt me really here like a big sword inserted in my white heart, In all the night every day I was writing all these beautiful poems and the letters all for you darling personally and you simply instead of saying thank you only you dropped me like a cigarette from the car on the ground, Darling soon you will watch me in the television reading these poems and you will see all peoples crying because of my poems words, You will see honey soon who will lose and who will win at end cause you know it’s a game the winner take it all, I will proof to you this soon when I will come to you soon, Thank you so much for everything you are did it to me specially everything that’s hurt me honey, I will never forget you in whole my life forever to death, With my best regards to you from all my heart with my big hot kisses for you, God bless you and angels protects you in whole your life bye bye in a next letters.
Ali Sabry

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life is hided in a dark hole.
where the secert is locked in a box.
life is key for the futuer and life hold the key to the box.
when life is dead, the secert is lost.
life, life, the hope of the past.
life the dreams of the futuer.
life the entry of dam.
life the past of the futuer.
Raymond John

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Life Of A Saint

A life of piety and fortitude;
A life of sacrifice and prayer;
A life of suffering, self-denial and solitude;
A life without lucre and luxuries;
A life of frequent ‘commune with God’.
A life of divine intervention, guidance and protection;
A life that’s looked down by the world but blessed by God;
A life that’s wholly lived for God’s sake;
A life full of miracles that astound the world;
A life that causes miracles even after life;
A life that tells the world about God’s special love;
A life that draws more souls to Heaven.
A life that communes with God’s presence after death;
A life that reveals some corporeal stigma of sanctification;
A unique instrument in God’s hands, used in
A divine way;
A life of even martyrdom;
An exemplary and holy, earthly life;
A soul chosen by the grace of God;
A soul destined to enjoy eternal proximity to God!

Copyright by Dr John Celes 4-21-2007
Dr John Celes

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