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Poems On / About LONELY  2/10/2016 2:02:28 PM
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Digital Demi-Gods

What are we? Where are our masters? Wrapped in cords of copper and gold and light? A deist and theist and A theist all walked into a bar, sat down and talked about nothing. The lonely teenage pot head prostrated on his knees in front of neon gods who inhabit vacuums and occupy their Elysium which orbits the Earth in a perpetual mathematical free fall. And there she is the single mom, sad, lonely, with her little bundle of joy on her way to the birthing table again because she is a single mom, sad, lonely, with her little bundle of joy. Who are we? Maybe if we work out enough and big build muscles we can encapsulate our insecurities behind the fortress of flesh. Your digital demi gods are calling you, they no longer whisper in the trees, they play their flutes and dance in your living rooms. Pay homage to their cause, pay homage to their beauty.
Cory Huennekens

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Dying Alone In Public

Like the lonely winter tree
Outstretched branches with never any leaves
Lonely skeletons, with lonely smiles
Looking away while trying to hide
Their outstretched lonely eyes
Cin Sweet Fields

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Lonely Old Road

I went down a lonely old road,
They said was keeping me home,
One day I will know about,
Down that lonely old road I was to be told,
How come no one told me to go down this lonely old road?
I felt that I didn't know anything beyond this lonely old road,
Come to think of it,
I don't because this lonely old road,
Is all I know,
No one told me about this darn lonely old road,
I tried to keep my head held high,
Gravity pressed my head down,
I was walking around,
Saying I'm walking down this lonely old road,
If you should ever see me,
All you have to do is wave that hand of yours,
Telling me to go down this lonely old road,
I might smirk at first,
Because you told me to go down this lonely old road,
But you also heard me out,
Before I went on this journey,
On this lonely old road,
Just know that one day,
I'll get off this lonely old road,
I'll have something to show,
About this lonely old road.
Qeeony Luv

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Delusive Minds

Lonely are the eyes that see only water on a rainy day.

Lonely are the eyes that see smply blood coursng through veins.

Lonely is the mind that is dis-heartened by a thunder storm.

Misguided is the mind that wants what it can't have.

Fearful, is a lonely misguided life, if not lived in gratitude for the rain, or un-nerved by a storm, but most of all, without want of unattainable companions.
Benjamin Sorvel

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Poems On / About LONELY