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Poems On / About LONELY  7/28/2015 12:43:46 PM
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Best Poems About / On LONELY
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I feel lonely,
When I miss your voice,
When you give me a choice.

I feel lonely,
When I fail to feel your touch,
When we don’t talk much.

I feel lonely,
When you forget the things,
When you forget to give me a phone ring.

I feel lonely,
When I walk alone,
When I am barred from your zone.

I feel lonely,
When you take my words wrong,
When you say I am just a part of a throng.

I feel lonely,
When you compare me,
When you don’t want to see me.

I feel lonely,
When you think I forgot you,
Even when you see I am blue.

I feel lonely,
When you think I don’t care,
When you think everything is fair.

I feel lonely,
When being near, you not near,
Even when I am clear.

@copyrights reserved with Author.
Jinal Oswal

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Lonely Am I

Lonely am i
lonely are the night
where the light
are afraid of the knight
lonely are the days
without the rays of the sun
and no friend to play with
Lonely are the season
with no greater reason
of keeping me lonely.
lonely are the years that
i fear the spear of loneliness
to bless me with tears
lonely is this place
Lonely am i
that i reach for a knife
with no one to know
how i feel
to tell of my feeling
my feeling one cant sense
mine in the silience of sorrow
too deep to speak
what a cruel word LONELY
which penetrate the solitute
of the night that will
never end.
Each day i wake up with a frown smile
only to meet the agent of Loneliness

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In Remembrance

On these snow covered hills through the endless diamond shimmering hectares of trees. Frosted with early morning delight there lies a road, a sad and lonely road which has endured through time and testimony. Children laughing and playing in the snow, the jolly noise fills the air.
Weddings have also taken place on this road; brides have often walked down the dirt road in spring with the flowers blooming and waving quietly in the warm breeze. Photographers followed the brides at a quiet gentle pace with the sound of the cameras clicking repeatedly. Sadness and pain have also left a mark on this sad and lonely road. Cross upon cross can be seen in the fields on both sides of this road.
We remember the wars once fought for our freedom, many souls were lost so we could live ours in true freedom. This road was there when our soldiers fought and died there. Some wounded were taken to safety on this sad and war torn road, in remembrance, we ponder the sacrifices of freedom this snow covered road endured, the bravery, the compassion, the laughter and even the sadness. At the end of this road lay endless fields of crosses and along the way a single rose at the side of the road. Yes, in remembrance, we choose never to forget the true sacrifices of freedom which our beloved ones, died to protect on that sad and lonely road.
Micah Krahn

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Lonely Man

Lonely man you need to
Discover this world which is
Be a part of this world
You are setting your foot on the ground
There are many opportunities out there for you
Do you know what you are looking for?
Lonely man
Grab a tissue paper out of your pocket
And wipe the tears that are falling from your eyes
It must be the cold weather that is doing it to your eyes
You don't know yourself at all
You need to learn to be open to yourself
And to find out who you realy are
This will be a mystery for you to learn about yourself
Lonely man
The night soon begun
And you went to bed right away after I had given you supper
Lonely man
Don't you know it is Christmas?
Lonely man
I don't judge you
Lonely man
I know that you don't judge me
Lonely man
See you tomorrow
Have a good night
Lonely man
Do you believe in God?
Lonely man
Are you a chrisstian?
Aldo Kraas

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