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Poems On / About LONELY  11/25/2015 9:17:05 PM
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Best Poems About / On LONELY
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The Tattoo

Being apart and lonely is like rain
Like rain after it rains

Being apart and lonely, to suffer
To suffer, suffer the hardest moments
The moments where you can’t breathe
Like rain, it falls
Like you, you fall
Fall and fall, never stop

When the lonely attack, don’t ever fear

Being apart and lonely is like rain
I peak down at my tattoo, the one that remind me of you. I cry
I’m lonely, a lonely bird who lost its wing

Being apart is like rain, not rain
A storm. A storm in your head
Being lonely is like a flower, not a flower
A deadly rose, yes.
A poisonous one, yes.

Being apart and lonely is like rain that touches the poisonous, deadly rose
And when the rose falls, I catch it.
It hurts, oh yes it hurts-
When the needles attacks my skin, but I don’t scream
I don’t yell. I look at the rose, the one that made my skin bleed.
I smile

I look at the blood, but I smile
And the flower melts away in my palm
And all I have left, is the blood.

I can’t breathe, but I smile
I am not apart
I am not lonely
Because now I have a thought
The thought of which I can remember over, and over
The thought about the flower tattoo that remind me of you
And the thought about the poisonous flower

Being apart and lonely is like rain
Dead rain
Rain that is invisible
And no longer visible
At all
Brenda Cruz

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Lonely Child

Lonely child in the night.
Under heaven's golden lights.
I heard you cry near a stream.
Where maidens sing and sleep and dream.
Lonely child have no fear, the lord will dry your heart-
sick tears.
The night is young, a blue jay flies and whispers softly
please don't cry.
The lord above is free to roam he will help you from his
The lord loves you true and dear.
He only laughs he never swears.
Lonely child please don't run, beneath the sky, moon or sun.
You parents love you yes they do.
The clouds have dimmed, but no one knew.
Lonely child a lion prowls.
This lion is special he'd dare not bite.
He only hunts game in the wild never children o' lonely child.
Lonely child go back home, cross the deserts
where buffalo roamed.
The lord will lead you safe and clear.
So don't you cry nor shed a tear.
You parents miss your loving touch.
Your loving hugs and summer blush.
They miss the way you'd smile and grin.
You think they wouldn't you're only ten?
Lonely child in the night.
Your parents searched day and night.
For a child in the wild.
Their only son you lonely child.
Lonely child don't you cry.
And don't you dare tell a lie, on the lion in the wild.
He'd never hurt you lonely child.
Your parents love you very much.
So let them feel your loving touch.
Lonely child in the night.
A little dove flew, in fright.
I know you love your parents so.
So run and tell them let them know.
Let them know how you feel.
Let them know your love is real.
Lonely child run or fly.
Soar the heavens and the skies.
Soar the rivers and the streams.
Your smile will make the moonlight, beam.
Lonely child in the night, an angel, there's no need for fright.
Shawn Henley

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O So Lonely

O So Lonely
Are the days gone by.
When others enter your life
Then you push them by.

O So Lonely
When you were in control.
To love them or leave them
You were ever so bold.

O So Lonely
While you sit alone.
No one is there
To make your house a home.

O So Lonely
After all the hearts you break.
Did you ever think it was you
Who you'd really forsake?

O So Lonely
When life was just a dare.
You didn't take time to love
You didn't try to care.

O So Lonely
Have you learned the rule?
That its not just about you
But it does take two.

O So Lonely
Why sit and contemplate?
While others enjoy life
Its never too late.
Cecelia Weir

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The Lonely Streets Of Life.

across a thousand miles
i see a lonely heart in piles
trapped in a set sail
all cold and all pail.

oh the lonely streets of life
the lonely streets, the loneliness

filled in tears
tears of sadness, tears of sadness

the breeze blows in a whisper of seconds
the hail, the snow, the rain
all walk so quietly.

i hear the sorrow, i feel the pain
all around growing sugar canes

oh th lonbely streets of life
the lonely streets, the loneliness

i can feel it i can feel it.
i can feel it

undergo pain i do
sadness loneliness
are a part of my life.

and i like the way it is.
oh the lonely streets of life,
the lonely hearts
the lonely life
Raabia Tabassum

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Poems On / About LONELY