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Poems On / About LONELY  3/5/2015 11:57:08 PM
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Best Poems About / On LONELY
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Lonley Tonight

I’m lonely because I don’t have friends to hangout with me tonight
And I am very lonely because I have no friends at all
I use to have a girlfriend but today we broke up and no fun is left tonight.
And all I have is just one lonely soul
One lonely soul and one broken heart
I hope we can get together tonight and I hope so
I believe I believe I can find a friend to have fun with.
Except I have one lonely soul,
One lonely soul and one broken heart
I wish I could get you back tonight! !
Tonight get you back tonight.
Tonight! ! !
And I really miss you really miss you tonight
OoOoOoOx2 oh tonight! !
fahed sharaf

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Lonesome Feelings

I used to have so many friends around,
Who were always in my mind,
Them so many that my heart would defend,
Is only this, that I'm trying to understand,
That against them I wouldn't contend.

But I'm so lonely even in the crowd,
In the sea of people I'm like an island,
With lonesome feelings driving my own world,
I may anticipate on acquiring among them around,
But there's no one even to give me a hand.

I'm in a lonely room in a lonely world,
On a lonely chair put on the lonely land,
And the heart is nearly to burn a thread,
With my mood without a trend,
Knowing no one who can truly be a friend.

They left me so unaccompanied,
My tears were swept away by strong wind,
But I had to face new world that was unaccustomed,
And I was so frail that I wouldn't stand,
The pains in the heart they had to rend.

I may think of the one unabashed,
Who will never dropp me into a pond,
I'm so lonely. Who'll gimme a company that's unbounded?
So true, that never senses the pains behind,
That'll conquer even the strong wind.
Fadhy Mtanga

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It is so lonely sitting on your own
waiting for the phone
it is so lonely thinking this is all there is
that this is as good as it is going to get
it is so lonely when you fear nothing else
other than fear of self
it is so lonely doing this alone
when you don't feel loved
when you pray to God
and get nothing not even from above
when you hunger for a moment in the sun
that has already been had
it is so lonely when you think you know why
and try to rectify
all the damage inside
it is so lonely that you had to do that alone
when you need some dope
just to cope
to help you write it down
to make you feel your feet aren't on the ground

The loneliness touches you to your core
and you tink of others that have gone before
wondering what it is they should do

Maybe just the best they could
maybe that is all you can do
let's hold together and see this through

(c) kathryn madonna
kathryn madonna

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Walking through the lonely roads
Passing by the lonely trees
Picking up a flower or two
To please my lonely teacher

These lonely roads they lead
To a huge lonely school
The bells have long rung and gone
But laughter, it still rings

I walk in to a lonely room
With chairs messed apart
The blackboard, chalky washed
And pencil scribbles on tables

Looking at nearly every seat
I see me seated there
Friends surrounding me
And laughing crazy geese

Dressed in shabby white and blue
Some in dark blue blazers
Paper rockets and crafty hearts
Zooming past the lazy fan

I see myself laughing
Truly fully enjoying
Throwing foils and icy glares
I see my self pleased

Oh! Then this insight hits me
I curl like a baby’s hand
And when a tear dropp drips by
I know my heaven was here!

Written for my besties from OOEHS. Nahida, Rida, Divya and Nahla)

AUGUST 2,2009
sania harris

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