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Poems On / About LONELY  8/20/2014 3:46:14 AM
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Best Poems About / On LONELY
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Eyes for me

Lonely, till i hear the word, 'lovely! '
lonely, until my mistakes are accepted gladly.
lonely, until i'm missed terribly.

Lovely it is, and without it i'm lonely.
Gladly i'd accept if asked, for i feel lonely.
Terribly i convey my heart and it remains lonely.

Looked for it everywhere,
looked for him without a corner to spare.
Looked but dint see, eyes for only me so rare.

Everywhere i turned, saw others being looked for.
Spared not a tear, for him to be as before.
Rarely it is true, whats said in a folklore.
Jessie Peter

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Lonesome Feelings

I used to have so many friends around,
Who were always in my mind,
Them so many that my heart would defend,
Is only this, that I'm trying to understand,
That against them I wouldn't contend.

But I'm so lonely even in the crowd,
In the sea of people I'm like an island,
With lonesome feelings driving my own world,
I may anticipate on acquiring among them around,
But there's no one even to give me a hand.

I'm in a lonely room in a lonely world,
On a lonely chair put on the lonely land,
And the heart is nearly to burn a thread,
With my mood without a trend,
Knowing no one who can truly be a friend.

They left me so unaccompanied,
My tears were swept away by strong wind,
But I had to face new world that was unaccustomed,
And I was so frail that I wouldn't stand,
The pains in the heart they had to rend.

I may think of the one unabashed,
Who will never dropp me into a pond,
I'm so lonely. Who'll gimme a company that's unbounded?
So true, that never senses the pains behind,
That'll conquer even the strong wind.
Fadhy Mtanga

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Not Lonely or Alone

Don't think you're alone
Nobody's alone in this world
If you don't have friends than God is watching you
God is watching you and protecting you everyday

God doesn't want you to feel lonely
He wants you to be happy
God might send a person who wants to be your friend to you
God knows that you're lonely and he never wants anybody to be lonely
So He sends a companion that will be by your side everyday
To make you happy, support you, and to share their kindess to you

If you think you're alone and feel lonely
Maybe I could help too
I always love to make people happy
If you don't have any friends, maybe I could be your friend

Don't think you're lonely
If you do... think about what God thinks and what I think
God and I never want anybody to think they're alone and feel lonely
I would like to be everybody's friend
Because I know everybody has good and bad
Even I do

I have friends who are mean to me
But I'm their friend
Because I know that they can't be happy without me
I'm sad when they are sad
Even if they're harsh
I'll be their friend
A friend always to look out for and support everyday
So don't think you're alone because you're not.
Erica Lee

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Lonley Tonight

I’m lonely because I don’t have friends to hangout with me tonight
And I am very lonely because I have no friends at all
I use to have a girlfriend but today we broke up and no fun is left tonight.
And all I have is just one lonely soul
One lonely soul and one broken heart
I hope we can get together tonight and I hope so
I believe I believe I can find a friend to have fun with.
Except I have one lonely soul,
One lonely soul and one broken heart
I wish I could get you back tonight! !
Tonight get you back tonight.
Tonight! ! !
And I really miss you really miss you tonight
OoOoOoOx2 oh tonight! !
fahed sharaf

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