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Poems On / About LONELY  11/30/2015 12:47:40 PM
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Best Poems About / On LONELY
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Iam Not Lonely Anymore,

Iam not lonely anymore,
Iam not lonely anymore,
I got the meaning all Clear,
When my Blessing dwell from the Clear Dwelling.
Abdul Karim

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The Homeless

Tis a lonely road for those who are forced to trod it. This road to a home on the ground and a bed made up of whatever meek belongings they have found this day. It is a road without end and without peace as they wait with nerves as tight as wire, waiting for what horror may befall them this night. Shelter they must find when the cruel winds of winter strike at their very bones or when the rain others crave for soak them, leaving them unable to dry for other clothes they have not. The first rays of sunlight signal the start of yet another day as they turn to find their bottle from the night before still with some welcoming liquid in it that will take from their bones the chills from the night before and beat down those unwelcome pangs of hunger. With their bedding safely hidden away another day starts. Excitement when found in the first rubbish bin the end of a meal another had thrown out. Guarding their find they sit down to eat. This morning at least has started off well. They now sit on street corners begging for the spare change those that walk pass might have on them, many pass but a few at least dig their hands into their pockets handing over money they consider small change but for them it’s the difference between eating or starving, of buying or begging for yet another welcome bottle that contains some sort of alcohol. A smile comes to their bleak gaunt faces for tonight they will not go to bed hungry, for tonight the food van arrives and with it people prepared to see them for who they really are and not just a bunch dirty homeless people who don't try to better themselves. There they sit eating their donated meal while those rushing for their trains & buses pass them without giving them a sideways glance, their minds to busy on their sumptuous meal waiting for them at home, of a warm bed and a television to fall asleep in front of. And yet another night begins for them as they make their way back to where they have stashed their bedding from the night before which may be added to by the bonanza they have found this day, to sleep a restless sleep only to trudge that lonely road to who knows where tomorrow.
Mark Reed

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Miss Lonely

Miss Lonely
Is always lonely
She never goes out of her house
Except when she has to do grocery shopping
Aldo Kraas

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every night i pull down my blankets feeling sipping on my tea steadily. i start to wonder when will my days get better when will the hallow bitter feeling of knowing i sleep alone wake up alone come to pass.
when your lonely for so long without love your heart gets worked up in misery and tears that you cry are old tears that you have dried nights before feeling love is a whole some feeling that makes magic what it is. heartache is a feeling we all know and understand but loneliness is nothing. that can be explained or understood except the question of why did it have to happen to me.day by day night by night emptiness grows inside and i find my self more in my own little world than i thought i could ever be. but yet i must go on so i live as a lonely soul with my old tears in my eyes and my heart on my sleeve hoping that magic can be played on me
Jessica Stephens

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