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Poems On / About LONELY  10/10/2015 7:31:33 AM
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Miss Lonely

Miss Lonely
Is always lonely
She never goes out of her house
Except when she has to do grocery shopping
Aldo Kraas

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every night i pull down my blankets feeling sipping on my tea steadily. i start to wonder when will my days get better when will the hallow bitter feeling of knowing i sleep alone wake up alone come to pass.
when your lonely for so long without love your heart gets worked up in misery and tears that you cry are old tears that you have dried nights before feeling love is a whole some feeling that makes magic what it is. heartache is a feeling we all know and understand but loneliness is nothing. that can be explained or understood except the question of why did it have to happen to me.day by day night by night emptiness grows inside and i find my self more in my own little world than i thought i could ever be. but yet i must go on so i live as a lonely soul with my old tears in my eyes and my heart on my sleeve hoping that magic can be played on me
Jessica Stephens

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Someday, Someday

Someday, someday.
It can't be true?
Oh, lonely, lonely
A heart so blue.
Heather Z. Hanna

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Lonly (Stars)

The stars are lonely in the sky
But far more lonely now am I
Counting as the days go by
With my true love no longer nigh
william mcgehee

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Poems On / About LONELY