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Poems On / About LONELY  5/1/2016 4:20:57 PM
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A Rose In Winter

A rose bush in the winter, oh how they pass it by they laugh and smirk saying 'worthless, it will die! ' The frost slashes and the cold stabs but the rose bush persists because it understands that winter isn't bad. A lonely beggar takes refuge by the bush to escape the cold and Patiently they wait. They are all but forgot but behold the birds herald spring! The rose bush persisted not for naught! The sun rises with a yawn and opens his eyes to light the seasonal dawn'. The rose bush doesn't work or even try to become a thing of beauty which make even angels cry. And in the proper season brilliant red adorns her arms, she embraces the lonely beggar with her fragrant charms. And O those same people who quickly passed her by, now they see the once dead rose bush and ugly beggar together, as lovely as the setting sun painted sky.

A Christmas morning poem dedicated to Jesus on the day we celebrate his birth. May your name always be a beautiful rose for those who don't pass you by.
Cory Huennekens

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I Am Lonely

The world is great: the birds all fly from me,
The stars are golden fruit upon a tree
All out of reach: my little sister went,
And I am lonely.

The world is great: I tried to mount the hill
Above the pines, where the light lies so still,
But it rose higher: little Lisa went
And I am lonely.

The world is great: the wind comes rushing by.
I wonder where it comes from; sea birds cry
And hurt my heart: my little sister went,
And I am lonely.

The world is great: the people laugh and talk,
And make loud holiday: how fast they walk!
I'm lame, they push me: little Lisa went,
And I am lonely.
George Eliot

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I Am Lonely

I am lonely everyday
as I watch the world
pass my way.

I am lonely in my room
as I stare at the walls
and been thinking of you.

I am lonely outside
as I see you
passing me by.

I am lonely inside
as I see that day
you had died.
Chantel Braatz

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*sometimes I Wonder*

Sometimes I wonder...

What a lonely man siting in a lonely man siting in a lonely corner is thinking
Is he thinking about how the wind blows at night or how the breeze feels at night or how the breeze fells to me
Is he thinking who else is siting in such a lonely corner at night
Is he thinking of his first true love or what it could have been if he would have had kids if he just wouldn't have...messed up
Is he thinking about...me
Sometimes I wonder...what the homeless do for food or shelter
Do they dig though trash cans and sleep under bridges?
Do they beg for money outside a store or do they have to much...pride?
Do they go to shelter's or sleep on people's door step?
Do they wish for a better life or just try to cope with what they have

Sometimes I wonder...
Do you?
Ke'Love Moss

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