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Poems On / About LONELY  8/22/2014 4:48:37 AM
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Best Poems About / On LONELY
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That lonely raven

There’s that raven
That very lonely raven
Who was born with a wing bigger than the other

He was so sick and tired of it all
The whispers
The snickering
The laughing
He could take no more

He was done now
Done with it all
With every single thing that happened
Day in and day out
In which he had to suffer thru
But not anymore

This lonely raven finally did it
Did what he should’ve done a long time ago

He left that flock
That flock that pulled him farther and farther
Towards the earth

That lonely raven
Who was always different from the others
He left his bullied life
Left those who couldn’t accept his individuality
Left that nightmare in which he had been living

This lonely raven
Who was quite different in his own special ways
Flys away
Flys away alone
Flys away with a sense of peace
A sense of finally calmness

Some birds don’t like to be lonely
But he does
That is until he can find some
That can accept him for him
Accept the inside and not just the outside
Storm Pedersen

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He Was A Lonely Boy

He was a lonely boy,
who grew up shy and coy,
quit the world one day,
but nobody ever knew why,
he was a lonely boy...

Had a few mates to play,
but no to all he would say,
would sit silent and pry,
when alone he would cry
he was a lonely boy...

Always used to stand apart,
keep everything in his heart,
to no one he would talk,
howsoever hard one may try,
he was a lonely boy...

From something he was hurt?
or someone broke his heart?
nobody got any clue ever,
why he had red hue in the eye,
he was a lonely boy...
Sunny Mittal

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The lonely man

The lonely man

The lonely man sits on a bench
Resting his legs and pondering his thoughts
Sitting by himself, no company at hand
Waiting for someone to come along
Only objects before him are his friends
Days will pass and nights will fall
Still waiting for company he remains alone
Thoughts to share, but no one to accept
No ears to listen
No one to object
Just the wind in the trees
The only voice that speaks back
His one true friend now
Is simply a cool breeze
Little did the lonely man know
His friends were all around
They were there the whole time
Disguised in simplicity
The lonely man is lonely no more
No longer does he frown
No longer is he sore

Mike Farris Jr.

Mike Farris Jr.

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Lonely You; Lonely I

You say you are lonely.
Are you? Come see MY solitary world.

I am lonely:
Not the ‘generally feeling lonely’ feeling –
You know, the ‘I need a cuddle 'cos I’m feeling a bit lonely today’ feeling;
Or the ‘I’m on my own today so I think I need to call up a friend’ feeling.
No, I mean the terror and depression of cold isolation;
That Black Hole of raw solitude;
The nadir you arrive at after a steady spiral downwards, inwards.
And suffocation by the blanket of social invisibility
Which insidiously greyed out your psyche without your knowing.
You know, when you alight on the platform of endless alcoholic days;
When you’re sprawled vacant and naked in the corner of your filthy room,
Oblivious to the scurrying life outside –
That which doesn’t acknowledge your existence anyway:

That’s lonely.

Copyright © Mark R Slaughter 2009
Mark R Slaughter

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