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Poems On / About LONELY  7/29/2014 7:54:54 PM
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He Was A Lonely Boy

He was a lonely boy,
who grew up shy and coy,
quit the world one day,
but nobody ever knew why,
he was a lonely boy...

Had a few mates to play,
but no to all he would say,
would sit silent and pry,
when alone he would cry
he was a lonely boy...

Always used to stand apart,
keep everything in his heart,
to no one he would talk,
howsoever hard one may try,
he was a lonely boy...

From something he was hurt?
or someone broke his heart?
nobody got any clue ever,
why he had red hue in the eye,
he was a lonely boy...
Sunny Mittal

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A forum for lonely people?

What a logical idea?

Would that be a panacea?

But hardly any have adopted it?

Hardly anyone knows why.

A forum for lonely people?

Sounds like a great idea.

Somewhat of an abstract idea.

Most lonely people are too affected to use it.

Some people know why.

A forum for lonely people?

Should societies be having it?

The lonely people would benefit from it.

But there are hardly any such forums,

Who knows why?
Lonely People Champion

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Ingun pa ni George

Naglantaw ku niya
Samtang naminaw sa Beatles nga kanta
Ingun si George 'look at all the lonely people'
Lonely ba kaha nig lakiha?

Murag naa siya'y gihuwat,
kinsa kaha?
Hubag ang iyang mga mata,
nganu kaha?

Nabiyaan u nabalikan
unsa'y sapayan?
ang kagahapun
dili gayud mahuman

Kung tu-ud man
nga lonely ning lakiha
Lonely sad ku
samtang nagtanaw kaniya

Saktu jud si George
'all the lonely people' kunu
'where do they all belong? ' kunu
'where do we all belong? ' bitaw

Inday Prising

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Loneliness and solitued grasp me around my neck.
I would cry but the lump in my throat combined won't let me.
That lonely hole inside me is like a cavern that lasts forever,
I wish my mom was here.

My only blood connection helps fill the hole inside,
but the loss of her and that conception is too wide.
It's not the kind of lonely that you feel when you're alone,
Or the kind of lonely you have when you are far from home.

It's more like death inside yourself but the edges are still alive.
They are their to remind me that my mama died.
They make the lonely feeling sometimes so unbearable,
I walk around feeling terrible.

For those that know this lonely,
You are not alone.
There are many like us, this the mean world has shown
Butterflies In My Belly Forever

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