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Poems On / About LONELY  3/5/2015 8:33:34 AM
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Best Poems About / On LONELY
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Lonely You; Lonely I

You say you are lonely.
Are you? Come see MY solitary world.

I am lonely:
Not the ‘generally feeling lonely’ feeling –
You know, the ‘I need a cuddle 'cos I’m feeling a bit lonely today’ feeling;
Or the ‘I’m on my own today so I think I need to call up a friend’ feeling.
No, I mean the terror and depression of cold isolation;
That Black Hole of raw solitude;
The nadir you arrive at after a steady spiral downwards, inwards.
And suffocation by the blanket of social invisibility
Which insidiously greyed out your psyche without your knowing.
You know, when you alight on the platform of endless alcoholic days;
When you’re sprawled vacant and naked in the corner of your filthy room,
Oblivious to the scurrying life outside –
That which doesn’t acknowledge your existence anyway:

That’s lonely.

Copyright © Mark R Slaughter 2009
Mark R Slaughter

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I am...

I am sorry,
Sorry i hurt you,
Sorry i made you made you mad,
Sorry for all the wrong i did,

I am here,
Here when you need me,
Here when you don't,
Here when i need to be,

I am loved,
Loved by many,
Loved by you,
Loved by everyone,

I am sad,
Sad that you are gone,
Sad that i can't see you,
Sad that everyone hates us together,

I am happy,
Happy to talk to you,
Happy that i have so many friends,
Happy for peace with me and my friends,

I am missed,
Missed by people who are not here anymore,
Missed by you,
Missed by everyone who ever cared,

I am lonely,
Lonely cause i am hated,
Lonely cause i am with out you,
Lonely cause i need somebody,
Lonely even with everybody around,

I am funny,
Funny cause i cheer people up,
Funny cause i joke around,
Funny cause it is fun to be,

I am all of these,
All of these cause it is cool and sad,
All of these cause i feel this way,
All of these cause i am that way.
pamela nikkole white

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Hold my hand,
Please, hold it,
I feel lonely, very lonely,
I want a friend hand, confident,
So that I can go ahead.
Hold me!
Hug me!
Sometimes I feel myself falling down,
Twisting with my solitude,
I shout, nobody answers,
Only the nigth, with its silence
And its darkness
Just a star shining,
As wanting to show,
The way to tread.
I walk lonely, as in the past,
Sobbing as always.
I feel cold in my soul,
Just a tear calm me down.
Lonely, very lonely! ...
My heart complains
Please! Listen to my scream!
Hold my hand,
Please, hold it! ...

Traduηγo – Nelson Francisco de Andrade
UMBELINA FROTA Linhares Pimenta Bastos

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Fragile Heroes

writing writing writing in agitated states
until the truth comes out.
shivering, weeping with a heart that leaps
past obstacles. see the lonely boy-
lonely boys are everywhere.
if you are a boy and you are lonely,
you feel quite nobel you know?
your thoughts are somewhere you were
in your early days, and somewhere they
will return.
lonely boys can wander anywhere, because
their thoughts and dreams are assailed
by interminable thoughts of family, the world
seems hostile for a while, then the lonely
boys eventually find some way of
carrying their family thoughts
on the outside, and then they become
fragile heroes.
afraid to speak, but with impetuous
sparks in their hearts.
if you ever feel this way be sure
to let me know and we could speak
for days.
Jorgen Doyle

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