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Poems On / About LONELY  7/30/2015 3:14:08 AM
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Lonely Girl, Lonely Heart

She curled up on her windowsill,
A lonely girl, crying out her heart,
For the boy that never loved her,
And the friends that just don't care.

She wallows up in her pain,
The girl with the lonely heart,
The girl with no boy to love,
But she didnt see what mattered.

She walked up the hallway, makeup smuged,
Tears running, the people they stared.
Untill now, they never knew,
She was just a lonely girl, with a lonely heart waiting for someone to love.
Jacquelyn Ireland

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The Lonely Woods

In the lonely woods do I roam,
I get a good glimpse of everything,
when I walk through the lonely woods, and a sad song I sing.
I see a pretty bird's wing,
so beautiful, so shiny, like that of a silver ring.
I walk near a small stream,
and when I am tired, I stop near it, sleep and dream.
All around me is silence, there is no hatred and there is no violence.
this is what I like in the woods, the lonely woods,
so silent, so calm,
to me, the trees, and the animals, there is no harm,
this is the lonely woods.
Savio Vogt

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Lonely Dancefloor

The Pangs of death
Shroud me in mystery
I am so lonely
Left to dance alone
as always as myself
And that's dangerous

Seeing the fangs
of loneliness To me
It's too much, So
I am ding inside
In my brain
and in my soul

it is like you see me
On A Lonely dancefloor
dancing to the maestro
of the sad Lonely music
that rings to blacken me
within my heart

the bells of loneliness toll
I am losing the will to live
I still dance alone, on the
Maestro's Lonely Dancefloor
at Least untill you save my
Lonely, heart and soul

A Sad sour Violin plays
with sour and sadding piano
song, The lonely Waltz is
Playing, until you save me
Get me out this lonely place
Or the Lonely sour Flute will play

I cry the moment this
sad symphony plays
The sad violins, Piano,
Flutes and Piccolos
Play the sting of lonely
defeat, I want you, Near me, when it does.

Get me out this music hall of sadness
And into the cheerful Lad of the living
Spare from the death of it all
My Heart and soul, forever more
I only want your friendship
So I may happily dance again/
Ashleigh Leona Mellon

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It is lonely
When nobody shakes hand that
Already opens

It is lonely
When I open the door and
The light is still dark

It is lonely
When I can not follow what
Everyone laughs at

It's lonely
When I can't share happiness
To the one I love
maria sudibyo

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Poems On / About LONELY