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Poems On / About LONELY  9/18/2014 4:37:15 AM
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Lonely Place...

It's a lonely place here,
Cold and dark,
fake smile, fake laughs,
Shedding more tears then I ever have,
It hurts and no amount of lies,
can cover up the shame,
It's a lonely place here,
I hate it I cry out,
but no one sees no one cares, no one hears,
deep inside theres walls of flesh,
burried under hurt,
Its a lonely place here in my heart.
Destinee Gail

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The Lonely Soul and Broken Heart

On the verge of tears,
just wanting to be loved.
Lonely to the point
of depression hurt beyond
repair yet could there be hope for
this broken heart? There is no
hope for this damaged soul
or is there? Sadly I can't see
the hope I can't feel the love
There is no hope no love for this
lonely soul. This broken heart can't
see the hope of feel the love therefore
depression is eminent for the
lonely soul and broken heart
Krazy Rae

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Lonely Ladies


Lonely ladies

Are like

Lonely princesses.

It doesn't take them long

To realize

That something is amiss.

But it takes them long

To realize

That they could actually be

Lonely People Champion

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Poems On / About LONELY