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Poems On / About LONELY  9/30/2014 12:55:34 AM
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Vast as the open sea,
small as a baby pea.
Please explain the meaning,
what it is to be lonely.
Sorounded by all your friends,
you've never been so alone.
This feeling of being lonely,
it sometimes hits so close to home.
That house, the building you live in.
The one that you parents,
invite you in with open arms.
And all you can feel is....
rockinirishme@yahoo.com mermaid

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When one grows old......

When one grows old, and life is speeding past
Year follows year, each quicker than the last
When there's nothing new to look for
And the past is all that's left

Don't leave me lonely

If I must weep, then let my tears ease pain
And if my heart breaks, then comfort me again
Give me your strength
That I may walk erect

Don't leave me lonely

But if you go, and I am left awhile
Then go in peace, just leave me with your smile
And till we meet
I'll have my memories

I won't be lonely
Hilda Bristow

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Lonely Hours

Lonely hours
watching the rain
like tears
on the window pane.

Lonely hours
you were here with me
as I gaze
over another cup of tea.

Lonely hours
alone, crying
dying slowly
because you are gone.

Penni Currie

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Poems On / About LONELY