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Poems On / About LONELY  11/30/2015 7:25:15 AM
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These Words

These words that are in my heart, bursting out. Waiting to come out. Waiting for the right person to come along, to save this broken soul, this broken heart. Waiting for the right words to come. Tears streaming out, my heart calling out. Listening to love songs, wishing with all my heart, for that one. Knowing that he will come, wanting him to come, impatiently waiting for him to come. Knowing that i have my whole life ahead of me, but knowing it'll be better with that one. Feeling so lonely. Feeling so depressed. Friends are far, but home is near. Feeling like love is lost. My heart is still shattered. And i ask why. But i get no answer. Tears still streaming, looking for my sanctuary. Waiting for those arms to wrap around me, and waiting for whisper in my ear, telling me that everything is alright. But for now, everything is not. These words, from my broken heart. From my broken heart, to this page, to your eyes to see, for the world to see. Wondering around like a stray dog, with no home. Screaming, i need your love, to the person who broke the love. Tears streaming. Legs walking. Body shaking. Hands covering face. Hair blowing in the wind. Body aching. My heart breaking. Nobody caring. Feeling lonely. Screaming. Pulling hair. These words i found. In my soul are these words. Remembering, we're not bodies with souls, we're souls with bodies. Remembering how it used to be. Dumb jokes and stupid conventions, pointless arguments, and lasting moments that go too fast into history. Now all these words are out of my heart, and nothing else to say.
Shannon Lasater

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Lonely Is?

Lonley is when your on your own and you feel like you want to cry.
Lonley is when you have no one and you feel alone inside.

Wanting to be loved, wanting to feel at ease, wanting to be happy, wanting to be free.

Lonely is when you can't control the tears that run down your face.
lonely is when you just don't feel that you have a place.
lian godley

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God was lonely so He made a man,
the man was lonely so God made a woman.
Their names were Adam and Eve,
if that is what you believed.
It was love at first sight when they met,
so they let their love for each other go into the sunset.
Michele Osage

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Why do i fell lonely?
I dont like fellin lonely.....
Can someone help me
tell me and show me
That i am not here by myself.....
audrina lucero

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Poems On / About LONELY