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Poems On / About LONELY  7/14/2014 8:03:59 AM
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I am lonely for a love
That will make my heart burst
I want a love that is like a drug
Something that you can't resist
You need that person in your life
You can't go a day with out them
But loneliness is what I have
The person that made my heart burst
Has left and didn't say goodbye
Know in this big world
I have to live with out him
Walk with out him
Sleep with out him
His things are still in the right place
But my heart has begun to break
I feel so lonely
I cant explain
All I can do now
Is just try and move on
Try and not be so lonely ANYMORE!
Jenny Petrovich

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A lonely star

A lonely star in the sky,
Is looking for a friend,
It wants to die,
Cause no one intend.

But if it found a friend,
Will he care,
Or no occur.

Poor lonely star,
Let the moon be your friend,
And don't care about the end.
Cause the moon is also lonely friend...
Wassila Nader

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I feel lonely in days,
I feel lonely in so many ways,
Lonely am I and cursed without you,
Only at night do I feel free of loneliness,
Thus do I wish it was always night, dark but free.
Anne Unknown

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Poems On / About LONELY