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Poems On / About LONELY  7/27/2016 11:44:37 PM
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It is so lonely sitting on your own
waiting for the phone
it is so lonely thinking this is all there is
that this is as good as it is going to get
it is so lonely when you fear nothing else
other than fear of self
it is so lonely doing this alone
when you don't feel loved
when you pray to God
and get nothing not even from above
when you hunger for a moment in the sun
that has already been had
it is so lonely when you think you know why
and try to rectify
all the damage inside
it is so lonely that you had to do that alone
when you need some dope
just to cope
to help you write it down
to make you feel your feet aren't on the ground

The loneliness touches you to your core
and you tink of others that have gone before
wondering what it is they should do

Maybe just the best they could
maybe that is all you can do
let's hold together and see this through

(c) kathryn madonna
kathryn madonna

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Poems On / About LONELY