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Poems On / About LOSS  10/10/2015 1:59:22 AM
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Best Poems About / On LOSS
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Processing Loss

Loss affects everyone at one time or another, under different

We all grieve in ways known only to each individual, there
are no right or wrong ways of doing it.

People process loss according to how they were taught when
younger, or how they observed others grieving throughout
their own lives.

As long as the grief is there, go through it's experience,
there are seven stages of it, we experience them in different
orders sometimes repeating some of them.

In the end nothing is set in stone, approximate times are
often between the loss and two years, before being able to
begin living with a new normalcy in life.

One thing loss does to everyone is change them somehow within,
once experienced, great loss will have a definite effect and
a person will be permanently changed within.

There is no explanation for it, that is just what happens to
people after going through loss.
RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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#2 Newspaper Black-Out Poetry: 'Rude Shock'

The recent fall has hit,
after the past months fell by.

Have fallen from close,
during the quarter of which;
a run including losses are reality.

Losses are looking at events,
that will hold out more losses.
Abhishek Kumar Singh

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The Loss Of A Father

So now your gone, and all I can do is feels this loss is it for you or for me? For all things we never got to be, you where so wrapped up in you.

Shall I cry like all theses other fakes who's lives you seem to touch? Oh how they didn't know you at all.

You tortured me, for my hole life I shall live in this shadow of you
Never shall I be the girl who had it all because of you.

You gave me poisoned gifts here and there then you disappeared, for half of my life you wasn't there.

So why shall I feel this loss because the dreams of you finely opening your eyes to see what you had all a long is now gone?

It's true there's a hole in my heart where all the creaks lead, and someday I hope this will fade, and the loss of you will go away, until that up coming day when a girl needs her father, then these feelings will shortly follow the loneliness and the sorrow..
Lisa Mider

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A Sort Of Poem About Fear

Are we all initially driven by FEAR?

Is this negative energy in the form of FEAR necessary in Her grand evolutionary scheme?

Perhaps FEAR is the great catalyst in which LOVE is refined:

FEAR of loss of means is refined to a motivational LOVE to find new, more positive means

FEAR of loss of community is refined to motivational LOVE to build and strengthen community

Fear of God is refined to motivational LOVE to protect and bask in all that IS.

Fear of loss of LOVE is oxymoronic as FEAR is the ABSENCE of LOVE

I am not afraid
Goocolbe Questioni

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Poems On / About LOSS