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Poems On / About LOSS  3/4/2015 4:43:42 PM
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Best Poems About / On LOSS
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Not All Losses Are Bad

Loss, most of the time bad. On occasion, great!


Can loss sometime be happy. You bet! Ask some
divorced couples.

The other guy had a loss and I won!

My ex had a loss, of most of our assets. Yes,
you guessed it, I got 'em!

Insurance companies, now there's some, that
many take great delight,
when they suffer a loss.

When the tax man does an audit, if they have
a loss, we have a win! (best kind of loss)

The person who brings suite against you,
suffers a loss. (Ain't that sweet?)

A hostile mother-in-law, suffers a loss,
when her daughter gets divorced.

When one experiences a weight loss.
Now that's something that would make
millions of people happy!

When the owner of your building, is deemed
to be, 'rent controlled, ' it brings a loss
to the greedy titleholder. (break out the champagne)

When the neighbor you hadn't spoken to for years,
has a loss, of the keys, to her car.

When the kid, who keeps running over your lawn,
with his bike, has a loss, of the two wheel monster.

When you child, who you love, but drives you nuts
with their loud music, has a broken stereo,
and a loss of music. (They're unhappy. You're ecstatic.)

When one has a loss of sleep, because their spouse
was amorous all night. (Ahhhh, the good old days.)

When your in-laws, prepare to come to your house,
for the first time, and have a loss of directions.

When your spouse, who cremates every barbecue
they ever handled, has a loss of the coals.
(Actually you hid them.)

When the know-it-all comes to your home, and
can't say a word, because they had a loss of
their dentures.

Remember...If you have a loss, sometime,
the loss is good!

© Joe Fazio
(brief renderings) Joe Fazio

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A loss

Loss of a dream
Loss of a life
Loss of a love
Loss of a path
Loss of a power

This is what I lost,
In this vast world of war.
Austin Courtney

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Losing My Minority

To lose one’s minority
Is not a bad thing.

With the loss of minority
come untold opportunities,
The magic of the number Eighteen.

With the loss of minority
Comes the lifting of the chains
That we once called childhood.

With the loss of minority
Comes college, then work,
Credit cards and Ebay.

With the loss of minority
Come parties and booze,
Familiar faces in the evening news.

With the loss of minority
Comes the search for a partner –
The thorn-lined chatrooms on rose-colored sites.

With the loss of minority
Comes the loss of virginity
And the loss of your sanity.

To lose one’s minority
is not a bad thing.

Young girl, welcome to your future.
Marin Tsuikata

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I saw her face in a painting
High cheekbones thin nose full lips
I see her now as she's fainting-struggling- wandering
Long black hair and full hips

It screams out at me and the memories flood
It screams out at me and it draws my blood

A summers day as I spy on my first beloved for the last time
I was merely 7
Loss of Susan
Knowing for the first time that a loved one was gone
To a mystical place known as heaven
Loss of Grandma

Screaming and flooding my memory as i see the girl in the painting
I as i remember and I'm fainting
The school day when they told us our chum had died
I sighed just sighed as the schoolgirls cried
A shoe thrown under a moving car
He didn't see very far
My mom's face as she witnessed told me it all
The boy would never again play ball
Loss of Billy

There i am in the 9th grade
staring into a pair of adorable eyes
I didn't need to learn of Leukemia that way
Never saw her not smiling from ear to ear
Every single moment happy to be here
And damn she was smart
Why did god take back that heart?
Loss of Sara

I saw her face in a painting
Now i see her wandering-struggling-fainting
Why did i see her face in a painting?

There i was and there he went
The president of 50 men
Here today and gone again
Rugged, reliable, responsible, tall and then
Gone. How his brother must've cried
Loss of Jim

Then the Rose told the tale
My college roommate who would not fail
To take his life as he had planned
Long before he met me he was damned
The sleepwalking through days and days and days
The inability to peer through the misty haze
Loss of Frank

You lose someone you love and you understand these days
When i talk about the misty haze

I saw her face in a painting long before i ever met her
High cheekbones, thin classical nose
Full lips, full hips,
Now she's struggling- wandering- fainting
Unable to peer through the misty haze
Unable to answer my gaze
Loss of her brother

It all makes sense now
God thank you
You kept me here to try to give her cheer
I will try i will try I will try
I owe u God that is why
You showed me her face in a painting
The painting now etched in my memory which i shall call
Beau Golden

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Poems On / About LOSS