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Poems On / About LOSS  2/8/2016 3:08:25 PM
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Best Poems About / On LOSS
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No End To Loss

This life is full of anger and sadness, caused by
it's turmoil and suffering, mainly because of loss
and it's total bereavement in years of life lived

Knowing that again and again, my heart will be torn
apart, losing those I love and hurting intensely,
there will be no end to this loss as long as I am
still alive and loving others close to me.
RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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A Forgotten Soldier

His legs no longer useful, but his mind still at it's best
His dreams no longer valid, and his life in some distress
Abandoned by employers who did not see all the strife
Of someone who joined in the fight, and almost lost his life

The sadness of the injuries, has added to his grief
The loss of friends and colleagues, the loss of self belief
When help is all he really needs, and all the powers that be
Have left him on his own and lost in his recovery
Phil Soar

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After The Vigil

In the wake of a massacre our thoughts multiply, darkness fills all voids and sadness reigns. Fear disintegrates the mind while tenderness that once found a heart serene, falls in the depths of loneliness consumed with empty dreams.

When the wrath of evil comes tumbling down, our souls wail in pain. Loss becomes massive, barbarism remembers the old, ruthless acts fuel the earth in the midst of the darkest rain.

Wellness struggles on, headaches, tension and heart attacks steal a healthy soul. Strong men fight, women still console. Alcohol, cocaine, heroin and the like have taken the place of friends, demons by day and night, a new loss begins.

Death a reoccurrence, a body bag or two, each day family and friends, one day it may be you. What life is this, what rears this monolithic belief. Should fear be my leaders, must one wallow long in grief.

Written by: Melvina Germain
Date: Nov.16/2015
Melvina Germain

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On A Glorious Dawn

Never you cry at thy loss
For behind our every loss
There is a million gain
Waiting in a lonely train
The one our beloved left behind
To erect in our mind
Hopes of reunion in the cloud
And one hallelujah up aloud
Martins Akhoeneto

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Poems On / About LOSS