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Poems On / About LOSS  9/30/2014 2:53:25 PM
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Best Poems About / On LOSS
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Haiku Glossy Gloss on Time's Etching and Rhyme's Sketching

Time etches gain loss
dotted line stitch-stretched between
Chance's pitch and toss.

Rhyme sketches across
allotted lines, etched as scene's
seen to gather moss.

Interprets, gloss gloss
plots signs, seldom farfetched, clean
cut inklings crisscross

rarely at a loss
for words as syllables glean
hidden meanings, doss

till saint, wretch, Pangloss
or Pandora, come across, wean,
letch purposes cross.

Time mocks Man's dykes, boss
sweeper, commoner, king, queen
verbal candyfloss

From and to dust, schloss
rises falls, [w]alls might-have-been
ex libris embossed.
Jonathan ROBIN

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Even Buddhas Die

even buddhas die...
but without mourning,
without a sense of loss,
without asking for tears.

but they do feel mourning,
they do feel a sense of loss,
and they shed tears,
that are yours....

and so reborn by choice,
to help carry your bucket,
and walk beside you...
for buddhas help buddhas
till all are free!
Eric Cockrell

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The Healing

My pain is deep, so deep no water on earth compares
no mountain can bear my weight of grief I carry
no volcano can erupt as my heart
can from its deepest despair
no stars can blind like that from the light of death
no tree I climb will take me to heaven's gate to you
no prayer will bring you back to my side again
no miracle can be asked for, but understanding
no loss is greater than the loss of a child
but within my silence I find my sight
serenity and strength to peel back the layers of grief
to heal my burning body of heartache
and turn my darkened world to a brighter one.
alex sarich

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I've never known you
Or the love of a father
No I lied
The love I felt
Was Pain
Thats what I felt
I thought thats
What love was
I've never felt love
But what you did
What you made me feel
Is not love
It never will be
I always come
At loss for words
When I think of you
I'm over come by sadness
Mostly dispair
Brittany Fegley

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Poems On / About LOSS