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Poems On / About LOSS  11/29/2015 6:49:07 PM
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Best Poems About / On LOSS
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You think of gains and so you talk.
Nothing need be done if they do not
bring you gains of some sort or kind.

I wonder if we aren't in all respect
growing business minded too often!

I wonder who may be left there at all
ready to book losses if gains fall short!

Is there a business where all will gain?
Or we're heading to a time when we will
fearing great losses shall delete our own?

Palas Kumar Ray.All rights reserved.
Palas Kumar Ray

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Loss is something one deals with in their own way,
I've lost so much, its all but gone,
Out of it all..... I miss my mind the most.
Not able to think, not able to remeber anything,
Besides what was left in my heart,
all the loss.......all the pain, can't be forgotten,
The heart remebers all,
Every word thats hurt you,
every person that has Betrayed you......
all remebered within the scars left on your heart,
Lost in an ending, always hoping to restart.
Crimson Love

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Reason For Living

Whispering hopes soar about, helping to understand certain aspects of life and finding their ending results are easier to bear.
Watching another in a wheelchair, one leg having been amputated, seeing the sadness emanating from her interior being.
Loss having taken her down a road she'd rather not be traveling upon.
A nurse walks by and grasps her hand, saying, 'good morning' and talking to her for a minute.
Seeing her whole attitude change and a smile appear on her face, looking like an angel has just touched her with whispered hopes from above.
Sitting up straighter in her wheel chair, head up, watching the activity around her with a renewed interest in life for a while.
Having been touched by a caring nurse, letting her know she's still a human being even with her loss.
A calmness seems to have filled her now with a reason to live her life.
RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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Thatched roof with heavy rain
Mouth opened, horrible cyclone
Loss-loss everywhere, no gain
Trees uprooted, bowed with pain
All cried but looked so forlorn
Who will have a war with nature?
Who will defeat the dream of our?

Sound heard from far
We and only we and nothing else
Aftab Alam

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Poems On / About LOSS