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Poems On / About LOSS  2/1/2015 5:41:47 AM
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Best Poems About / On LOSS
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No loss

I feel no loss
In not reading and also
If read
Not able to understand
Your poem, my dear,
And for this
No need to express sorry,
Let me request
Go on writing
As it is your business
And in business
Loss and profits are
But common.
And if any loss
Is there at any time
Let us send a proposal
To the Govt to place
The matter in the budget
And make others discuss
About it and valued it
In terms of loss and profit
Let them participate
In different forums.
gajanan mishra

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A Loss of Inner Peace.

A loss of inner peace,
as i hear the words come out,

A loss of words,
As i try to speak of it,

A loss of a love,
a love too great to convey,

But with this loss of inner peace,
I find an understanding of life.

In loving memory of

Marguerite G. Ko

U.S.M.C Marine

Ryan Ko

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An echo for a novel dream

Holding a loss with great esteem
He lay asleep with old shadows
Circumvent not, new waken dream

Beneath the sun there lay a bream
Too much ardor for faithful ones
Holding a loss with great esteem

Once blue, now frozen stood a stream
A love withdrew when fall was young
Circumvent not, new waken dream

Each pebble thrown, love was the theme
All was the same, his morning breaths
Holding a loss with great esteem

Two souls conjoined, he was the seam
Her hasty fleet fluttered the wind
Circumvent not, new waken dream

Two childhoods known, both were extreme
Her love took side, and there stood time
Holding a loss with great esteem
Circumvent not, new waken dream
Duy Bui

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The End

Sadness, loneliness, fear
Fear of the uncertain
Of the unknown
And the devastating losses
Loss of childhood
Ideals and dreams
Loss of loved ones
And friends
Loss of stability
Of job and home
The loneliness of life
The tears start
And can't... wont' stop
So much lost...
What to do...
Just bow our heads
And cry
Jacquie StewartHeimann

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Poems On / About LOSS