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Poems On / About LOST  1/31/2015 1:03:03 AM
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The Long Tour

Found a lot to drink-
Found a lot to smoke-
Found a lot to pop-
and only a year to go.

Lost twenty pounds-
Lost my virginity-
Lost a stripe-
And only six months to go.

Lost another partner-
Lost faith in the machine-
Lost faith in me-
And now it's time to go.

Found out where I was goin'-
Found out what I was doin'-
Found out where I belong-
And another six months to go.
John W. (Coyote) Fox

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A friend

A friend is a
wonderful blessing a treasure from
a friend brings
a special joy
no words can
describe the
warm memories
the pride and
gratitude too
that comes from having a friend
to love and to
it hard to lose
we love
to lose friendship, company
to lose joy, happiness
it hard to lose
a friend
best friend, family
to lose their smile,
acting funny, laughing to one another
long ago
i dicovered friends will come
and friends will go
sometimes i
even wonder
why god gave us
but i know
i will not lose
the love of
Bathokozile Hadebe

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I Got Lost In You

Somehow I found a way to get lost in you
Lost in your life and memories
I have no idea how I did it
I wasnt looking for this
I just wanted to get to know you more
But I guess in the end, we were meant to be?
I got lost on the way to you
On the way to being friends
Took the wrong path somewhere
And we became more
I think you got lost too?
You say you fell first,
i guess you did lose yourself somewhere
I dont care though
If I were to get lost in anyone
I am so glad it was you
Rachel BaByBeAr Anderson

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Organ fails but wants not.

Teeth are lost but taste is not lost.
Youth is lost but love is not lost.
Erection is lost but lust is not lost.
In all, agony of inability reigns.
17.11.2001, Pakd
Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

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Poems On / About LOST