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Poems On / About LOST  9/23/2014 3:19:14 AM
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I've been trying to forget
The way your lips tasted on mine
I've been trying to remember
Why we even said goodbye
I've been trying to tell you I need you
But the words are quieted
I've been trying to let go
But my heart won't let me
I've been trying to promise myself it's over
When clearly it's not
I've been trying to be someone else
But I'm losing all I ever was
I've been trying to bury your memories
But the traces of you remain
I've been trying to win
When all I do is lose
So now I'm lost,
Lost without you
Lost without your smile
Lost until I'm nothing
Nothing but faithless
Nothing but hopeless
Nothing, nothing
To the point of no return
Amanda Zacharski

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time flys

everyday i wish i could go
go with you
or just be there
but no im stuck here

all i do i wish for the time
the time that i have lost
lost to the system
or just the lost time in life

when days were fun
the days i had a gun
or just the day i had you

those days are gone
gone forever
the time fly's

the days get hard
but we never get better
everyday is lost
lost in life

ill never get the time back
its lost in the past
the past i regret
or just the past i wish i could change
change the events that happened
Terrin Fuller

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Let my soul praise you my Lord....

When all those stars in the sky will lose its shinning
When the moon in the sky will lose the brightness
When the sun in the sky will lose his power of light
But still let my soul praise you my Lord in everyway

When the gardens of Eden has lost its beauty
When the mountains has lost its valley of rivers
When the ocean has lost its picturesque blue
But still let my soul praise you my Lord ever more

When all those happiness have shattered into the drain
When all those darkness of evil will brings its pain
When all those sorrows has throw out into the bin
But still let my soul praise you my Lord forever

Ravi Sathasivam / Sri Lanka
Copyright @2008 Ravi Sathasivam
Ravi Sathasivam

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people tell me they've lost their way
that they've left the path and went astray
but I just tell them that can't be so
you can never be lost in life

no matter how hard things may be
you are not lost I will make you see
people can't be lost or set astray
because we're not materials
to be lost and then found

no one in this world is lost
no one in this world has been found
no matter what were told
we all have the same fate in the end
No Reason To Care

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