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Best Poems About / On LOST
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I'm gasping for air as sweat trickles down my glistening body... solemn tears roll down my rosy cheeks as the sound of my pulsating heart becomes more apparent....why do i feel the need to run and hide and why do i feel like a pack of ravage wolves are thirsty for my sweet blood? ? they come after me cause i have what they want i am what they been looking for and i want to give them little pieces of me just so i wont disappoint them but i know they will destroy me..so ill run..ive ran until i couldn't run anymore and now i want to stand here in this meadow of tall grasses and scream from the top of my lungs...just yell for i have yet to find the words to describe this pain....its over I've been yelling until my voice is now broken and shallow and my legs shake terribly until my knees finally hit the soft ground.....heavy breaths of air slowly release my parted lips and and i cry cry like a child who has lost their parents or parents who have lost their child....i cry because i have lost i have lost myself let me be selfish don't ask of me what i cannot give or have at the moment....the crying subsides and as i lay curled on the ground the wind comes and cools my perspired body...i close my eyes and let it carry me away to a place where dreams are better than reality.
Amabella Paula

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An Artist That Keeps Adding Paint....

An artist that keeps adding paint can lose the picture
A composer that keeps adding notes can lose the sound
A writer that keeps adding words can lose the story
And a body that keeps adding pain will lose its mind.
Becky Ginn

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Straying like the lost forlorn instigators, the need outweighs the want sometyme’s and the want which prevails is against the need and pulls the loosened string to unravel the garb of happiness, the angled eyes peering like wanting hands in a pool of sound, searching for the words and touches to make the nights seem less despondent, less fragile when the morning call comes to face the reality of the ensuing day, the daydream of nightshade fades into nothingness while curtains are pulled like heroin needles to approve the blinding internal discourse, the infernal desires that creep like danger into a mind riddled with stifling contradictions, the contortions of it all making the body electric shudder under the stress of that decision to not decide which is still a choice in the face of indecisiveness… why have I chosen this I ask in my conversation of self, the tattling troll intrinsically stamping “moron” on my head as I stroll to the rolling cemetery where I will soon find my soul as the empty flesh bag wanders the wasted tyme left orbiting the heated source of my disdain, the lighted new world at the end of each corridor called day… ironic how in a moment worlds collide and shapes consume the present like a peasant in a past life eats the leftover happiness of an elite mistress cackling in the cobblestone across the way from the skid row nomads who keep watch over me in the murkiness of a dead season, a blowing wind carrying the carrion of me left from the version of her I hide inside me, the vestiges of a life lost, even in the losing I can’t see the option, even in the piercing perception I can’t step aside from the dangled fruit, the serendipity has become sullied by circumstance, the circumstance has been and not become, the becoming has undone what was once tightly bound in a neat package, well placed and shaped perfectly to house me, to keep me distant and safe, to offer asylum, to effect me, to be affected, to be numb, that has gone and now the repression is manifested as never before, the hatred for the unknown is beginning again, the lost tyme is now the shadow unshakable and unmerciful breathing down on me as I climb the pit, the outer circles enclose the varied selves and shackle the opportunity, the anger grows and I become smaller in it’s wake, bobbing around like a broken cork…
dan hightower

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I Lost Because Of You.

Everything I knew,
I lost because of you.
Everything I had,
I lost because of you.
Everyone I loved,
I lost because of you.
Everyday that came and went,
I lost because of you.
My life,
I lost because of you.
My family,
I lost because of you.
My love,
I lost because of you.
Everything and everyone,
I lost because of you.
Dragon Crenshaw

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