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Poems On / About LOST  2/11/2016 3:11:57 PM
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Best Poems About / On LOST
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My Lovely Beauty Princess Every Day In The Middle Of The Night I Walk In The Streets Alone

My lovely beauty princess every day in the middle of the night I walk in the streets alone with all my sadness & there’s nobody can lift my incorporeal, I look to the sky & I see your an angel face like a shadow inside all the stars & the moon cause you are so far from me & you are in exile & I’m in exile & there’s seas & borders between us it’s deter me to come to see you, So forgive me my princess cause this is our fate is to stay far from each other, & then I became cry & cry like a small child lost something, Cause I can't live without you & I couldn’t talk with you from a long time, Darling you know what I feel every day when I wake up from my bed? I feel that I lost a big part from all my life I lost you my love I lost you cause you are my other half & you know this, Darling I have to see you every day beside me in all the night & I have to talk with you & ear your voice in all the time & I want to share my moments with a princess like you, You are my love & you are so dear, You are here in my sadness heart & there is no better to choose in whole the world cause you are my lovely princess, & you know that I have to marry you or I will gonna die & I'm trying to marry or meet you for once in all my life, My princess I have that small place to you in the middle of my white heart I kept it for many years personally for you & I live just for you from my birthday, Darling you are the best & you will still the best in all your life forever cause there is no better to choose I will say this in whole my life, You are my lovely princess.
Ali Sabry

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About Me And Why Im Alive

I am juss a lost person in this world. I am a very confused person lookin at da life from a cloud of smoke. I am juss another person seekin help from the wise. I am a 14yr old girl from the Northern Cheyenne Rez. I am a sender seekin help from the people to scared to ask. I am a lost and confused person waitin for a way back home. I am a left behind member of a eager group of people that dont know the meanin of anythng they come along in this journey. I am a left behind member but was left behind to try and find the true meanin of life and why we are all here. I am juss a messenger tellin the normal race of people that the end is near. I am a messenger sayin we can stop the end tho but we all gtta wrk together. I am a messenger of the great and almighty leader which I follow until I meet him spirt to spirt. I am a Killsnight that needs help like all the others of my kind. I am a Killsnight hopein not to be a Killer and much more. I am a girl yernin for a life that a girl my age should have. I am a girl wantin my father and mother, grandpa and grandma, aunt and uncle, nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters. I am a lost soul on this place we call earth lookin for a away to escape all my troubles and pains. I am juss another lost and scared person lookin for a reason why to be alive and not like the others. I am a Northern Cheyenne Killsnight.
The Native Emo

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Understanding The Cat

I've seen the blind men sitting in the dark playing cards while we watch from on balconies of ivory towers and don't we know yet where we're going? we're going to where the white ships sail and our house is burning fast in the dark of the night so as our eyes become unaware of what we see and the deaf hear ever more then I think we might consider the possibility of a lost cause and head home before we run out of time because time is really what its all about time time time is where its at time time time is what we need and if we run out of time then what will we do will we sit alone and sleep will we sleep alone and sit I don't think well do anything if we run out of time and even though its running out quickly its safer to ignore it and to go about our business forever more while Poe and the raven sit on the shoulders of giants and Newton spits down at them from up above and says...gods know what. To the moralists who hide behind a story they don't know because even I don't understand the cat Clive even I don't understand the cat but do you understand the cat because I think I might because the cat is the only important thing it's the why behind the how its the reason we're all living and dying all the time just like Ruby but she'll never tell you her name so be sure not to lose your dreams because lost dreams lead to lost minds these days
D. Harris

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Here I lie, wondering what has become of me? I'm lost in my mind, pondering what to do, should I resist the temptation or let them go through? My heart is here trying to be true, but has left my intellect without a clue. If I want what's best to whom would I go? Someone perplex who's lost their glow, or someone unique with mysteries unknown? Although I've grown rather fond of the one person I've shown myself to, I'm afraid I've outgrown something I can't undo, see no bodily pleasures are fit for a lonely mind. Hopefully I'll be acquitted out of this bind, but finally I open my eyes and look what I find, everything has changed even I. Time has gone by and I'm completely another guy, and here I lie Lost I'm lost
(broken piece)

To be continued...
Dylan Gaudreault

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